University - Round 2 - Part 3: Vinci-Cleary Household


Enzo Vinci, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Head of SCIA

Paolo Vinci, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Have 6 Grandchildren

Caitlin Cleary, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Graduate 3 Children From College

Fiona Cleary, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Not wanting to stay in the dorms and knowing it would be cheaper to have roommates, the Cleary girls and the Vinci boys decided to get a house together on campus for the duration of their stay at Sim State. Romance is already brewing between Caitlin and Paolo; what will happen when all four of them try to maintain a household and their grades together?


Fresh at university but plied with scholarships, the Vinci brothers and the Cleary sisters chose a tiny house on the outskirts of campus where they wouldn't be amidst all the craziness of college life. It was a pretty little place with flower beds and a tree in the side yard. Having been used to home life, all of them were grateful not to have to move into the impersonal dorms.

Sure, it was a little cramped, but it had everything they needed. They didn't mind sharing bedrooms with their siblings, and they had a place to cook and relax and even a nice, if tiny, back deck and chess table.

Fiona and Paolo, of course, were delighted to be living in the same house, even though it seemed quite fast after their brief romance back in Rosebud. Both of them suspected that there was more in store for their relationship, but they definitely knew they needed to get to know each other better.

The four YAs quickly settled into a domestic routine, cooking, studying, and watching tv. The house was small, but they never seemed to get in one another's ways. Paolo, being as talented in the kitchen as he was, mostly kept them in good food, and Fiona fixed whatever broke around the house.

Unfortunately, their first night there, the stove caught fire mysteriously, sending all of them into a panic. Luckily, Paolo knew how to help extinguish it, and the fire department arrived not long after to put out the blaze. It shook the YAs, but they felt comforted by how well they had handled the emergency. Maybe they would make it at college after all.

After seeing how capable Paolo had been in an emergency situation, Fiona knew she wanted to marry him. He was exactly what she was looking for in a husband, and she couldn't wait until they could get to know one another even better, and to strenghthen their relationship all the more.

They got alone time by sneaking out back to play chess together, one of their favorite couple activities.

But they all still spent a great amount of time together. Their personalities all meshed well, and they felt very early on like a little family of four.

They were all very good students, hard working and well-loved by their teachers, ensuring that they got their full scholarship amounts and were able to continue living in their happy little collegiate home.

Enzo and Fiona spent a lot of time exploring their hobbies and getting to know one another almost by accident since their siblings were frequently together and off on their own.

While Caitlin and Paolo spent a lot of time exploring one another. One night after a particularly good date, they found themselves lounging on the double bed they'd purchased as a household, butterflies fluttering in both of their stomachs.

Paolo had kissed girls before, but Caitlin was as innocent as the day was long. "I want you to be my first," she whispered, blushing, to Paolo as they snuggled on the bed.

A brief while later, they'd both had their first sweet woohoo, and they fell asleep that night snuggled in one another's arms, feeling very much changed in the best way.

What the happy couple didn't think of was that they were sort of forcing their respective siblings together, not just this night (when Enzo had to sleep in the other double bed in the girls' room), but most of the time. Romance began to bud between Enzo and Fiona. It started as a joking, friendly flirt, but it quickly led to much more.

One night, before either of them realized what happened, they found themselves in bed, kissing, and what seemed like an inevitability was fulfilled.

It was time for the household to buy a second double-bed. A little shifting had occurred in terms of the bedrooms, but they now made a very neat package. Their family was still in tact, only now the division was of two couples rather than sisters and brothers. It couldn't have suited any of them any better.

The first two years of their college experience flew by with laughter, companionship, good grades, and even a little extra exercise thanks to all the pounds Paolo's delicious food tended to pack on. The Vinci brothers and Cleary sisters couldn't have been happier in their little cocoon.

To be continued in University - Round 2 - Part 4: The Conclusion


That house is quite cute - did you build it? Also the furnishings really make me want to go buy ikea stuff... Is the wallpaper CC?

That's too funny about the boys being grossed out by the other's girlfriends, even though the girls look almost exactly alike, lol. Fiona and Enzo will have stunning children (if they have any considering she wants 20 puppies/kittens the house could get a little crazy! Although a breeder business might just be what fortune sim Enzo needs)

Thanks! It's actually the IKEA house. Like everything in it is IKEA furniture, so I think it must have gotten added to the house bin when I installed the stuff pack. Wallpaper came with it. Though if you do ever use this house, I highly recommend knocking out the half bath because the simmies get majorly bottlenecked in that tiny hallway. If you don't care about registering it, you can totally borrow the IKEA stuff pack. I love it quite a lot. Good stuff cheap. :)

HAHA I KNOW! I'm like...this is just too convenient. The girls look so much alike, and the guys are definitely like, "Ew, dude, your girlfriend is a dawg." I CAN'T WAIT FOR BABIES! I think Enzo is just getting more and more attractive as he gets older, so I can't wait for little Vinciclearys to be running around. Contemplating moving all four of them in together in one big house...

As for the breeder read my mind. :)

Irish girls and Italian boys should go perfectly together.
How conveeeenient (sorry old quote from the Kids in the Hall) that the couples happened to fit, so that it wasn't one girl getting both boys or the opposite

I know! I was so thrilled that it worked out that way. Both of the girls are attracted to Paolo, but both boys dislike their brothers' girls, so it makes for a pretty safe environment for two couples. I have to admit, Caitlin and Paolo melt my heart the most, but I can't wait to see Fiona/Enzo babies because I think they will be so beyuteeful!

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