The Tanakas (B) - Round 3


Mariko Tanaka, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Media Magnate

Stella Terrano, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Prestidigitator

Last time we saw Stella and Mariko, they were graduating from Sim State University. Now they've moved out into a townhouse and are about to begin their careers. Will living together suit them, or will they find themselves not quite so well-matched?


When Mariko and Stella stepped into their townhouse after signing the lease, they couldn't help but hug one another excitedly. True, they were "adults" now, but they were really beginning their lives together now, and it was terrifying and thrilling.

Worried at their lack of income and the knowledge that the bills wouldn't wait, Stella immediately set out to find a job. Luckily, there was one in her preferred field: entertainment. She took it instantly and was happy to learn that the skills and degree she'd gained at university put her quite ahead of most of her competition.

She started out with a great wage pretty far up the latter in her field. Mariko had similar good luck and managed to snag a job in the journalism field right away.

They settled down into their new living room and began working on their skills. They were both very driven individuals, though in different ways. Stella definitely believed it was all in what you know, and Mariko believed it was in who you know. Together, they had knowledge and popularity. It was a perfect match.

They spent nearly all their time together, when they weren't at work. They both loved chess and needed the logic it provided them.

Even when they weren't working well together, they were existing well together. Mariko was a great cook, and she kept them very well fed. They only had a tiny table for two in their kitchen, but it was all they needed to be happy. Besides, being so close let them play footsies under the table.

They found that they were as in love as ever, and playing house this way only increased it. They knew they wanted to get married sometime, but it seemed important to the both of them to get settled and stable first.

In fact, one of their favorite topics was where they should go on their honeymoon when they finally did get married. If they got settled, they could afford a nice trip; that's what they were aiming for.

After a few weeks in the house, Mariko discovered she and her landlord shared a common friend.

Thanks to Jessica's good word and a little coaxing from Stella, their landlord agreed to drop their rent, allowing the girls to hoard up even more money for their wedding and honeymoon.

While at work, Mariko had a lucky break while taking some leisure time with her boss. She wasn't sure if showing her boss up at Scrabble was the best way to make an impression, but then again, her business was supposed to be words, and if she proved she was a master, it could only lead to good things, right? Her gamble paid off, and Mariko came home with her first promotion.

She came home that night with more money, a better job, and a new friend - Mr. Ottomas. Always the believer in networking, Mariko asked him how he felt about bowling and whisked him off downtown to entertain and get to know him better.

She missed Stella's first night at work and the lovely gown she got to wear. But it turned out to be worth it...

Mariko got the idea that Mr. Ottomas wanted more than to just spend some good, clean fun time with a co-worker, but her heart lay in only one place, and her scruples were good. They had a wonderful time without any nefarious flirtations or inappropriate doings.

The next day, spurred on by her good luck with befriending Mr. Ottomas and her promotion, Mariko allowed herself to get silly in the office for the good of the team. It turned out to be a very wise move, for more than one reason.

That day before she left, she found out that she was being promoted on the basis of her skill and a good word by an influential co-worker. Mariko was elated.

Her reputation was slowly creeping up in the neighborhood, and more good things kept coming her way thanks to her relationships.

In addition to her promotion, she ended up getting a raise as well, thanks to another friend who felt compelled to sing her praises to the higher-ups in the office.

All the hours that she spent on the phone every day were really beginning to pay off.

Mariko wasn't the only one with good luck and hard work rewarded, though. Stella came home with a promotion and a huge bonus. It didn't hurt that she got to keep the gowns as well. It seemed that the world was particularly fascinated with her exotic look, and it helped her move ahead more quicly than her competitors. Mariko could understand their adoration.

Despite her own growing fame, Stella was no slouch around the house. She preferred to fix things herself rather than call a plumber or repairman, and she wasn't afraid of giving the place a good cleaning either.

Despite her many, many skills, she still felt the need to improve constatly, however. Mariko had purchased her beloved an easel and set it up in the bay window in their bedroom so Stella had a beautiful view of the neighborhood while she worked. Mariko herself wasn't as lucky - stuck in the bathroom working on her charisma.

That evening, Stella headed off to work in her swankiest gown yet, and her fanciest chauffered car yet. Mariko kissed her goodbye at the door and wished her luck, anxious to hear how things went that night.

Mariko needn't have worried. That night, Stella came home from work with her final promotion, a huge bonus, and a lifetime want fulfilled.

And still, the humble girl wasn't too good to take out the her evening gown, no less.

Mariko kissed her fiancée lovingly and fixed a special dinner for two to celebrate. "My little genius," Mari said, kissing the tip of Stella's nose as she hugged her. "What do you want to do now?" Stella pondered a moment, then answered decisively. "I'm tired of being in the spotlight. It was a thrill, but I'm ready for something different now. I think I'd like to work in science. Maybe find out more about where I came from." (2nd LTW: Become Mad Scientist)

Nevertheless, until the right opportunity came along, Stella was happy to have a well paying job as a prestidigitator. She missed the evening gowns, though.

That night, Mariko came home with another hard-earned promotion and another co-worker. This time it was the lovely Priya Ramaswami. Mari decided that an evening in would do just fine for making friends with this exotic, worldly woman. She made them a nice dinner and talked with Priya late into the evening, feeling that she'd become great friends with her by the time Priya excused herself to go home.

Mari's feelings about her friendship with Priya turned out to be justified when Priya sent Mariko a present in thanks for the lovely evening: an upright piano. Stella had to admit that there was definitely something to this "it's all in who you know" theory of Mari's.

But still, at the end of the day and through all the promotions and efforts to build a nest egg, the two girls were happiest just being together. If married life were anything like this, their lives would be a breeze.

Up next, Kimi Tanaka moves into her own bachelorette pad. Can she reach her goal of shagging every upright man in Rosebud? We'll find out.



TOC for Stella: +1

Net worth to be added to neighborhood total: $54,341

[[Author's Notes: AHHH I LOVE THEM!!! I felt like this entry was a bit cursory, but the fact is, they just chug along so sweetly. Mari cooks and makes friends, Stella cleans and fixes stuff, and then they skill together and make sweet girly love every night. They are having risky woohoo (thanks to InTeen), and so far, no baby bump, but I'm reallllly excited to let them reproduce. I hope the baby gets Stella's skin tone. :') Also, I think they would make gorgeous babies. And WOW, Stella reached TOC within like two days out of university. I do really well with knowledge sims for some reason - they're really easy for me. She's really close to the IW for knowledge because she skilled so much and so quickly in university, so yay Stella, my little overachiever. :') Anyway, not much else to say other than I want to squeeze these two girls to bits.

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::shudder:: an outing w/ Mr. Ottomas -- he's such a pervy dog! Stella seems much more suited for the Science career, she's very shy in my game which just doesn't mesh with the entertainment career imo. It seems like these lovely ladies complement eachother very well I'm excited to see how things turn out for them!

I though her LTW as a prestidigitator was odd too, so I'm glad she gets to be a mad scientist now. I love these two. :')

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