University - Round 4 - Part 2: Urele Cham House


Aki Tanaka, Young Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends

Tara Cleary, Young Adult Romance Sim, LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers

Alain Beaumont, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Reach Golden Anniversary

Meadow Thayer, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW I Forget


Last time we saw the Urele Cham YA's, they were teens back in Rosebud looking forward to starting the next chapter of their lives in university. With two couples in the house, will it be party central or a homebodies' haven? We'll find out.

The first thing in order after the teens became young adults was a college makeover:

All four picked out what they liked and settled in to the Greek House. As they looked around, they realized they weren't the only things that could use a little shining up. With all their money pooled together, they made a plan to apply their contribution to the greek house and add some new areas to it. When they were finished, the Urele Cham house was definitely new and improved.

Basement Floor: including new outdoor workout room, pond, pool, new greenhouse.

First Floor: Including first floor porch, kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, and a large unisex bathroom with tub/shower combo.

Second Floor: Three bedrooms, male/female bathrooms with showers, gaming/music area, third floor deck with hot tub.

Third Floor Landing: A new pit stop on the way to the roof terrace.

Roof Terrace: Fenced area for star-gazing and, eventually, parties. :)

New Home Gym: With a comfy chair, refrigerator, and music in addition to all the regular exercise stuff.

It was a good thing that they had splurged in order to fix up the greek house a little bit more because no sooner than Alain had his first meal there but he plumped up. Since he'd been cooking since he was a teenager, his food was often rich and filling, but it was also hard to stop eating!

That's why he and Aki hit the gym nearly first thing. Aki had a vested interest in working out because Tara was so incredibly fit. He wanted to make sure he could keep up with her when she wanted to go for a jog or go on a hike or play some sort of sport.

The perfect thing about the location of the workout room was the fact that the pool was very nearby. There was little as refreshing as diving into the pool late at night to rinse off the sweat for a hard workout.

Tara, ever the exercise freak, decided to join in because she had a mad craving to play some Marco Polo.

Meadow appreciated all the hard work Alain went to getting fit again. He was cute whether he had a few extra pounds on him or not, but he really looked hot now. She asked him on a date.

Of course, he said yes, and freshly in their new home for the next four years, they picked a bedroom and decided to consummate their relationship.

Alain couldn't believe how wonderful Meadow made him feel. She couldn't believe she'd found a man she thought she couldn't spend the rest of her life with.

In the meantime, Tara and Aki were spending some quality time together. They hadn't known one another quite as long as Alain and Meadow had, and they were still getting to understand one another. Aki was interested in cooking and anything involving logic, and Tara was interested in just about everything, so that worked out well.

All-in-all, things were peaceful around the house, unlike the way things had been for the last four years, when other Rosebud YA's more interested in popularity and romance ruled the roost. Aside from the occasional spilled trash can that was courtesy of their predecessors' enemies, everything went swimmingly.

Meadow and Alain snuggled...

...and more...

Aki got fit...

...and Tara worked on her tinkering skills. All this was in between keeping the house clean and maintaining their studies, of course.

Tara's tinkering skills sure came in handy around the house, that was certain.

Aki too worked on his hobby - sewing. It wasn't a very manly hobby, granted, but he had seen his Grandma Yuuna doing her projects and knew it was a good way to save and make money. Plus, he seemed to have a natural hand for it.

It wasn't the only thing he had a natural hand for, Tara would argue. Aki wasn't the most sexy creature in the world, but he was cute and dear and smart, and he was supremely tender with her, which, to her surprise, she really craved. She'd always thought herself fairly independent, but Aki was like a warm blanket to curl up with on a cold day.

Aki just thought himself blessed to have such an Irish colt filly in his bed. She was truly lean and fast like a horse, smooth and muscled. He loved being snuggled up with her where his fingers could linger over her shoulders and hips.

Meadow preferred no hobby that kept her indoors so much. She preferred to be outside, among the bugs and birds and trees and anything else that grew under that great big, warm sun.

It didn't matter what time of day or night it was, she was constantly out with a jar, catching butterflies, fireflies, or just bugs for her bug collection.

It paid off, and she was recognized by the local nature enthusiasts around Sim State and Rosebud. She made a note to visit their hangout soon.

The couples weren't universally attacked to one another's hips though. The girls frequently worked out together while the boys played video games.

Of course, there were always the parties too. Since Aki had a sibling over in the Landgrabb dorms, the Urele Cham kids invited over the Villalobos siblings and Aki's sister Inari a lot. It was always a good time with the eight of them around, if hectic!

For four young adults as bright as Meadow, Alain, Aki, and Tara, college life was pretty simple. They took their time to do their research at the beginning of the semester and write a bang-up term paper, and then they had the rest of their time to dedicate to leisure, right up until final exams.

And with their significant others living right there in the house with them, there was no short supply of dream dates.

Especially not with all the fun toys they had, like the hot tub Jiro had left behind.

