University - Round 3 - Part 2: Vinci-Cleary Household


Enzo Vinci, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Head of SCIA

Paolo Vinci, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Have 6 Grandchildren

Caitlin Cleary, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Graduate 3 Children From College

Fiona Cleary, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Last round at the Vinci-Cleary Household in Uni, romance sparked between Fiona and Enzo, while the existing romance between Caitlin and Paolo blossomed. They lived together quite easily. Will their easy time continue their last two years of university?


Things in the tiny house on Crumplebottom Road were going as smooth as ever. The four Rosebud teens got along famously and all pitched in to take care of things around the house, which made life quite easy, and quite pleasant.

Unfortunately, they had some problems with fires; it seemed as though their house was its own lightning rod sometimes, as the trees in their yard frequently caught fire with the seasonal storms.

They were lucky that the house never caught fire, though the fire department yelled at them a few times for false alarms - the trees would catch fire, and the rain would put them out before the fire trucks could arrive.

Fiona even had an accident in the kitchen one day that she managed to extinguish herself. It was a patch of bad fire luck that left them all uneasy and wanting to study fire safety.

Things returned to normal as the storms subsided, though, and Enzo found that he had finally reached a level of skill in his arts and crafts interests that he was satisfied with. He could paint for hours and barely realize where he was.

And things weren't all just bad luck or no luck at all, either. One day, Enzo went out to get the paper and found a strange lamp on the front porch.

Of course, everyone saw Aladdin, so Enzo amusedly and somewhat ashamedly gave into his urge to reach down and give the dented lamp a little rub. To his complete and utter shock, a purple genie popped out of the lamp and told him he would grant Enzo three wishes. Enzo's jaw hit the porch. "Um...I...wish for money?" Enzo tested dubiously.

The genie snapped and Enzo had to jump out of the way to escape the enormous bag of simoleans that landed on the porch at his feet. He could hardly believe it! Deciding to save the wishes for when he could think about them more, he carried the lamp indoors and put it in a drawer.

He told Fiona about the lamp, and she could hardly believe it, but when Enzo showed her their bank account online, she had to. She and Enzo were together almost all the time lately; she knew he didn't have time to be doing anything illegal on the side. They celebrated with a little woohoo.

It was more than a shock a day later when, after what she thought was a touch of the flu, Fiona discovered that she was pregnant. How could this have happened!? She was on birth control! Wasn't that supposed to be 99.9% accurate? Her mouth went dry as she realized she was one of the .1%

She was terrified to tell Enzo, but she wasn't the type to put it off. Besides, it wasn't like he couldn't notice with their sleeping in the same bed every night. Enzo was as baffled as she was that the birth control had failed, but he reached to her hands and held them tightly. "'s okay. I mean, it's okay with me. I kind of thought we'd be together anyway," he admitted sheepishly, "so we're just a little ahead of schedule, right?" Relief flooded Fiona, and for the first time, she felt excited about the pregnancy instead of anxious.

That lasted for all of two seconds, when Enzo bent to one knee. "I was going to wait, but...Fiona, you know that I love you, and I am pretty sure you love me too. Now we're starting a little family, and...I want you to be Mrs. Vinci when we do."

He pulled out a diamond ring. "Will you marry me?" Fiona nearly passed out with the shock of it, all of it, and she dazedly put the ring onto her finger and fell into his arms. "Of course I will, you dope," she said, a bubble of disbelieving giggles escaping her throat.

A week later, they had broken the news to Fiona's family, who were surprisingly happy about it. Not happy, per se, but not disappointed. It was an accident, but the two young adults seemed very much in love and determined to do the right thing, so any complaints Colm might have had were soothed.

It was a small ceremony. Of course, Paolo and Enzo's parents were gone, and so was Fiona and Caitlin's mother. Colm and Roisin came to support the young couple, along with Paolo and Caitlin, obviously. They gathered in the yard around the big tree.

Fiona still only had a tiny baby bump, and Enzo thought she looked radiant in purple, with their baby round under the satin of the dress.

They exchanged vows with their families looking on, a family of three at the altar.

Enzo dipped Fiona enthusiastically at the end of the wedding to cheers from Paolo and Caitlin, and knowing smiles from Colm and Roisin. Paolo had made a wonderful meal for all of them, and they spent the rest of the day stuffing their faces with salmon.

