The Vincis (A) - Round 5


Gretchen Chin, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Mad Scientist

Salvatore Vinci-Chin, Teen Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Hand of Poseidon


Last time at the Vinci-Chin household, Sal aged from a child into a teen, and Gretchen had a miscarriage that left her pretty heartbroken. This round, things are finally starting to get back to normal. Let's see how they're getting on.

The first thing on Salvatore's mind as the leaves began to change colors was Inari. When he'd visited her at school, some college co-ed had flirted with him, and Inari practically jumped down his throat! He'd never seen her so angry, and in fact, she'd delivered to him a pretty hard slap. He was still angry with her for acting so rashly, but at the same time, he missed her painfully. All he wanted was to talk to her again, see how she was doing, go to the park again. He hoped they could smooth things over soon; they both probably owed some apologies.

Gretchen brought home a promotion a few weeks into the cool fall weather, and encouraged by her success, Sal decided to try getting into private school again.

They invited him over, and after spending the whole day cleaning, the man finally arrived.

Since Sal was the real cook in the family, he worked in the kitchen while Gretchen took the headmaster on a tour of the house. It was a tiny house, but they'd kept it neat and clean. The headmaster didn't seem particularly impressed, but he didn't seem horrified either.

After dinner, Sal spent some time talking to the man, who seemed to like him better than the last headmaster that had come to visit.

He must have liked Sal better because this time, Sal was accepted without question. He and Gretchen decided to go out for a movie and ice cream to celebrate that night.

When they got back, Sal noticed that there was a pile of leaves in the front yard ready to be raked. He worked on the pile for a while, and , he saw something that made him do a double-take. It was Inari! She must have been back from uni for a visit.

By that time it was already getting light. "Inari, I'm sorry for the way I behaved. I didn't even-" he began to say, defensively, then checked his tone. "I didn't flirt with that cow, I swear. She just made a comment, and I didn't know how to refuse her without being downright rude. I wasn't raised to be rude." Inari looked at the ground, her hands wrapped around her elbows, "I'm sorry too, Sal. I just...I wanted to punch that girl right in the mouth, but she was gone, and you were still there, and I was still angry..." she said, trailing off. "You're mine," she said sheepishly, flicking her eyes up with a tiny smile.

"Obviously, you big dummy!" he exclaimed playfully, pulling her into his arms. They were back in one another's good graces and back together officially. Which was a relief off of Sal's mind, as well as Inari's.

She left thinking about how all her hopes for some day marrying him wouldn't be ruined.

The next morning, Sal headed off triumphantly for his first day of private school. He had his girl back and a new school to attack with fervor. It was a great day.

That afternoon when he got home, he took the time to tend he and Gretchen's garden, earning his bronze gardening talent badge. Then, after a quick shower and change of clothes, he called Inari and invited her over for an official Make-Up Date.

She came over and they had a wonderful evening. Sal cooked for them, and they spent some time outside having a dance or two and looking at the stars. Sal teased Inari, asking her when she'd become an amazon, and she teased him right back, asking when he shrank himself.

Gretchen was working late, and they ended up talking on the master bed, because it was the only place big enough for the both of them to really relax together.

One thing led to another, as always happens, and Sal and Inari had their very first woohoos with one another that night.

Inari couldn't exactly stay the night, though Sal knew Gretchen would let her. He wasn't certain he was ready to talk about it yet, even to his Mom, despite how understanding she was. He just needed some time to think it over in his own head. So they said goodbye that night and promised to see one another soon.

While Sal was busy with all of his school and love business, Gretchen made a decision. She really wanted Craig to move in with her, and to marry her, eventually. After a long conversation with Sal about it one night, she finally invited him to join their household. After all, when Sal went to uni, Gretchen would be alone in the house, and she wasn't keen on that idea. Craig was wonderful to her, and she wanted to have someone to spend her older years with. Now that Sal was older, she didn't have to worry about him thinking he wasn't enough for her. And so, Craig moved in.

He wanted to marry Gretchen too, and had for some time, though she had never guessed it.

And so, right there in the bedroom, Craig got down on one knee and proposed to her.

Gretchen, in her granny panties, was beyond delighted, and lept into his arms. Love was in the air at the Vinci household.

Gradually, the three of them got into the swing of things. Craig and Sal got along surprisingly well, or perhaps not so surprisingly since anyone Gretchen loved, Sal was likely to love too.

Of course, neither Sal nor Gretchen knew that Craig ultimately hoped to be a criminal mastermind someday, but that was a bridge to cross when and if they ever found out.

Gretchen's own work situation continued to improve, both with her reputation and her position.

She was finally coming close to achieving her ultimate goal of becoming a mad scientist. With her son happy and a soon-to-be-hubby in the house, it seemed like life was heading in the right direction.



One new sim (Craig): +1

[[Author's Notes: Yaaaay, Sal and Inari back together. It was complete freak thing that she happened to walk past the house. What's funny is that even after she and he made up, she ran by the next day and stole their newspaper, lol. Silly sims. It also occurred to me that Sal and Inari are a little farther apart in age than I expected, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that. Maybe I'll rush Sal through college.

I'd planned on moving Craig in for a while. Gretch has three bolts with him, and they're in love. Since she lost Enzo to Fiona, I felt bad, so Craig is sort of a present for her. I don't really need or want a townie couple in my 'hood, but I figure they'll both die someday, and then Sal can move back into the house, or possibly Imelda Vinci or another of the Vinci children, to carry on the line. If you're interested, these are Craigs stats:

He also has two bronze badges in sales and something else I forget. That's all for the Vincis!

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I love how nothing is safe during a fall rainstorm. // That's not very nice, Inari.]]


Yay I'm glad Inari and Sal made up. Though I think it's funny that Inari is thinking about engagement as she creeps by to steal the paper! Is Craig the daddy of the Gretchen's lost baby? Townie couples aren't so bad, but that man needs a clothing makeover stat!

Me too. I was kind of like "WTF" when they fought at uni, so I'm glad to have them back together. It occurs to me they may have more of an age difference than I initially realized, though. Maybe I'll download that time clock thingamajob you did for fast-forwarding uni for Sal.

Craig is the lost babydaddy! It's funny; Gretch only has 1 bolt with Enzo but three with Craig. I think she met him because she brought him home from work with her one day, so as far as I'm concerned, they can go on with their bad selves. I don't know if they'll reproduce or not; I really shouldn't let them, but I have a hard time forcing barrenness on my simmies. :)

He needs a makeover almost as much as Gretchen needs new underwear!!

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