University - Round 2 - Part 4: The Conclusion

Back at the Urele Cham house, Kimi, Mari, and Jiro were preparing to graduate and leave their greek house in the hands of its newest members.

Stella Terrano, Mari's girlfriend, joined - better late than never.

Of course, Stella didn't know it, but after graduation, she would be joining Mariko back in Rosebud...

...not just as a girlfriend, but as her wife.

Shortly afterwards, Vincente Villalobos and Arnaud Beaumont moved into the greek house to stay there for their final two years on campus. Arnaud was glad to get out and away from the girls in his dorm - he'd learned a valuable lesson about not dating girls he lived with.

Kimi helped Vinnie get over his heartbreak and helped him come to understand that maybe there wasn't something wrong with him...he just needed to find the right girls his age.

When final exams were over, the greek house kids threw a giant toga party, inviting everyone they knew and partying into the dawn. The next day, it was time for graduation and moving into their adult lives.

Mariko Tanaka, Graduate Summa Cum Laude

Stella Terrano, Graduate Summa Cum Laude

Kimi Tanaka, Graduate Summa Cum Laude

Jiro Tanaka, Graduate Summa Cum Laude

Congratulations, graduates! We'll see you back in Rosebud.

Stay tuned for our return to the town and the Rosebud families.



Four graduates Summa Cum Laude: +4

Total points for this round: I'll calculate them later.

[[Author's Notes: Okay, I get why people hate university. I don't hate playing it, but I DEFINITELY hate blogging it. I was on vacation for a while, so sorry for the absence, but then it took me forever to get up the nerve to begin editing photos and blogging for this massive fecking series of updates. The task seemed so daunting that I could barely stand to do it. I'm also really bad at blogging when I feel like I HAVE to, so I tend to do all sorts of unpleasant things like paying bills and scouring the toilet before I begin doing it, just to put off the blogging experience. Then, of course, it's fun while I'm doing it, and I realize I am just one of those obnoxious people who hates doing things because they're expected to. But I digress. This is not about my bizarre psychology! This is about yay sims!

I love Stella Terrano and am so glad to add her to my neighborhood because she's beautiful and a knowledge sim in my game, and I love knowledge sims because I think they're easy. Also, hooray for aliens! Um....what else. OH. Vinne and Arnaud were totally a blast to play, and I really feel like their personalities revealed themselves to me in this round. Of course, it's completely a figment of my imagination because all sims more or less behave in predictable ways, but Vinnie truly was screwed up. He checked out a thousand girls, and the first one he had any chemistry with was Prof. Sophie. After that, no bolts until Kimi Tanaka, with whom he has three bolts. Arnaud, on the other hand, loves girls in any shape or size, and they love him. It's fun for me to have the two of them be friends since they are aspirationally identical but seem to have such different personalities to me.

About the Vinci-Cleary household: I always wanted to put the brothers and sisters together in a couple, and they work SO well. It's bad news for Gretchen, true, but I've got other good news things in store for her. FYI, Enzo did go on one date with Gretchen during college because I wanted to see if they had chemistry, but they still had no bolts, and Enzo never got wants to talk to her or kiss her or anything. She didn't seem to particularly give a crap either, so I don't feel too bad about not making them a couple. Fiona and Enzo get along great and have two bolts. I'd rather have three, but I'll take two for the sake of such a cute and convenient pairing. Plus, family sim and fortune sim I figure will be a nice match. It's funny...the two girls both think Paolo is superhot (three bolters for both of them), but Enzo gags every time he sees Caitlin, and Paolo gags every time he sees Fiona. They are the perfect duplex couples - can guarantee no cheating there.

I'm really looking forward to dumping the uni kids back into the neighborhood and will tack them on to the end of round 3.

And now, patient readers, I leave you with a metric ton of bloopers and a song. Enjoy and look for Round 3 very soon!

This Entry's MP3:
Strange Times by The Black Keys (from the album Attack & Release)

Paolo, I think your chess hobby has reached the point of an unhealthy addiction. // Colm, are you trying to relive your childhood by hanging out with college students? // Kimi is frequently emotionally confused. Silly Romance sims. // Jiro REALLY doesn't mind his sister's sexuality. // Either Arnaud is Robin Williams' stunt double, or Robin Williams is a sim. You be the judge. // Haha, Travis really IS gay autonomously. // Fiona, must you do that? He's a llama for god's sake. // Meadow's long-lost sister secretly at university? // The Tanakas have money to burn. Ba-dum-ching. // They're like family. A really uncomfortably close family. // Nosy paperboy? Reminds me of that Bloodhound Gang song "Your Only Friends Are Make-Believe" [<-offensive lyrics warning] // The world's most painful way to give a massage. // Glad they only hire professionals and have the best equipment at this fancy restaurant. // Mariko really cares about people she's only spoken to for thirty seconds. // Ivy Copur vs. Ivy Copur? Don't worry, Ivy, as Michael Jackson would say, it don't matter if you're black or white.]]


Uni does look like fun to play (I don't own it), but I can see where it would be a nuisance to blog. Also I have the teen Ivy in my prosperity now (she's an adult) and someone in the house is friends with the other Ivy, so there are frequently two Ivy Copur's around (except the one in the family now has a new name).

I think the black Ivy is cuter. :)

Uni is definitely worth the purchase price, I think. I like that it gives your sims an extended lifetime, and I love the new university townies and the new career options it opens up to sims. All-in-all, I'm really glad to have it. Thanks for all these comments! When I get done reading Wings of Steel by Mao, I'm heading over to check out your simmies!

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