The Beaumonts - Round 3


Adelaide Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Chief of Staff

Armand Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister

Alain Beaumont, Teen Family Sim, LTW Reach Golden Anniversary

Last round at the Beaumont household, Arnaud went off to university, Alain turned into a teen, and Adelaide and Armand began trying for another baby. Did they succeed? How will Alain adjust to life as a teen in Rosebud? We'll see.


Adelaide woke up in the middle of the night in early spring sick to her stomach. She ran to the bathroom and immediately began to worship the porcelain god. Was she finally pregnant? she wondered. She had begun taking fertility treatment since she and Armand had decided that they wanted another child, and even though they hadn't had much luck up to this point, she wondered if this illness could really be a new baby.

As the day progressed and she continued to rush to the bathroom to throw up, she became more and more certain that she was, indeed, pregnant. She could have cared less about the puking - that's how thrilled she was at the potential that the fertility treatments had worked.

She relaxed on the couch with Alain that morning and shared with him the possibility that she may have been pregnant. Alain was just as excited - he really liked babies, and now he'd get to be a big brother instead of remaining the little brother his whole life.

Adelaide went to work that morning in a great mood and returned home with a promotion.

As she began to walk into the house, she looked down and noticed her belly beginning to pooch out! It was official! She really was going to have a baby!

As soon as Armand found out, he insisted on taking care of everything around the house...which wasn't necessarily a good thing, but fortunately nothing was harmed in the fire he started trying to make grilled cheese.

Adelaide assured him she felt well enough to cook and went out to make some spaghetti. She ended up eating most of it, but she figured she was eating for two now.

In fact, all she seemed to want to eat these days was spaghetti. The tomato kept her stomach from being upset, and all those carbs gave her energy and filled her belly satisfyingly. Alain took to making huge portions of spaghetti and just leaving them in the refrigerator so Adelaide could grab a plate whenever she wanted one.

She certainly wasn't able to partake in her typical activities - like repairing her junker car - but she did spend a lot of time with Alain, playing chess with him and watching the yummy channel. He was exceptionally attentive for a teenage boy, but then he'd always been particularly close to his maman.

Soon, though, Adelaide knew it was time to have the baby. The contractions were right on top of one another, and the pain was getting intolerable. In fact, that was what had woken her up from an afternoon nap. With no small amount of screaming and discomfort, Adelaide gave birth.

She had, to her shock, not one but TWO babies - a boy and a girl who looked exactly alike with the Beaumont blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.

Alain holding
Alexandre Beaumont, Infant Knowledge Sim

Armand holding
Aurélie Beaumont, Infant Family Sim

Armand loved babies so much, he told Adelaide he wished they could just keep having them. She didn't punch him as he was holding Aurélie, but her look was enough. "Ma cherie, I love children too, but I tihnk ten would be a few too many. Let's enjoy these new ones for a while, hm?"

A few days later, Adelaide headed back to work, making a blunder her first day back. Her mind was at home and not on her job.

She was dejected at the mistake, but the sight of her gurgling babies was enough to put the grin right back on her face.

Babies, Adelaide thought, had a way of putting everything into perspective. Who cared if she messed up at work when Alexandre giggled so charmingly when she blew raspberries on his belly?

Fortunately, Armand had better luck at work that day.

His wise choice led to a promotion, and he brought home Samantha Ottomas again for a visit. Samantha ended up talking to Adelaide about childbirth more than she talked to Armand, and Armand got so caught up with the babies, he didn't really mind.

Armand wasn't the only one who brought home a friend that day. Alain brought home a pretty girl from private school named Rosemarie, and they were already on their way to becoming fast friends.

Will romance bud between Rosemarie and Alain? How will Alexandre and Aurélie grow up? We'll find out next round, but now, let's check in with Gretchen Chin in the Vinci household...



Two new sims added to the neighborhood: +2

Net worth to be added to neighborhood total: $32,343

[[Author's Notes: HOORAY FOR THE FIRST GEN2 BABIES!!!! I am sooooo glad that Adelaide had twins! I know I'm supposed to be pro-population control, but I really wanted them to at least have a girl, and twins is even better. I just love this family because they're so dear and nuclear and sweet. No bloopers for this round as after university, I barely took ANY photos for the other houses...I was in the habit of sparse snapping. I already have the Vinci and Cleary houses played, so they're up next to be blogged! Oh! And a note about name inspirations. Aurélie is named for the very charming Parisian girl who worked at the library last summer and taught me about good bread and good perfume. Plus, she fits in with the A naming scheme, so how perfect, yeah? :) I leave you with music.

This Entry's MP3:
Nuits de Miami (live bootleg) by Rufus Wainwright feat. Martha Wainwright

Note: The quality of this upload is...well, bootleg quality, but these two musicians are two of my favorite in the universe. Please support them by buying albums!]]


Yay twins! Justin Timber... er... Armand's wants/fears panel is funny... he wants 10 kids yet has a fear of changing a diaper, lol. Alain + Rosemarie = boo! Alain + Meadow = yay!

HAHFDJSKLFDS. Alain + Meadow = yay, lololol. Don't worry, Alain and Meadow have been chatting.

I love the little twinnies!!! So adorable! I decided each Beaumont household will have a different letter naming scheme, so Chloe will have to come in Beaumont Household #3. :)

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