The Beaumonts (B) - Round 5


Arnaud Beaumont, Adult Romance Sim, LTW Become Celebrity Chef


Last time at Arnaud's, he tried to keep from cheating on his fiancée Steffi, successfully, got hired in the culinary career, and promptly got demoted for his involvement in a poorly received spork incident. Will he fare any better this round?

Arnaud, frustrated and tired of working fast food when he knew he had the skills to run his own restaurant, finally got fed up one night. The punks he had to deal with on a regular basis made him insane, and he was going to teach those spoiled rich brats a lesson for stiffing him.

Unfortunately for Arnaud, this turned out to be a fatal mistake. Not only was the young girl not planning on stealing food, she was angry enough to complain to her father, who promptly saw that Arnaud was working there no longer.

When he got home, Arnaud was so shocked at the turn of events that he simply stood on the front walk with his head in his hands and cried. He would NEVER get to be a celebrity chef, it seemed. It was like the whole universe was against him. He barely had any money left, and now he was unemployed. He called the only person who could make him feel better.

True to form, Steffi came over and consoled her heartbroken fiancé. After an evening of play and snuggling and...other things... Arnaud was feeling less suicidal but definitely still depressed at his failure in the work world.

That was when he decided he had to do something. If he couldn't be a chef, he had to make money. He was too depressed to show his face in town, so one night, he sat down to his computer and started to write. It was a fiction book, he gradually discovered, though the main character shared some of his traits and interests. As the weeks went by, however, Arnaud got deeper and deeper into his story until, surprised, he discovered he'd written a novel.

His first novel sold wonderfully, and, spurred by his success, he quickly sat to write the sequel.

That too sold great. He was finally making an income. A small income, granted, but an income to sustain him nonetheless. Every day, he still continued to check and see if any jobs in the culinary field might open up to him again, but alas, he had no luck.

It was only after a visit from his mother, concerned about Arnaud's aloofness of late, that Arnaud finally started to get out of his funk and see the light at the end of the tunnel. No, he would not be destined for a life writing novels, though he might continue it as a side project. He would be a celebrity chef because that's what he wanted to be since he was a teenager. And he would be a GOOD chef too. The best. Adelaide gave her son a few pointers and some suggestions he hadn't yet thought of. He knew his next step.

Stay tuned to see Enzo, Fiona, and Imelda Vinci in their duplex, up next!


Performance related firing: -1 booooooo

[[Author's Notes: Poor, poor Arnaud. First he couldn't find a job in the culinary track, then when he did he was fired...TWICE. It was only thanks to a glitch or co-worker intervention (I'm not sure which) that he wasn't sacked completely the last time, just demoted to the lowest rung on the totem pole. This kid is struggling, poor thing. I'm not going to reveal what his next step will be, but you'll see next round! :)

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Is this really an appropriate time and place for a chat, Adelaide?]]


Aww, tough luck there Arnaud. Grats on the novels though. At least he'll have that to fall back on if the culinary field continues to treat him so poorly.

I'm contemplating getting him a job in some other field just to let him have a continuous income until he can find something in a new field. I don't always like to do that, but I may have to. He's turning into a total hermit!

Not a bad idea. For sims that need money coming in, I usually have them get whatever job is available until their dream job comes up. Or I will after a few days of looking at least.

BTW, how do you get your replies to comments to show up indented like you do? Is it one of the settings in Blogger?

Haha, to be honest, I'm not sure. I think this particular layout in Blogger automatically indents every other comment. That's my guess, anyway. I wish Blogger had a feature like LiveJournal where you could reply to a specific comment and have a thread of conversation, but I guess an indent every other comment isn't a bad second.

Poor Arnaud, He reminds me of Julio, constantly having terrible job luck! That's good that the two women in his life could cheer him up a bit.

YES! I actually thought of Julio! That's funny you said that. I just wish there was a way to get a job in the culinary field besides endlessly waiting for it to come up on the computer. SIGH. Oh well. Maybe you'll get platinum someday, Arnaud. I'm hoping to move Steffi in someday, though so far, no luck on him having wants regarding either marriage or moving in or babies. :\

Have you had him invite her over a lot? Seems to me those sorts of wants are often triggered by contact with the person, esp. some hot and heavy contact ;) You could try having him invite Steffi over for dates to see if it'll spur him to roll the wants regarding her that you're looking for. If nothing else, the dating will keep him in a good mood for job hunting and novel writing.

I'm a big fan of the dream date pick-me-up! They had a ton of dates last round, but not so many this round. Maybe I'll give it a shot again next time I play him to see if his tune has changed.

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