The Beaumonts - Round 4


Armand Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister

Adelaide Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Chief of Staff

Alain Beaumont, Teen Family Sim, LTW Reach Golden Anniversary

Alexandre Beaumont, Infant Knowledge Sim, LTW Grow Up Well

Aurélie Beaumont, Infant Family Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Beaumont household, Adelaide got pregnant later in life and had a set of twins, Alexandre and Aurélie, the first two generation 2 sims in the neighborhood. Let's see if they can handle the insanity of raising a teenage son and two infants while still managing to work toward their lifetime goals.

After having been stuck in the house, ponderous and heavy with two infants, Adelaide was relieved to have her old body back, more or less the way it always had been. Her car had sat, unattended, for all the months she was pregnant, and now that it was summer, she used every opportunity she had to go out and work on it...even if that time was only in the middle of the night after the babies had woken her up.

She was delighted to realize that the engine only needed a bit more work before it was ready to go, and then she could focus on the body. Of course, the car seats might damage the leather of the back seat a bit, but that was alright with Adelaide. She felt she'd accomplished two amazing things: having her babies and finishing her car.

Alain, despite being very family oriented and attentive to his much younger siblings, still had ideas of how he wanted to spend his free time. Most of those ideas revolved around Meadow Thayer, the absolute prettiest girl in the neighborhood, or so Alain thought. He had been calling her every day for weeks, hanging out with her at school, and trying very timidly to get to know her better. Finally, one night, he got up the nerve to ask her out on a date, and he was shocked and delighted that she said yes.

The bowling alley wasn't exactly the most romantic place in the world, but after a long afternoon of nachos and sodas and rented shoes, Alain felt like he and Meadow were the only two people on the planet. Leaning in gently, he tried to stifle the whirlwind of butterflies in his stomach and slowly, softly pressed his lips to hers.

At first, he closed his eyes and waited for her to slap him, but when the blow didn't come, he cracked his eyes open again and saw Meadow from close up. It was then he realized she was kissing him back. This was the best day of his life, hands down, he thought.

It must have rated pretty good for Meadow as well, because that night, she sneaked by and left a present for Alain. When he saw it in the morning, he felt his heart skip a beat and his stomach twist into knots for how exciting and wonderful this new love was.

From then on, Meadow was pretty much a permanent feature at the Beaumont house, always over at Alain's invite. Any excuse was a good enough excuse for Alain to invite her over, especially the twins' birthdays. Adelaide bought two cakes and helped each child to blow out the candles, delighted as they seemed to grow before the cheering family's very eyes into beautiful toddlers.

Alain still found his siblings adorable, but he especially took to Aurélie, with her soft blonde hair and tendency to reach up and grab at his nose. However, the twins weren't just adorable; they were also a massive handful. Adelaide and Armand weren't exactly spring chickens, and with both of them working full time, they often found themselves not falling into bed until they were exhausted and ready to pass out the moment their heads hit the pillows. Chasing after two young ones was a joy, but also exhausting. They were extremely grateful for Alain, who truly enjoyed watching out for his little brother and sister, teaching them things.

The stress of raising two little ones was one of the reasons why, when Adelaide stumbled upon a lamp in the front yard, she felt a spark of hope well up in her. Could it be what she thought it was? She'd heard rumors about a lamp of some sort that appeared at the college, and though it seemed unlikely, she couldn't help but wonder.

Peeking around to make sure none of the neighbors were looking, she furtively bent and gave the lamp a gentle rub. To her shock, a genie did indeed rise from it, and she choked back a little shriek of fear. It turned out there was no need to be afraid, as Adelaide soon found out. The genie told her she could make three wishes. The first thing she wished for was a longer life. She was so tired; she needed to be around for the babies! The genie granted it, and she felt her body loosen from some of the stiffness it had acquired lately. The second thing she wished for was lifelong happiness. She didn't know if she would ever achieve her goal of becoming Chief of Staff, but she wanted to be happy nonetheless. It was granted, and Adelaide put away the genie lamp, saving the last wish for Armand.

