University Round 4 - Part 1 - Landgrabb House


Dorotea Villalobos, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister

Diego Villalobos, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become World Class Ballet Dancer

Catalina Villalobos, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer

Inari Tanaka, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister


Last time we saw the Villalobos teens and Inari Tanaka, they were packing their bags and leaving home for their first few years at Sim State. Inari is separated from her twin brother Aki for the first time, and the Villalobos children are away from their abuelo Santiago for the first time since they lost their parents. How will the four of them fare their first two years at university?

The first thing on the agenda once the teens got to Sim State was a makeover for the lot of them. They all felt that this was a new era and that, therefore, they needed a new look. After a trip to the shops, they came back new and improved.

Nerissa Chan and Amber McArthur also came along with the Rosebud teens to Sim State, but they decided to house themselves in another dorm since this was was pretty crowded. It wasn't like Cat and Nerissa or Diego and Amber couldn't simply walk a few hundred feet and see one another anyway.

The YA's soon settled into an easy routine together, studying close to one another, working on their skills, hanging out in the living area of the dorms, writing their term papers and doing their assignments. The Villalobos children took this in stride, as they did most things, and Inari, who was used to being unsupervised, continued pretty much as she did at home, only now her studies actually challenged and interested her.

They all spent a lot of time trying to escape the Freshman Fifteen, but none more than Diego, who still held onto his dream of someday becoming a famous ballet dancer.

He got fit in no time, and it inspired his sister Catalina to do the same.

Plus, she loved any excuse to put on her retro workout outfit.

Of course, that wasn't all Catalina did on campus. Though she had sort of had a crush on Nerissa as a teen, she'd never really gotten the chance to talk to her about her feelings until they were both away at university.

When Catalina hesitantly asked her if they could maybe go out together...on a date...Cat was thrilled to hear the word yes escape from Nerissa's lips. They were both nervous on that first date, for although they'd been friends since they were children, this was all new territory.

Their first kiss was something magical. Neither could believe that their friendship as kids could have turned into something like this.

By the end of that first night, their affection for one another and their passions had been enflamed. However, it wouldn't be for a while yet until they went any further than the gentle kisses they partook of that evening.

Of course, Inari wasn't missing out when it came to romance either. Salvatore visited the campus often to see his "older woman" as he teasingly called her. Even now that she was away from Rosebud, they continued to be just as in love as they always had been back home.

Despite all the distracting hormones flying around in the air, all four of them managed to maintain 4.0 GPAs, keeping them in their good scholarship money.

Diego, too, was knee-deep in love, with his high-school girlfriend Amber McArthur. If he'd thought she was pretty as a child and teen, the way she looked now made his stomach turn inside out and knot itself together.

This couple wasted no time in getting very close very fast. After all, they'd shared their first kiss freshman year of high school, and here it was freshman year of university. They'd waited long enough to be more physical than parental supervision would allow.

The only one in the house who wasn't getting any good lovin' was Dorotea. She was the shiest one of the bunch, and she certainly didn't think she was as pretty as Inari or as flamboyant as Catalina. She was the more homely, more homey sister, and though she knew her siblings and housemates loved her, she sometimes felt excluded from the bunch.

She headed to local hang-out spots a lot, having a drink or three or four and scoping the room for potential men she could marry and have a hundred babies with. Okay, maybe not a hundred, but at least five or six. She wanted a family so badly it made her hurt.

She tried finding other ways to entertain herself -

- earning her silver flower arranging badge after hours spent in her dorm room practiciting - but none of it really filled the hole inside her she sought to fill once and for all with a husband and kids.

Desperate, she decided to call the gypsy matchmaker. With all of her scholarship funds in a wad in the gypsy's pocket, Dot felt herself grow tremendously excited at the prospect of seeing her potential future husband.

A moment later, with a thud, her new date unceremoniously dropped from the sky. He wasn't bad looking, Dot thought excitedly, though when she got him inside, she realized his outfit left something to be desired.

It was alright, though, the gypsy had matched them well. They shared a lot of the same interests, had a lot of the same personality traits, and hit it off quite well.

Dot even got her first kiss from him that night, but sadly, as she went to bed, she knew he wasn't the one for her. There were no sparks there, and there ought to be sparks, Dot thought.

Life trudged on as the YA's worked through their second year, and Inari and Catalina in particular tended to spend time together, whether it be hanging out or studying.

Dorotea, not to be deterred by her earlier miss, called up the gypsy again, and this time, she set Dot up with a teenager!!! I mean, sure, Inari had a teenage boyfriend, and sure she'd just been a teenager herself, but a teenager!? She could solve that problem easily enough, though, and with a suggestion to a higher power [me], her new date was enrolled in Sim State University and a YA like herself. Dot felt that as the final two years of university began, she might have found someone she could be with.

