The Vincis (B) - Round 5


Fiona Vinci, Adult Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Enzo Vinci, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Head of SCIA

Imelda Vinci, Teen Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Space Pirate


Last round, the Vinci parents Fiona and Enzo graduated college and moved into half of a duplex, along with their child daughter Imelda, next to their brother/sister couple Paolo and Caitlin. They adopted two kittens, Pumpkin and Cinnamon; Enzo got a job in his chosen career field; and Imelda aged into a teen. How will they do this round?

The first thing Imelda chose to accomplish in her teen life was to teach Pumpkin how to play dead, which was somewhat confusing for the cat, as her human was acting insane.

It didn't take long for the highly-intelligent Pumpkin to figure out what it was Imelda wanted though, and in no time, the kitty was faking dead as well as a opossum.

There were few things Imelda enjoyed more than snuggling her big puffy cat in praise for doing a good job.

One of those things, however, was jogging on the treadmill. As a rather active young lady, Imelda needed to find outlets for her extreme levels of energy, and working out would not only tire her but also get her fit at the same time.

Meanwhile, Fiona was busy spending time with Cinnamon, the most recent addition to the household. Fiona took raising her kittens as seriously as she did raising Imelda. She was careful to make sure they knew not to beg, not to scratch the furniture, and not to get on the beds. He wasn't quite as smart as Pumpkin, but he learned well enough.

Imelda and Fiona spent a lot of time together alone in the house. It seemed like Enzo's job kept him gone a lot of the time, so the girls and their kitties had plenty of time to remain close, despite Imelda's transition into the notoriously rougher teen years.

In fact, being an only child, Imelda was extremely close to both her parents. Fiona and Enzo had had Imelda so young that the three of them almost seemed to grow up together. Imelda's friends always thought she had the coolest, youngest parents in town. And she felt she truly did.

They even bought her a bass for her 16th birthday because she said, "Everybody who's cool knows how to play an instrument." Enzo understood well enough teenage culture to tease her by asking, "What, you don't want a tuba?" "Daaa-aaaddd," Imelda whinged, though she was grinning at her beloved pops.

And while Imelda was at school, on Enzo's rare days off, Fiona and he had an opportunity to have some dates at home. Usually they started off with the gossip they didn't have time to catch up on other days.

Eventually, though, romance took over and they wound up snuggling and more. The romance certainly wasn't dead in their marriage.

Enzo finished the novel he began his last year of college and it sold wonderfully.

That, of course, set him with the wild idea that he would love to quit and be a writer full-time, staying home with his family, but uh, no. Become head of the SCIA first, Enzo, then I'll let you quit, promise.

Pumpkin and Cinnamon seemed to get along well, with Pumpkin mothering the little kitten as much as Cinnamon would allow. Despite not being the kitten's mother, Pumpkin enjoyed grooming him and keeping a close eye on him.

Fiona, recently accepted into the Rosebud Academy, went off to school every day feeling, frankly, like hot stuff in her uniform thanks to all the working out she was doing.

She was definitely health conscious, but sometimes a bit TOO much so, mistaking zeal for informed decisions. It didn't do her any good to be too enthusiastic, but it taught her a good lesson.

Nevertheless, Imelda's fit form didn't exactly discourage attention from the boys in her school. She frequently and easily made friends, male and female, and brought them home to hang out, since hers was the favorite house for visiting.

That week, Cinnamon grew into a cat, looking quite simply like a more mature version of his kitten self, unlike Pumpkin, whose appearance had changed so drastically.

Enzo continued to be devastatingly handsome.

And Fiona wasted no time in beginning to teach the now-adult Cinnamon some tricks. She was hoping to train both Pumpkin and Cinnamon how to use the toilet so she could eliminate the nasty task of having to clean out the litter pan all the time.

Enzo hit his first snag at work, and the shock of having been wrong in his judgment shook him a bit. He'd always successfully relied on his gut before, and this time it failed him. He wanted to quit his job more than ever, but he knew that he had to plug on and try to redeem his error.

Meanwhile, back at the duplex, Fiona successfully finished training Pumpkin to play dead.

Imelda brought home more friends from school, who thought her parents and her cats were, like, totally rad.

Totally rad, that was, except when Enzo was banging on the wall between theirs and Paolo and Caitlin's bedroom. He was happy they were trying to make a neice or nephew for him, but did he need to HEAR it!?

Enzo's luck continued to fail, and this time the penalty was more severe than a loss of confidence.

This time, Enzo actually came home demoted and thoroughly dejected. Nothing like getting knocked emotionally and literally down a couple of pegs at work.

But at least one Vinci was happy that night.

Stay tuned for the other half of the duplex!



No new points.

[[Author's Notes: This house is fun. I really want Cinnamon and Pumpkin to mate, but I don't think their relationship score is high enough, according to the guides online. They definitely don't give the option of suggesting to "try for kitten" when clicked on. So maybe Fiona will adopt two more kittens from the pound and see if either of those two will mate with either of the two existing cats or with each other. Come on, kitties, Fiona has a LTW to achieve! Imelda is as pleasant as she could be, surprising for a sim with no nice points, and poor Enzo is really hating his job right now. Other than that, not much interesting going on.

This Entry's MP3:

Imelda's want the moment I logged onto the lot. Um, no. // Everybody thinks Kimi is hot. // Linda is a little late to yell at Enzo for spying on her. // The cats stare at Imelda, who is either dancing or swinging from the's hard to tell.]]


Imelda is definitely going to be a heart-breaker. She really doesn't strike me as a Knowledge sim (she has a bit of a Sade complex imo). You'd better get this family more kittehs stat so Fiona has a chance at her LTW. Although if you adopt two more then the available number of a litter will only be 2. Poor Enzo and his job, your simmies are having no career luck as of late are they :(

That pic of Imelda hanging from the chandelier is too funny!

She doesn't strike me as a knowledge sim either! I think she deserves something more like pleasure or romance, or even fortune, like her daddy.

I totally need to get more kitties! I have to admit, I'm completely smitten with the animation that came with pets. :')

My simmies are career eejits, it's sad but true, sigh.

I've never seen a fortune sim want to quit his job!

I thought that was strange too! I guess because he's making so much money with his novels? Who knows.

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