The Clearys - Round 3


Colm Clear, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends

Aisling Cleary, Elder Romance Sim, LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers

Michelle Tse, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Business Tycoon

Tara Cleary, Teen Romance Sim, LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers

Neal Cleary, Infant Knowledge Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Cleary household, Colm courted and married Michelle, who got pregnant after her first time with Colm. She gave birth to baby Neal, the now-official heir to the Cleary house. Tara got fit, and Roisin moved out to live with her new husband Santiago Villalobos. Let's see how the new family unit functions.

Since Roisin had moved out of the house, Aisling was feeling lonely lately. The girls were all grown, two moving into their own homes and one about ready to go off to college. Colm had Michelle, and when they weren't working, they were spending time together. Aisling felt lonesome in the big house during the days all by herself, when Neal was slumbering in his crib. One day when she went out to get the mail, she saw a handsome older gentleman walking buy. He said his name was Christian, and he gave Aisling a flirty wink.

It wouldn't hurt, she figured, for her to have a bit of a late-life romance. She wasn't going to be around much longer, she knew, and Roisin's marriage had inspired her. She wanted some excitement, darn it! And she would have it.

Starting with a date or two to the fifties diner downtown. Aisling's face was bright red when they left the photo booth. She had no idea how many people were outside, hearing everything that went on! Nevertheless, she felt brighter, healthier, happier than she had in years. Christian was good for her.

Meanwhile, Colm and Michelle continued to plug away at their careers, slowly working their way up the food chain. Michelle seemed to make a great impression on her boss, garnering his favor and ensuring that she would continue on her upward mobility.

Sure enough, it wasn't long before she was promoted to Executive Assistant. Now she worked directly with the boss on a daily basis - the perfect position from which to bend his ear.

Colm, too, brought home promotions on a regular basis. He and Michelle, instead of going on dates, spent a lot of time working on their skills in the evening so they could impress their respective bosses. In between helping Tara with her homework and cuddling Neal, that is.

One night, as he was eating a late dinner, Colm commented out of the blue. "What do you think about finally getting married?" Michelle picked up her plate and came over to sit down next to him. "I'm not against it?" she answered with a soft, tinkling laugh. By the time the spaghetti was finished, they planned to go to the justice of the peace in Rosebud and have a quiet, private ceremony. It was only a formality, but Colm wanted Michelle to be his wife. A week later, it was so.

Darkness didn't stop the activity in the Cleary house. Aisling tended to invite Christian over on these later evenings when everyone else was asleep so they could have quiet dates out on the lawn. Tara, too, took advantage of her parents being tired from work and Aisling being otherwise distracted. Nerissa Chan and she decided they were old enough to sneak out.

Unfortunately, Tara's cheerleading outfit gave them away, and they were immediately picked out by a sharp police officer's eyes as being underage. He packed Tara sternly up in the back seat and carted her home.

It was lucky for her that Michelle and Colm were both asleep and that Aisling was busy bathing Neal. Otherwise, the cop would have totally narc'd on her.

As it was, Tara was upset enough already. She slipped into the bathroom to have a good cry about her first experience with the police. She'd been so terrified that she'd get put in jail or grounded forever or would rot away in a prison somewhere. It was illogical and silly, but terror wasn't rational, and she'd most certainly been terrified. Even without the parental lecture, Tara had learned her lesson well enough.

Determined to be a "good girl," she passed up on an opportunity to use her tinkering skills to help her out on a test at school.

Sure, it wasn't as fun as if she'd gotten to use her little helicopter, but she was relieved nonetheless that she wouldn't be risking getting in any more trouble.

Aisling, inspired by her new beau, decided to get in shape. Or at least fitter. After all those meals she'd learned to cook, her food had gotten fattening and delicious, and she'd been indulging too much in it lately. She was shocked at how quickly a little bit of exercise made her feel fit!

She went on dates late at night or during the late morning when Michelle and Colm were at work, and in the evenings, she would listen for the baby while she and Christian cuddled on the couch, babysitting so Colm and Michelle could schmooze some co-workers.

Soon, their front lawn began to look like a yard sale with all the gifts people were dropping off! The Clearys had always suspected they were a charismatic and likeable bunch, but this only seemed to prove it. Their reputation in Rosebud was on the way up.

