The Tanakas (B) - Round 5


Mariko Tanaka, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become The Law

Stella Terrano, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Mad Scientist


Last time at the Tanaka household, Mariko reached her TOC, and she and Stella moved out of their townhouse and into their first home. They'd been trying for a baby but so far had been unsuccesful. Will they have any more luck this time, with baby or reaching their new LTWs?

Life at the Tanaka/Terrano household was settling into a very calm, peaceful, happy existence for both Stella and Mariko. The drive to reach their goals when they lived in the townhouse was calmed somewhat now, and they felt at leisure to explore their new chosen goals on their own time.

That left more time than ever to enjoy both hobbies and one another. Now that they both had reached successful and stable places in their lives, they felt it was finally time for a baby. They'd halfheartedly tried before, subscribing to the theory that if it happened, it happened, but now the desire to reproduce and have a baby of their own was strong.

Though both Stella and Mariko knew where they wanted to go, career-wise, in this next stage of their lives, Stella was the first to find an opportunity to get employment in the proper career track. She gave up her job as presidigitator and took a worse-paying job but in a more attractive career, as a Theorist.

Mariko remained in her position as Media Magnate and continued to excel at it, earning a nice fat nest egg of $48,000 simoleons with one brave decision. She was elated.

Stella, meanwhile, spent some of her off days at home, making sure the house stayed clean and working on her skills. Being a knowledge sim, she wanted to take every opportunity to learn everything she could about any subject out there.

Her hard work paid off when, after a particularly grueling session of yoga, she finally gained her last skill point in all of the skill areas. IW for Knowledge, check. She felt better than ever and ready to kick ass and take names in her new position.

To her pleasant surprise, however, she found wouldn't be able to do much ass kicking or name taking for quite a while. The celebratory date she and Mariko had had after the large bonus resulted in what they'd been waiting for all along: Stella was pregnant.

There never was a happier pregnant woman than Stella. Not only did she love Mariko and want to have a baby with her, but also she simply found pregnancy to be a new and exciting learning experience. What was happening to her body endlessly fascinated her, and she read everything she could get her hands on about it.

Even as she became ponderous with baby, she remained in the best of spirits, truly one of those "glowing" pregnant women.

Before long, it was time for the little bundle of joy to be born, and by happy accident, Mariko was off that day, able to rush Stella to the hospital for the birth of their new child.

They'd chosen not to hear what the baby's sex would be ahead of time, wanting to be surprised. In truth, there were good reasons for wanting either sex, so the determination didn't matter much to them. What mattered was that the baby was healthy and strong.

The patient mothers were rewarded with a healthy, bouncing, green baby boy, who had his Mommy Stella's skin tone and his Mommy Mariko's eyes.

They named him Cosmo, in honor of his extraterrestrial lineage, and promptly decorated the office-cum-nursery with a boyish teddy bear/astral theme.

Cosmo, true to his name, felt like a gift from above. Despite his unusual parentage, especially in a small town like Rosebud, he had a future full of massive amounts of love in his future.

As Mari put him to bed in the new crib, she couldn't wait to get back to Stella, to thank her for giving them such a perfect little gift.

Up next, more babies! Or baby, rather, as we check back in with single mom Kimi and her baby boy Takeru.



1 new sim added (Cosmo): +1

[[Author's Notes: YAAAAAAYYYY!! GREEN BABIES!!!! I have been wanting Stella and Mari to reproduce since college, practically, and they've finally managed to have one. And he's green! Squee! My only regret is that he doesn't have the alien eyes, but that's okay, because I kinda like that he's got a little bit of both parents. I cannot wait to see what will become of him. I don't know his personality yet, obviously, and I haven't rolled for him yet, so I suppose we'll see! Yay, Cosmo! That's about all I have to say for this round!

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Welcome Cosmo! And congratulations to Mari and Stella.

I'm so excited to play them more! They're always very easy to play, which is why there isn't always much to say, but they're one of my favorite houses in the rotation.

YAY! Green baby :) I really love how two professional women live such a seemingly easy existence. Mommy Mari and Mommy Stella are going to be wonderful parents to little Cosmo. I hope they have more babies!!!

and you get +3 for Stella reaching her IW

Yeah, I'm being a hardass for points, don't want you to miss out.

I WAS SO EXCITED!!!! I knew your Stella had a green baby, and I so so so wanted this one to be green. I'm dying to go back and play the house. :X

Oh, no, I really appreciate you pointing it out. Shannon = points slacker. I have no idea how many I even have now.

Green baby! I gotta try to get more aliens into my neighborhood.

I usually always try to get the men to use the telescope in hopes of more!

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