The Tanakas (B) - Round 4


Mariko Tanaka, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Media Magnate

Stella Terrano, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Prestidigitator


Last round at the Tanaka household, Stella reached her LTW by reaching TOC in the Entertainment career, and Mariko worked her way very high in the Journalism career track. Their lives are peaceful and filled with quality time together.

Very early on in the summer season, Mariko finally worked hard enough to be promoted to Media Magnate. She finally felt as though she'd achieved a life goal, and that perhaps now she and Stella could settle down and concentrate on building a family. Maybe move out of the townhouse and get a real house.

Besides, she thought that she might be interested in law now. Being in the media was fun, but there was too much focus on looks, and she was too much in the public eye. After seeing so much injustice done in the world that she had to report on, she thought she might like to work on making the world a better place.

So, she and Stella packed up their bags, loaded their belongings into boxes and drove out to Dandelion Drive, where a new house had gone on the market not far from the house where Mari grew up. They fell in love and bought it immediately, filling the house with their things and painting the walls to make it their own. It was the beginning of a brand new, better life for them.



TOC (Mariko): +1

[[Author's Notes: Wow, I thought I took more pictures this round, but apparently not. Sorry, guys. Really, all these two did was skillskillskillskillskill all the time to get promotions. Stella looked for a job in the science career track but found nothing the whole round, so she just skilled up on the points she'll need for promotions in her new career track. Nothing interesting happened other than moving them into a new house. I can't wait to play the new house next round, and maybe now they'll be able to make pretty alien babies. So far no luck on the impregnation goal. :( I want pretty green babies with black eyes!!! I leave you with a song and one single blooper that is nonetheless hilarious despite its singularity.

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