The Vincis (C) - Round 5


Caitlin Cleary, Adult Family Sim, LTW Graduate 3 Children from College

Paolo Vinci, Adult Family Sim, LTW Have 6 Grandchildren


Last round at the Vincis' house, Paolo and Caitlin graduated university and moved into the other half of the duplex where Enzo, Fiona, and Imelda live. They had a simple wedding in the backyard and spent the rest of the round on their honeymoon in the mountains. When they got back home, Caitlin was feeling a bit queasy, a victim of Risky Honeymoon.

As soon as Caitlin and Paolo got back from their honeymoon, Caitlin knew that she was pregnant. Not only was there the morning sickness factor, but the fact that she was exhausted long beyond the limits of simple tiredness after a vacation. She stayed in her pajamas most of the time and napped close to Paolo while he brushed up on his culinary skills. He wanted to be prepared to get a job in the food industry, since cooking was the one thing at which he truly excelled.

It didn't take long before Caitlin was showing, her normally flat belly rounding out gently between her hips. Being pregnant made Caitlin elated. She couldn't wait for them to have their first child. Imelda had been fun as an infant, but she wasn't truly theirs.

She slowly made her way around the house in her new maternity duds, hands frequently coming up to touch the round belly beneath her shirt.

Even Paolo couldn't keep his hands off of it. Helping to raise Imelda had been such a joy that he knew being a parent himself would have to be the greatest joy on earth.

Paolo made sure to take the best care of Caitlin he possibly could, sometimes earning him A Look, albeit a tender look, that said he was being overprotective. He made sure there was a constant supply of Grandma's comfort soup in the refrigerator to heat up whenever she wanted it, along with a ton of other meals he prepared before he went to work and would heat up for her when he got home.

Soon, she was so ponderously heavy with baby, she was waddling around the house, the baby packed onto her tiny frame like a beach ball stuck to a telephone pole. It wouldn't last long, though...

In what felt like no time at all, it was time for the baby. Caitlin endured the pain nobly, but it was almost too much for even her determination to handle.

But a baby was coming, whether she was ready or not, and they were delighted to see that they had been blessed with a brand new baby boy, whom they named Silvio, in honor of the Vinci heritage.

The baby was finally here - their first baby! They could hardly believe that they had made something that was such a perfectly tiny human being.

Ironically, despite his Italian name, Silvio most resembled his mother, with her skin tone and hair color, sharing the green eyes of both of his parents.

It was a dream come true for both of them, and the baby was certain to be spoiled beyond rotten.

Paolo particularly took to being a parent like a fish to water. That little boy barely left his sight when he was within the walls of the house.

When he wasn't within the walls of the house, he was busy tearing up the culinary field, his good nature and inherited cooking talents impressing even the most jaded palates.

But it looked like he was going to have at least one more to take care of in the near future. That's right, Caitlin was pregnant again! They were both delighted and surprised, but again, delighted at the idea. Caitlin herself wanted to have at least three children, so to her, this was just one more step in the right direction.

Bloop! It seemed like in no time she was showing, and she sure felt more tired than the last time. This pregnancy was going to be much rougher, she could tell.

Soon, it was time for their little baby to grow into a toddler. Daddy Paolo brought Silvio lovingly to the cake and helped him blow out the candles.

Before their eyes, he turned into a handsome, cheerful baby who definitely had his father's jawline and perhaps his mother's hair color, perhaps the brown hair of Paolo's father.

It looked like Silvio was going to be fastidiously neat, active, and grumpy. Ouch.

As fall transitioned into winter, Paolo kept leaving tasty goodies in the fridge for his now nearly laid-up wife, and his career continued to progress beautifully. He had earned enough fame and enough money to begin extending his cooking into a chain. His only decision was where to expand.

In a decision that was half smart and half damn lucky, Paolo decided to expand into airports and managed to net himself and his family a cool $55,000. It would go quite a long way to raising their children in a happy and well-provided home.

Up next, the Rosebud teens at uni!



New sim (Silvio) : +1

[[Author's Notes: AHH, I love these little simmies! I was so excited when Caitlin got pregnant so quickly, and now she's pregnant again! This second pregnancy is hitting her like a ton of bricks, and since she and Paolo both have the fertility aspiration bonus, I suspect it will be twins, which is supremely exciting. That means they'll get a quick start on Caitlin's LTW, and then those three kids will have to have two children each, at least, to fulfill Paolo's LTW... AH. This bloodline is already planned out pretty far in advance! But that's okay because it means I can have lots and lots of babies guilt free. :) If the next set born is twins, they'll have to move out of the duplex, which is sad, but I think the other Vinci's could use a home by now too, so it's all good. They can be next door neighbors instead of next apartment neighbors.

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Yeah, go for it, Paolo. Hire a butler for your one-room half of a duplex and see how long it takes him to stop laughing.]]


Yay for having guilt-free babies! I like the family sim excuse for allowing them to have babies, I use that excuse myself a lot, although I should probably stop or I risk having a HUGE population boom with all my current family sims. I really hope they get twins next round!!!

Me too! I want little Vinci twin babies. :') It would be so fun.

And what the heck, you know, family sims are the one guilt-free excuse for cute simbabies. I say enjoy it. :)

Good shot on that chance card. some of my sims can be so unlucky

Ah, thank you! I was waiting for one of the big GOOD ones instead of getting the big BAD ones in the last two or three houses. :)

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