Admittedly, Fiona did spent part of the day stuffing Enzo's face, though, with cake. She was a playful girl, and Enzo felt lucky to have her.

Fiona's belly grew quickly, and when she wasn't going to class or doing homework, she was stuffing her face and sleeping through the hours. She didn't feel exhausted or unhappy the way some mothers described pregnancy. She felt radiant. She was happy, a newlywed, about to graduate college and begin a life with her new husband. She couldn't have been happier.

Paolo, inspired by all the romance and happiness flying around in the air on Crumplebottom Drive, planned an outing for Caitlin one day at the park. He packed a picnic and took her to play on the swings, smell the flours, and dance by the pond. At the end of the day, he bent to one knee and Caitlin's hand flew to her mouth.

They had developed a sort of easiness where they hardly had to speak to understand what the other was thinking. Paolo simply looked up at her with his big puppy dog eyes, smiled, and said, "Caitlin, will you?"

"I will, I will, I will!" she exclaimed, leaping into his arms. It was the simplest proposal and acceptance in the world, but it was just right.

Back at the house, in the days before Fiona's final exams, she was standing in the kitchen when, to her horror, she felt her water break. "ENZO!!!!!!!" she shrieked, drawing him in a panic from his easel. "The baby is coming!!!!!!"

She began to groan in pain as Enzo rushed into the kitchen.

"Oh my god, oh my god, ohmygod, ohmygod," Enzo said in a rush, holding his heart from the shock and adrenaline. He didn't know what to do, but it didn't seem to matter. The baby was coming!

A short while later, baby Imelda Vinci was born. She had her mother's skin tone, both of her parents' green eyes, and Enzo's father's brown hair.

Enzo choked down the lump in his throat as he held his baby girl for the first time. The brown fuzz of hair on her head came from Enzo's father, no doubt, and it made him love the little girl more than ever, when he already felt love for her he didn't know any human being could feel. He hugged the little girl to his chest.

Fiona could hardly believe they'd made such a miracle just with their two bodies. Little Imelda was a cheerful baby who was happy so long as her parents were kissing and playing with her, something that was in no danger of stopping.

Everyone in the house was charmed by baby Imelda, but especially her Uncle Paolo. Paolo was frequently found carrying the little tike around, feeding her, and giving her baths.

Of course, Auntie Caitlin couldn't resist the pull of the baby-powdered bundle either, and they all chipped in to help Enzo and Fiona when schoolwork demanded their attention.

No one was more enamored of the baby than Enzo, though, and he doted on his tiny daughter like he'd been waiting for her his whole life.

The two of them, Fiona and Enzo, loved the little baby so much they felt their hearts might explore from it.

Time passed, finals were completed, schoolwork handed in, and before they knew it, it was Imelda's birthday. They all gathered around the cake to watch the little baby grow into a beautiful toddler.

They all agreed, despite their bias, that she was the most beautiful little girl they'd ever seen.

The money Enzo had wished for came in handy, as they were able to buy all the things a toddler requires without too much strain on the family pocketbook. Fiona spent all of her free time now helping Imelda learn the essential skills a toddler must learn.

But when Fiona wasn't there, Paolo took up the slack. He couldn't wait until he and Caitlin had a little baby or three of their own. He took great relish in helping teach Imelda to walk...

...and to talk. The first time she said his name, he thought he would melt into a puddle on the floor.

It wasn't all sunshine and roses for the happy little family, though. One night, a burglar broke into their home. They had a burglar alarm that instantly called the police.

He was caught before he could steal anything, but not before waking up the entire household with the alarm blaring and the scuffle with the police officer before he was arrested.

Imelda woke up crying to the awful noise and obvious stress in the house, and Enzo comforted her, whispering calming words into her tiny ear and kissing her as he tucked her back in, her tears stopped.

Soon, it was time for her next birthday. She was such a bright toddler, she'd mastered all of her skills and was ready to grow up into a brilliant child.

She seemed to grow right before her eyes, into a happy, healthy, bright young girl.

She was a little bit grumpy, despite her good nature as an infant, and she definitely wasn't one for cleaning up her messes, but Fiona and Enzo were determined to work with her on it. She was as friendly and outgoing as she could be, and hyper as well, always ready to play a game.

While Imelda did demand a lot of attention from her parents (not surprising given how used to it she was), she also was quite adept at entertaining herself. When she wasn't drawing on her art table, she could often be found outside getting into innocent mischeif.

