University - Round 2 - Part 1: Urele Cham House


Kimi Tanaka, Young Adult Romance Sim, LTW Become Rock God

Mariko Tanaka, Young Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Media Magnate

Jiro Tanaka, Young Adult Romance Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer

Last round at university, Jiro, Mari, and Kimi chose their majors, got settled in their dorm, and eventually saved enough money to begin their own greek house, the Urele Cham house. Can they continue making friends and lovers while maintaining their grades and building the popularity of the greek house? Let's find out.


The first night the Tanaka teens moved into their brand new Greek House, a strange limousine pulled up out front, with a guy in a llama jacket busting into their house unannounced.

The first person he approached was Mari, who was understandably confused when he started doing a strange, chicken-like dance. "I don't know what you're talking about, dude," she said, raising her hands in confusion. "Do you need me to call a doctor? ...or shrink?" she asked, one eyebrow crawling upward.

To her dismay, the crazy person handcuffed her. "I don't want to make you mad or anything, kid, but um...can you let me out of these things? Not really in the mood to be kidnapped!" she exclaimed, worry starting to edge into her voice.

Her brother and sister were at class, so there was no one to witness her abduction, and she bit her lip as she was shoved into the back of a ... limo? Certainly an unusual abduction vehicle. It was kinda conspicuous, after all. "Hey, um...I don't have any money, and no one in my family does, if you're hoping to hold me hostage or something," she called out to the blackened window separating her from the driver.

When the limo finally stopped, it was in front of a huge mansion. "So obviously they don't want me for money..." she commented under her breath, as her door was opened. She stepped out, her handcuffs were removed, and suddenly she saw familiar faces. Travis! Edward! They clapped for her and handed her her very own llama blazer. She had made it into the elusive campus secret society. There were all sorts of cool goodies at the Landgrabb Society house, but mostly, Mariko was just excited to meet new powerful people who she might be able to network with and ask for help in achieving her goal of becoming a media magnate later in life.

Also, the house had this very cool plant that was apparently carnivorus. Mari fed it and wandered around, but soon it was time for her to return to her home. By this point, Jiro and Kimi would be home and wondering where she was.

When she got back, she found out that all her new secret society friends had pushed their greek house into a higher level of popularity. It had been a good night, despite the bruises on her wrists from the handcuffs. It was nearly dawn, and, encouraged by the upward mobility of the greak house, Mari decided to work on gaining even more potential pledges for it.

She invited over Vincente Villalobos, from her old neighborhood. Unfortunately, he was too distasteful for even the pleasant Mariko to handle.

Perhaps she should work on making friends with someone else, she thought.

There was only one person she truly wanted in the greek house, and that was her girlfriend, Stella Terrano. Mari and Stella had been friends since Freshman year, and now they were more than friends. Jiro and Kimi didn't seem to mind her decision, but of course, they were romance sims who believed in love wherever you could get it.

It was different for Mariko. She loved having tons of friends, but there was only one person she really loved.

Stella was smart and beautiful and exotic, with her green skin and black eyes. Mari wondered if they could have a baby someday...maybe a long time down the line, but she knew that Stella's babies would be beautiful.

The best part of all, though, was knowing that Stella felt the same way.

She was truly the best thing that had happened to Mariko since coming to college.


Kimi was having her own adventure at university. She was helping the greek house incidentally by seeking out many of the handsome men running loose all over campus.

Her beau from the first two years of university, Donte Wren, was still in the picture. As a romance sim, they had a lot in common and understood that they weren't in a committed relationship. They were more like best friends with benefits, Kimi thought happily. She could always count on Donte for a great date.

They went places, usually where they could play games together, but most of the time they stayed at home.

They could entertain themselves just fine without ever leaving the greek house.

Of course, Kimi wasn't a one-man sort of guy. She had other interests. Like Arnaud Beaumont. He was a cutie who could cook her a great breakfast the morning after and whisper sweet French nothings in her ear.

He was another one who knew what the score was, which made Kimi more attracted to him. She wasn't really interested in breaking anyone's heart. That wasn't her purpose. She just liked to enjoy time with many different people. There was nothing wrong with that, right?

Besides, she was trying to get him to pledge. The house needed some new, younger blood to take over when she and Mariko and Jiro graduated in a few semesters.

Much to Kimi's dismay, before she could properly consummate her dream date with Arnaud, the secret society showed up and hijacked her. She knew what to expect thanks to Mariko's warning, but it was still annoying to be yanked out of a date just when it was getting to the good part. A few hours later, she was back. It wasn't too bad. She was in the secret society, and there would always be other dates with Arnaud.

Her efforts weren't all in vain, for her or for the greek house.


Jiro, much like his sister Kimi, enjoyed the ladies on the Sim State campus. He looked at university kind of like a giant petting zoo, and the animals were always lovely, though sometimes more dangerous than others.

Once he got accepted into the secret society, he knew that his fancy llama blazer would only help him continue to seduce the college-aged ladies.

He didn't have trouble before, per se, but he definitely found it easier now.

Black, white, green, purple, it didn't matter to him what color the women were, so long as they were friendly and warm...and okay, flexible.

Unlike Kimi, Jiro wasn't much concerned with their feelings. Not that he wished to hurt them, but he wasn't so good with names and often didn't remember them.

The greek house was even more entertaining for dates. It had cooler things than the dorms, like a hot tub, double beds, and no nosy roommates. It was truly a good life for Jiro here in college.


To be continued in University - Round 2 - Part 2: The Landgrabb Dorms...


the trips are quite a trip! That must have been a busy round with romance sims and a pop sim -- always people coming and going! Mari and Stella are cuties, I <3 stella. Are you planning on using the same sex pregnancy feature of inteen with them?

Yes, ma'am, I am! I can't wait to have beautiful Japanese Alien babies!!! As for the romance/popularity bit - it worked okay because Mari got people coming over, and then Jiro and Kimi hit on them. :)

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