The Clearys - Round 3


Roisin Cleary, Elder Popularity Sim, LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends

Aisling Cleary, Elder Romance Sim, LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers

Colm Clear, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends

Tara Cleary, Teen Romance Sim, LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers


Last week at the Cleary house, Caitlin and Fiona left for university, Tara transitioned into a teen, Aisling and Roisin got the kids into Rosebud Academy, and Colm continued clawing his way up the employment food chain. What will this season bring?

As a teen, Tara was very precocious and very outgoing. She frequently began bringing friends home from school to hang out, tiring of them quickly if they didn't keep her entertained, but enthusiastically thrusting herself into friendship with them if she found them to her standards. She wasn't snobby, just...decisive...with her friendships, and Juan Harris was one who passed the muster.

Is didn't hurt that she was one of the most athletic girls in school. She was a cheerleader for the boys football team, but she played soccer, field hockey, and was on the swim team as well, constantly making friends in all of her different sporty areas of interest. It probably didn't hurt that her Gran Aisling kept her so well fed so that she had plenty of energy.

Thanks to his career, Colm was taking new interest in fitness as well, having to keep improving his physical skills in order to be promoted. He and Tara frequently went on jogs together.

As a result, Colm got to know his body pretty well and ended up being rewarded for it.

He continued to get promotions at work and gain enthusiasm for his career. He hadn't planned on being in this career track when he began, but it sounded interesting, and now he was hooked. Not to mention the fact that it allowed him to easily support his rather large family on his single person's salary. True, they lived modestly, but they had everything they needed and even some luxuries.

For example, he was able to buy a piano for them with one of his bonuses - something everyone in the house loved because they were all so fond of music. Tara in particular was a little Beethoven at it. Everything that girl put her hands on, she seemed to master within a very short period of time. She was definitely a quick study and an enthusiastic learner.

When Colm wasn't busy at work or at home, he managed to eke out a few hours to spend with the lovely Michelle Tse, the pretty girl he'd begun to form a relationship with over the winter months. Colm was pretty certain he wanted her to marry him, but he didn't have much of an idea yet how she felt about him.

A trip to the bowling alley, some easygoing talk, some laughter in rented shoes, and he was more enamored of her than ever. It seemed like she was really enjoying being with him as well. He leaned in to kiss her, and she kissed him back eagerly. Colm felt his belly stir with excitement. Could she really feel the same way?

He thought she did, but he didn't want to make any irreparable mistakes, and she was so young that he didn't want to hurt her either. As they turned in their shoes, Colm invited her to come home with him, knowing that would be one way he could divine her feelings.

As they walked home hand in hand, he knew he wanted to be with her. He also knew it was way too soon, but he didn't want to wait any longer.

At the house, he got down on one knee and looked up at her. "Michelle, I know we've only known each other a few months, but you've made me realize that there might be a real chance for happiness in my life again, and love. This is sudden, but I feel right when I'm with you."

Pulling the engagement ring he'd had stashed away for about a month, waiting for the right time, out from under his bed, he held it up to her. "Will you marry me?"

Her answer was an enthusiastic and definitive yes.

And the aftermath wasn't that bad either.

Life went on for the rest of the household as usual. Tara was determined to max out her body skill points and talked her Da into buying a treadmill.

Between the running and regular yoga, she managed to get really fit - a quality that would benefit her in both her lifetime goal AND in her sports aspirations.

Michelle moved in and immediately fit in. All the women in the house already knew and liked her. One night she woke up with what she thought was a bad case of indigestion. However, when she looked down at her belly, she noticed that it seemed as though she were gaining weight. "I couldn't be..." she murmured, "not after my first time!"

But sooner or later, she realized that she was, in fact, pregnant. It was unplanned, and she was a bit nervous that Colm might be unhappy, even though she was secretly delighted to be having a baby. She always wanted to be a mum.

True to his good-natured form, Colm was very happy that Michelle was pregnant. The prospect of children didn't scare him - after all, he was experienced - and he thought it was the perfect way to truly blend Michelle into their family. He missed his late wife, but he also thought she would be happy Colm had found such a wonderful woman to help him live out the rest of his days.