Jump rope was practically her religion, she did it so often. Her parents didn't mind, as it got out some of her massive stores of energy. She even did it in the middle of the night, when she couldn't sleep.

Messing up her parents' neatly raked piles of leaves was another seasonal favorite, even though it meant standing still for Fiona to check her head for ticks when she came back inside.

Before the teens knew it, it was time for them to graduate. In welcoming Imelda into their homes and lifes, they had forgotten they wouldn't be in this little house forever. With A+ grades and a lot of excitement and nerves, they graduated college and prepared to move back to Rosebud.

Paolo and Caitlin went first, leaving the tiny family of three in the house alone until they could take care of everything they needed to and prepare the house for moving out.

Enzo and Fiona found themselves with some unusual alone time, with Paolo and Caitlin gone and Imelda at school during the days.

Enzo's exams were scheduled late in finals week, so they had a few days to live out before they could move back home. Enzo took time to help Imelda with her homework and found that she took to it as quickly as she did her toddler skills.

Soon, Enzo was taking his final exam and acing it, transitioning into a new college graduate. After a lot of talking, Fiona and Enzo decided that he would go back to Rosebud and secure them a place to live while Fiona finished packing up the house they'd shared for the last four years.

Last but not least, Fiona took her final exam and moved into the new adult portion of her life. Complete with adult underwear!

The next day, she and Imelda packed their belongings into a taxi and rode home to Rosebud to begin their new lives as a family. College hadn't turned out how any of them thought; it turned out better.

Up next, we return to the Beaumonts and their late-life twins, Alexandre and Aurélie.



Imelda's birth: +1

Graduate summa cum laude (Paolo and Fiona): +2

[[Author's Notes: SO WOW. Fiona's pregnancy was completely unplanned, but it was a happy surprise. I have InTeen, so she was on birth control, but she was in the small percentage of birth control failures. I really really like the realism of InTeen. It gives things a bit of realistic randomness. Imelda is a brilliant if bitchy little girl (one nice point, ouch!). She actually doesn't do mean things; she seems quite sweet, but Fiona and Enzo are going to encourage niceness anyway. Caitlin and Paolo chug along happily; they're going to get busy with babies when they get back to Rosebud. I suppose they'll have to have three children, each of whom have two children of their own. That will fulfill both Caitlin and Paolo's LTWs. I'm planning on moving the two couples into a duplex so they're still right near one another. Should be an adventure. I guess Sal will be the heir of the original Vinci lot and home, which is fine with me. I was looking for an Irish first name for Imelda, but I had the name Imelda in mind, and it turned out to be Italian, which also fits. It has both Irish and Italian connotations though because the nationality is Italian, but there is a character in the utterly fantastic and very Irish indie movie The Committments named Imelda Quirke, so yay. I leave you with a blooper or two and a song from The Committments!

This Entry's MP3:
Treat Her Right by The Committments (from the movie soundtrack The Committments)

Apparently the cow felt really dirty. He's not bad looking! // Mean-spirited child. // The unsavory charlatan just cracks me up.]]


What a lovely update! Imelda is a cutie I'm excited to see how she turns out :) I like the YA pregnancy thing, it adds something different to Uni which can be tedious otherwise.

I like the YA pregnancy part of InTeen too. This was completely unplanned, but I like the fact that even on birth control, there's a realistic chance it could fail. It adds such a random realism to the game that I don't think I could live without. I think Imelda is going to acquire a MASSIVE princess complex. I decorated her bedroom in the duplex in Rosebud with all the pinky little girl stuff. :')

As a toddler Imelda wanted to see the ghost? That is a mean-spirited child.

And hmm...I really may have to get inTeen.

Isn't she bratty!? Haha, she's not so bad as a child in round 4, though I'm curious to see how she is as a teen.

I looooooove InTeen. The only thing thus far that I don't like about it is that teens can date adults. That's a little too illegal-realistic for me. But I love that there can be failed birth control and same sex couple babies (I'm still holding my breath for Mari and Stella!) and that you have the OPTION for birth control instead of the base game standard risky woohoo every time they have sex. I also love having the little chime turned off so I'm surprised when they get pregnant. :) I'd recommend it anyway. I've never tried any of the alternatives, like ACR or anything else, but this has me pretty satisfied.

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