Armand came home tired and in a sour mood. He'd had a bad day at work, and he was already exhausted even before he knew he would be on baby duty. He and Adelaide were very lucky that their schedules alternated well enough that one of them could be home with the children all the time, but it meant none of them ever had free time. Armand was relieved to walk into the house to find Alain and Meadow playing with the children in the living room. "Keep an eye on them for a while, Alain?" Armand requested tiredly. Alain nodded. "Sure, papa. Go sleep; you look beat." And Armand did just that.

That evening, Adelaide came home with another promotion at work. It meant her schedule shifted a bit, but she thought she and Armand could still make it work. When she crept into bed after taking care of the babies that night and tucking them in, she whispered in Armand's ear about the lamp. He was too sleepy to really process it and thought he was dreaming.

The next morning, however, he found out the truth. He had not been dreaming, and the genie lamp was very real. He wished for a long life, as his wife had, and now they were both feeling younger and more spry. He wasn't sure how he knew it, but he was certain his life had gotten longer.

When Alain wasn't helping out, he was going on dates and visiting Sue's Kitchen, which was a pretty fun place to go. He went mostly so he could get a little bit more instruction and perhaps a recommendation for a culinary scholarship. He wasn't sure if he wanted to be a cook - mostly he just wanted to get married and have a family - but cooking was pretty fun, and he needed to find money to go to school.

His efforts were successful, and he managed to accumulate $2500 worth of scholarships! With that money going toward his schooling, Alain packed up his things and got in the cab with Armand. Adelaide hugged him hard and kissed both of his cheeks. "You be good, my angel," she said, and he nodded, hopping into the back of the cab.

From now on, he was college-bound, and the best part was that Meadow was coming with him. He could hardly wait.

After Alain had left, it got a little bit tougher for Adelaide and Armand to keep up with the toddlers, but they were growing fast, and soon it was time for another birthday.

They transitioned into two bright children with the Beaumont blonde-over-blue appearance and their same-sex parents' noses.

Alexandre turned out to be a fairly shy but not unpleasant boy who mostly loved to play.

And Aurélie was definitely more grouchy than her brother, though she trumped him with her activity levels and incredible confidence. She would give her parents a run for their money, they could see already. Headstrong, she already tended to tear through situations like a hurricane, leaving her quiet brother wide-eyed in her wake.

However, the Beaumonts loved their babies as much as they ever had, and they would instill in them the same values they'd instilled in Arnaud and Alain. Their family was truly blessed.


I don't think there are any points I'm forgetting.

Net worth to be added to neighborhood total: $TBA

[[Author's Notes: OUCH, Aurélie's personality!!! She will be totally entertaining to play, I can see it already. Poor Adelaide's only daughter will chew up the world and spit it out still wriggling. And Alexandre is just as sweet as he could be, and super neat, so he tends to run around cleaning up after his sister. The relationship between them is already completely adorable. Alain and Meadow only have one bolt, but I'm going to try to finagle them to have at least two once I get them to university and have control over the both of them. I can't wait to see what sort of babies they come out with - they're such a handsome couple! As for Adelaide and Armand, it was a really rough round for them. They are really struggling with promotions and being able to skill with two new children in the house, so I'm hoping that now Alex and Aurélie are children, they'll be a little more self-sufficient and maybe their parents will have a shot at reaching their LTWs. I had a bit of trouble this round because Alexandre simply would NOT grow up from infant into toddler, and I ended up spawning the tombstone of L&D and forcing him to age so he wouldn't be behind his sister. Once he aged, things seemed to run smoothly and glitch-free, so hopefully that's the last trouble I'll have in that house. Other than that, nothing else to report other than I'm considering not keeping score any more. I don't care about points so much as playing the game fully and blogging it well. I'll give this some thought and may reach some sort of decision at a later date. I have no bloopers for this round, only a song, which will be uploaded as soon as I get home.

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