Meadow took some of her scholarship money and built herself a modest greenhouse on the corner of the lot so she could pursue her interest in nature further and possibly even provide some food for the house.

Tara contributed as well; the lake next to the house had been stocked initially, but now the fish spawned on their own in it, and there was plenty of catfish and bass to be had for Alain to grill up tender and delicious on the grill.

Aki managed to maximize his arts and crafts enthusiasm, and he got a plaque and the ability to make some real income for the YA's of the Urele Cham house. Life was good.

The only thing wrong in life, and it was minor was that Tara wasn't feeling her life choice as a teenager. She had thought that nothing would be better than kissing all the boys and making them swoon after her, but now she only really needed the ONE boy to swoon after her. In truth, she was more interested in doing something else - learning all she could about everything.

She decided that she was going to focus on gaining knowledge from now on. She already had a ton of it, but she wanted more. When she made the decision, she felt in her gut it was right. Life wasn't just good now, it was perfect.

Stay tuned to see how the Beaumonts are doing with the young twins, Aurélie and Alexandre!



No new points, I don't think.

[[Author Notes: First things first, it's true, Tara did use the Orb, but only because I was clicking for Meadow to do something when Tara's "do you want to change aspirations?" pop-up appeared, and I accidentally clicked no. Go figure, the one sim I wanted to change aspirations on, and the exact moment I'm clicking in a particular place, the pop up denies me. Oh Murphy's Law, you think you're so clever. I rolled the knowledge aspiration for her, which is actually ideal. She's already beyond skill level 5 on all her skills, and her creativity and body and I think mechanical are already maxed. She'll probably be my Knowledge IW candidate.

This house was so easy to play. Dream dates all the time to up the needs, followed by term papers, followed by another dream date, and they had all the free time in the world to skill and work on hobbies. The greek house is getting so cool now that I kind of feel guilty for the kids who don't get to live in it. I contemplated briefly putting all eight of them in the UC house, and then I immediately hit myself in the head with a hammer for having such a clearly insane idea. So the other kidlets will just have to make due. Or actually...there may be six in the UC house next time and two from Landgrabb out on their own. I'm not saying any more than that because it will spoil the surprise. :)

Otherwise, easy-peasy in this house, and fun. Meadow is the first sim I've had to grow anything but bland tomatoes. Yay! And with that, I leave you with some absolutely hilarious (if I do say so myself) bloopers, and a song that will be posted later.

This Entry's MP3:

Meadow did a lot of bug-catching. She also did a lot of running around screaming and being chased by bees. See below:

She must be reeeeaaaalllly sweet. And now for another ridiculous blooper montage that should not be hidden behind links. I'll avoid commentary beforehand on these and save it for after. We begin with Aki and Tara on a date in the hot tub.

Alain joins them.

Tara and Aki commence with the woohoo.

Alain enjoys the water.

Tara dives back under for a little more poking from Aki.

Alain enjoys the show.

Now. WTF? I have never seen a sim stay in the hot tub and watch ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE WOOHOO before! They even shoo'd him, and he didn't go away! I was laughing so hard the entire time, I could hardly snap the pictures. Alain, you are a very strange boy.

Why is the cow calling? We hate the cow. //, no. // Sexy pillow talk, Alain. // Tara, your love makes him walk on water. ]]


LOL those bloopers are great! I really love university for all the time it affords to free-time hobby related activities. Tara never struck me as a romance sim -- I'd say Knowledge fits her well, she's very inquisitive. Although I hope she gets popularity as a secondary. I am also soooooooooooooo excited to see Alain and Meadow -- they must have many pretty blond babies!!! Dang I really need to get Meadow into my hood but the only place she's even been encountered is with the Chat Online interaction. I have yet to see her on any community lots.

Knowledge isn't exactly what her personality fits, but she definitely has a ton of skill points already. I'm thinking maybe pleasure secondary. That or Popularity. I've already rolled for her...let me see what she will be... hm, seems she was to be romance/knowledge, so I suppose now she'll be grilled cheese? Or maybe I'll just reroll since I didn't originally give her grilled cheese. Not sure how that's supposed to work.

Anyway, yaaaay for pretty blonde overpopulation!

With Meadow you won't get blond babies - she's dyed!
Nevertheless she's cute and these two couples are really adorable!

Really??? Oh pooh. Well, that makes me sad. Maybe Alain's genes will overpower hers. :)

You could edit her genes in simPE to make her blond ;) Just a thought... I did it with Sofia's genes when I realized she had the custom hair bin gene instead of black (since I was a total sim's noob when i started my prosperity) it's not that hard

Wow, there's a lot going on in this house! And nice house.

Thanks! It started out huge and cavernous and empty and just...way too much and too big. But I'm making a rule that any large items purchased at the greek house have to stay at the greek house for future generations, so it's rapidly getting better. Each generation has to make an improvement. :) I think next generation will bring some remodeling in the form of new carpet and wallpaper in the bedrooms - at least! And maybe some decent landscaping outside.

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