In the meantime, things clicked along nicely in the dorm, with Inari and Salvatore having regular dates as usual.

One night, however, the awful cow mascot came by and decided to cause trouble. Inari had kicked the cow out of the dorm several days earlier after a prank with the sprinklers, and now it seemed the cow would have her revenge. Pulling back her mascot hat and leaning up close to Salvatore, she whispered something lascivious, and Sal hardly knew how to respond, ending up choosing the wrong words when he could finally speak. Inari flew off the handle at what she perceived to be so blatant a snubbing of their relationship.

She didn't know what had happened, but something in her snapped, and though she apologized over and over again when he threatened to leave, she wasn't truly remorseful. How could he flirt with that stupid, stuffed, ridiculous creature in a COW SUIT for god's sake!?

Sal could tell her apologies weren't genuine, and he left angry, one half of his face red from her slap and one side red from anger. Inari could hardly believe what happened. She just stared at the door after he exited.

Later that night, true to his teen form, he left a flaming bag of poo on her doorstep, a little "souvenir" from their terrible night.

When Inari read it, she couldn't do anything but cry. She thought they'd be together forever, but how had this happened?

Depressed, she put on her pajamas and sadly sat outside, in the rain, in the dark, and did her college assignment. It may have been melodramatic, but she felt cold, wet, and alone inside, so she may as well have felt that way outside.

Next up, the rest of the Rosebud teens take over the Urele Cham house! Stay tuned.



No new points, I don't think.

[[Wow, so I have NO idea what happened with Inari and Sal. I was somewhere else on the lot watching another sim and I heard the BWOOONNNGGGG noise. I paused and flashed outside to find Inari slapping Sal and the cow walking away looking all self-satisfied. Stupid cow. -.- So anyway, I'm guessing Sal responded to a flirt and Inari got pissed. Regardless, no amount of sweet talk could get them back in the green before Sal went home. They'll get fixed, I'm sure, but about a big first fight.

As for the rest...I really like the way Dot's second blind date looks as a YA. I forgot to take any pictures of him, but he turned out very handsome all grown up and with new hair and clothes. They are a super-cute couple. Ditto Diego and Amber, whom you will see a lot more of in the second half of uni. A LOT more. I've already played them through the end because I couldn't stand to stop playing at sophomore year, but that'll have to wait until next round! Along with the end of the story of Catalina and Nerissa, who are officially the hottest lesbian couple EVAR. I love all these kids so much! Can hardly wait to get back.

This Entry's MP3:

Diego is either very angry at having to hug his girlfriend, or about to burst into tears. You be the judge. // Streaker of generations past back to visit? // Great job, cook. // I agree, chess IS fascinating to watch!!! Only just the opposite! // Twins! // Hey Inari, how about you don't go all heart-farty over your brother's girlfriend? // And finally, I don't know if this is a glitch or just something programmed in, but every time one of my kids would invite a date over, they would wander away mid-date to stand around in one of the rooms. I would have to go into buy mode to find them. When I made one of the guests selectable with boolprop, this is what I found. Weird, and also annoying!]]


Aww, so sad for Inari and Sal. I hope they do manage to patch it up. He wouldn't necessarily have had to respond to the flirt for Inari to get mad ... I've had sims who got mad when the cow flirted with their boyfriend/girlfriend even if the bf/gf rejected the flirt. So silly IMO.

I hope things work out for Dorotea and her new friend.

I hope that they'll be able to fix it! She spent a lot of the last part of the semester calling him on the phone to try and work down the hate, but we'll see.

I do too! There seems to be sparkage there. :)

wow a lot of YA hormones flying around this round. I felt really bad for Dot I'm glad she managed to find a nice guy through the matchmaker (I can't wait to see how he looks with the silly hair gone). Poor Inari and Sal -- that stupid cow seems to ruin everything! That blooper with the streaker ghost is weird! I've never seen that before.

oh! you could have Sal drink some fruit juice to get rid of the furiousness, then all you'd have to do is work the relationship back up to the positive, which wouldn't take that long. I think it's strawberry juice that reduces furiousness.

Maybe I'll work on that, with Sal and Inari. The anger is already going down, so that's good, but if Meadow gets skilled enough to grow strawberries, I'll have her give some to Inari.

I'll have to find a pic of the revised matchmaker date to give you as a preview. He's not bad looking, surprisingly!

I'm catching up and trying to remember where I was. HOwever I don't remember "hide"...that's just bizarre!

Man, that happens to me all the time...sometimes I just don't get to keep up with my reading, then I'm lost.

Isn't that "hide" thing weird!? It's super annoying as you can barely get in a few interactions before they run away! If it's a my-game-specific glitch, I might just start always using boolprop to make them selectable through the date but not give them commands...only leave my char active. It doesn't seem to automatically queue that action then, and I can just make them unselectable after the date. Boo.

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