One night while the family was sitting down to dinner, Michelle suddenly pushed back from the table. "Are you alright, honey?" Colm asked worriedly. Michelle's face went pale. "I-it hurts... I think I'm having the baby!"

Michelle was right, and a short while later, she was holding their brand new son, Neal Cleary. He had the Irish genes of both Michelle and Colm - beautiful green eyes, red hair, and Colm's fairer skin tone.

Neal would be the heir of the house and the newest spark of life in the Cleary household.

No one, especially Roisin, could have been happier to welcome him.

Next up, the Villalobos teens and their handsome abuelo Santiago. :)



New sim added to neighborhood: +1

Net worth to be added to neighborhood total: $TBA

[[Author's Notes: YAY! There are so many babies this round, I love it! Michelle truly did get pregnant the first time she ever had sex, but I was hoping it would happen. There are no male heirs in the Cleary house, and though I feel like one of the older teen girls should inherit it, I'm going for the bonus points. :) Neal's name is an homage to a very very dear musician friend of mine, Neal Casal, who is a solo artist and lead guitarist for Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, among other things. I think Michelle is beautiful, and I figure the house could use a fortune sim to help build up the family funds a little and take the burden off Colm for providing for everyone all by his lonesome. Roisin and Aisling are very boring in their old age since I decided not to go for their LTWs. But hey, they keep the house clean and the food cooked. :X Anyway, I'm caught up on all my blogging now, so I'll finally get to play again, woohoo! Next up is the Villalobos household.

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Whoa Michelle got pregnant her first time! I actually know someone that happened to. Neal looks beautiful and it seems they are all happy with his birth, though!

How's Aisling doing with her 20 simultaneous lovers ltw? that seems difficult!

I know! I was surprised and pleased that they successfully conceived the first time, and it's funny, but I know someone that happened to too! Not only did my real-life friend get pregnant her first time - she was on birth control that failed, too! Talk about a freaky, unplanned pregnancy!

Ah, I'm not going for the LTWs for the two elder ladies in the house. I feel a bit bad for not even trying, but this is my first prosperity and really the first time I've attempted to play the game fully, not cheating, and attempting to explore all the options thoroughly. I wasn't confident enough in my abilities to even attempt their LTWs with so many other people in the house. I'm going to give her a secondary aspiration next time I get in that house so maybe she can have some easier wants to fulfill and gain aspiration points. :)

I hear you. My only CAS elder starting out became a grilled cheese sim and I was so relieved because it was so much easier to deal with. There's too many practically impossible wants for CAS elders.

Wow, Round 3 and your elders are still kickin' Tara has spunk, I like her. And OMG about Colm and Michelle. I remember you saying how much you liked her back in your asylum challenge when she was a random passer-by. Did you use fertility treatment on her when she moved in or was the first time just a fluke? What is her LTW? Neal is going to be a heartbreaker. It's so hard not to let sims continually breed... Sim babies are soooooo freakin' cute :)

Well, in all fairness, I did give them a swig from the elixir, but yeah, I'm kind of shocked no one died this round. Santiago I think will last the longest; his life bar is barely half full. Roisin and Aisling are getting closer though; they're about 80% full.

About Michelle - yes! I adore her, and I think if I ever finally get around to going back and blogging the Asylum kiddies in prosperity style, I'll hook her up with Janie. She had no fertility treatments, though I didn't put her on birth control. She's just young and fertile, I guess? I don't remember what her LTW is; I'll have to go back and look tonight when I open up the game again. That's why I haven't put in a lot of the little details for some of these posts (like net worth for the household) because I haven't taken the HALF HOUR required to load the game just to check some stats.

Also, HOORAY FOR BABY NEAL! I'm so attached to him already because of his namesake. :') I smell a favorite coming on!

you should be able to get that info out of SimPE :)

You're right...Neal is totally cute. I can't listen to the music cuz I'm at work, so I'll just trust you on that. And yay for Colm and Michelle too.

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