The Tanakas (C) - Round 5


Kimi Tanaka, Adult Romance Sim, LTW Become Celebrity Chef

Takeru Tanaka, Infant Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Tanaka C house, Kimi had a few dates with William, whom she met at My Muse, reached her TOC, and got knocked up by old-and-sometimes-current flame Donte Wren. Little Takeru was born at the end of the round. How will Kimi cope with being a single mom? We'll see.

It was official. Kimi loved being a mom. Little Takeru was not only the apple of her eye, he was the only man she could ever imagine wanting around her all the time. He was a giggly, inquisitive child, and they frequently played together in Kimi's subdued way. Takeru lightened her up considerably.

He wouldn't stay an infant forever though, and in a tiny birthday party of two, Kimi blew out the candles for him and watched him transition into a bouncing, intelligent-eyed toddler.

Kimi could definitely see the influence of his father on Takeru's face now. He very much resembled Donte, though his eyes were Kimi's.

He was a supremely neat child, both outgoing and playful, though he'd inherited Kimi's quieter, sedate ways. His favorite form of play wasn't tearing around the house but sitting and playing with his blocks on the activity table for hours at a time.

The next few days were comprised of lots of teaching. Kimi managed, in the short leave of absence she took from work, to teach Take to talk, walk, and use the potty "like a big boy." It made it that much harder when she could put off going back to work no longer.

Take's pudgy little face and curly black hair made her heart ache every time she had to leave him in the nanny's care, but they were there again in the evenings to welcome her home again.

Kimi had successfully managed to transition from rock star into a chef, seamlessly and shamelessly using her connections from one career to give her a boost in the new career.

It was definitely a challenge, being a single mom with no man in the house. Kimi did all of her own repairs and took out her own trash, enjoying the feeling of being a successful employee, homeowner, and mother. There was a streak of steel in Kimi that simply would not quit.

Takeru seemed drawn to this spirit of his mother's, and he would scream and cry if she tried to put him in bed when she was still up and about. He frequently fell asleep on a large floor pillow she'd bought for just that reason while she was studying her books or blogging on the internet or doing some repair or another.

She excelled in her new career, as she seemed to do in everything, making friends in the right places and making sure she was always one step ahead of the job's requirements. She was determined never to miss out on a promotion because she'd been a step behind.

There came a time when she got famous enough that she had a major opportunity and a difficult decision to make. She was expanding, and the choice of where to expand was a crucial one.

Kimi chose wisely, however, as she always seemed to have the knack to do, and it resulted in her catapulting headlong into her second lifetime goal.

Kimi was promoted to Celebrity Chef. Her hours were short, her work was fun, and she had all the money in the world to take care of her darling little Take. Kimi truly mastered the art of grabbing the world by the balls and making it work for her.

Stay tuned for Arnaud Beaumont in his bachelor pad!



TOC #2 (Kimi): +1

[[Author's Notes: Man. Kimi is superwoman. And she never seems to break a sweat while saving the world. I swear, everything this chick sets her mind to, she achieves very quickly and with very little fuss or hassle. Even parenting, she takes to like a duck to water. It's kind of amazing to see a sim so utterly successful at everything. Kinda eerie, like I suspect some really bad luck due her. I hope not, though. No electrocutions or death by satellite or anything. I think I'm going to move she and Take to a house, though, because the apartment is pretty glitchy. I'll be sad to go - it's a lovely two-floor flat. Sigh. Maybe I can model the new house after the apartment. We'll see. No bloopers for this round! Just a song to be uploaded later.

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Congratulations Kimi! Takeru is growing up to be quite a handsome little man. Hopefully his looks will continue to be good.

I hope so! Donte doesn't appear to have terrible genes, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Takeru is a very handsome little toddler. I guess the "Takeru was not only the apple of her eye, he was the only man she could ever imagine wanting around her all the time" remark means that Donte isn't going to get moved in though. Bummer he won't have a hand in his Son's raising.

Yeah, I like the idea of Kimi being a single mom. It just doesn't suit her personality to be married. She enjoys dating too much, and I really don't want to add another NPC into the 'hood. He can come visit though. They just have such a lovely life, the two of them. Plus, I'm going for a little variety in my family structures so I don't get boring. :p

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