The Tanakas (C) - Round 3


Kimi Tanaka, Adult Romance Sim, LTW Become Rock God

Last time we saw Kimi, she was graduating from Sim State University with her siblings. Now she's in a condo of her own in Rosebud and eager to begin her career in the music business...along with all the groupies...


The place Kimi found was admittedly a little pricier than she originally planned for, but it was such a swank place that she fell in love. Plus, she took the cheaper apartment on the lower floor instead of the richer upper apartments that had two floors. What had really won her over was the back patio with its in-ground hot tubs, bar, and grill. It was the perfect party pad.

The first thing she did after furnishing her apartment was to buy a guitar. She had to bone up on her skills if she wanted to be a rock god. She'd be damned if she'd be a Britney Spears who lip synched. She wanted to be badass and really play her own instrument.

The first call Kimi got was from her old flamey pal Donte Wren, asking how she liked the new pad and how she was settling in. "Come on over and you can help me break it in," she purred into the phone, grinning as he assented.

"This amazing, Kimi," Donte complimented as they lounged about in her very adult and strangely seductive bedroom. "Thanks," she said unconcernedly, rolling over and kissing him, coaxing him under the covers a moment later.

Over the next few weeks, Kimi spent a lot of time with Donte, mostly because she always had a good time with him and because he had some pretty hot friends too. They still shared their mutual love of gaming and could often be found drinking and playing poker late into the nights.

After a few drinks, Kimi was always up at the karaoke machine, with the whole crowd hooting and cheering for her. She really was quite good at the mic, and she could practically taste rockstardom in her future.

Unfortunately, she still had a long way to go before she was a rock god. At present, she was stuck babysitting kids whose parents couldn't even stand them around for the summer. It was not what she had in mind when she took a job in the music field.

There were many entertaining diversions though, one of whom she met on a poker night. It never took her long to seduce a man; she didn't find herself to be supermodel beautiful, but what she didn't know was that she gave off the dangerous magnetism of a large cat or a black widow. It was irresistible to certain men.

One morning at work, she overestimated her mechanical skills and blew up the company microwave. Paying for a new one wasn't an issue, but the hit to her pride annoyed her. She didn't enjoy looking like a fool.

Nevertheless, it didn't stop her from being promoted to Battle of the Bands judge...

...and then Roadie. Being a roadie was infinitely better than being a stupid summer camp counselor. She got to rub elbows with famous people, had people offering her bribes to get close to the band, and met loads of cool industry people, like Kana Hamilton.

Kimi and Kana chilled that night in the hot tub, talking about the industry, their pasts, and everything in between. Kimi hadn't found herself drawn to females much, if at all, in the past, but she hoped that Kana and she could be good friends. The girl seemed to understand her.

One day at a concert, Kimi fixed a light fixture in the nick of time before it turned the lead guitarist into a stage pancake, and the band was so thankful that they promised to write a song after her! She even got an enthusiastic kiss from the lead guitarist, which left her blushing - very unusual for Kimi Tanaka.

The promotions kept on rolling after that, and so did the money.

Slowly but surely, Kimi Tanaka was going to claw her way to the top of the music food chain, and when she did, she could have her pick of any man in Rosebud...or perhaps the world.

Up next, university! See how Arnaud, Vinnie, Caitlin, Fiona, Enzo, and Paolo are doing their last half of their school careers...



No new points.

Net worth to be added to neighborhood total: $17,779

[[Author's Notes: Pretty calm round. Kimi is adorable, I really like her. She definitely has this no-nonsense air about her, I'm not sure why...maybe she is very serious; I don't remember. Anyway, she got into a pretty good rhythm of work, dream date/shag, sleep, skill, lather, rinse, repeat. I LOVE her condo. I hope to move her upstairs to one of the fancy ones at some point. Anyway, not much else to add!

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You'll notice Kimi doesn't look very happy, despite the promotion. I'd be unhappy if I had to wear a sluttastic outfit like that too, Kimi!]]


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