Time seemed to fly by, and before anyone could believe it, it was time for baby Neal's birthday. Aisling got the honor of carrying the little tike to his cake to blow out the candles on his cake.

He became a handsome little carrot top with his parents' green eyes and a very great adoration for his Gran Aisling.

Unfortunately, one day, while Aisling was potty training wee Neal, she felt a faint come over her, and she blinked as the wave passed, turning her head to see what looked like the fabled grim reaper.

Colm seemed to understand what was happening before Aisling did. "You're real?" Aisling said skeptically, cocking her head to the side. Grimmy informed her that he was, told her to pack her bags, and gave her a cocktail. "Ready to go, Aisling?" She looked sadly at Neal, toddling toward his bottle, and nodded. She smiled softly at Colm as she went, dying a happy woman.

The loss of Aisling shook the Cleary house violently. Tara and Colm, in particular, couldn't stop bursting into tears at the mere thought of her. After the girls' mother had died, Aisling had been there to help soothe them, and death seemed like such a cheat to them now, stealing away the people they loved. But Aisling had lived a good, long life, and they tried to focus on this as they went about their daily routines.

Michelle paid even more than her usual amount of special attention to Neal after the loss of Aisling. The little boy often toddled into Aisling's former bedroom as if looking for her, and it was obvious he missed her. Thanks to Aisling, he'd learned to walk and was almost potty trained. Michelle taught him the rest of his toddler skills, and he quickly brightened, the way most young and fast-healing children do.

Tara spent more time out of the house after Aisling's passing. It wasn't that she felt uncomfortable there, she just felt like she was trapped in her own skin, like she had to get out and away and dance until she couldn't feel her limbs anymore. She spent a lot of nights out at nightclubs like P.U.R.E., meeting people and dancing and even DJing from time to time. It was there that she began calling her friend Aki Tanaka to come keep her company and escort her in the sometimes scary crowds.

One night she asked permission to stay over with the Tanakas, when in reality, she and Aki stayed out partying. When they got back to the Cleary house in the morning, she hugged him and thanked him. Without thinking, she leaned forward and placed her lips on his.

She felt a spark of electricity run down her spine and up to her hairline, making her almost shiver as she kissed her old friend. Her stomach twisted into knots as she pulled away, and, like the tomboy she was, punched Aki on the shoulder lightly. "So thanks for going out with me last night. Later, Aki." She took the stairs at a jog, leaving a dazed Aki standing in the living room. She couldn't believe what she'd just done. I mean, yeah, she liked Aki, but...he was like her best friend! Gross. Okay, maybe not THAT gross, but still.

Unable to stop thinking about the kiss they shared, Tara sat down to the computer to look into scholarships. The Cleary house was feeling too crowded for her lately, and whether it was because of Aisling's death, the new baby, or the simple fact that Tara was a teenager, she couldn't tell. She just knew she was ready to go.

With all the skills she'd worked hard to gain and her good grades, Tara felt certain she could get plenty of money to go to school. She was right.

By the end of her scholarship hunting, she'd managed to qualify for four different grants, totaling $3250 per semester.

Tara didn't waste any time, and she was soon packed and ready to head off to Sim State. She hugged and kissed Colm tightly goodbye as she left and waved from the window of the taxi.

Colm was understandably feeling down, and even Michelle was feeling a bit off by all the changes in the household over the last few weeks. Neal was still growing like a weed, and she and Colm were still trying to work hard to get promoted. Michelle made a few bad decisions, but luckily, it didn't affect their family finances too badly.

In fact, she was glad she didn't set her boss on the trail of a replica coin when she got her next promotion. She wanted so badly to be a business tycoon; she would have to work even harder than she had been to make it. Then she and Colm could relax a bit and begin to enjoy their marriage. Maybe even take the honeymoon they never got to and take Neal along.

He was growing up so fast that it was soon time for him to become a little boy instead of the adorable toddler who'd been causing racket with his toys. This time, Neal was old enough to blow out his own candles, and seemingly overnight, he grew inches into a handsome little boy.

He was definitely a child of Michelle and Colm as opposed to Colm and his previous life. He didn't have the thin-lipped mouth of Tara and Fiona, and he had Michelle's big eyes. He looked more like Tara than any of his siblings.

He was also blessed with a wonderful personality from whom neither Michelle nor Colm could guess.

Since he had grown up and the girls had moved out, Colm and Michelle decided to redo the upstairs bedroom and bathroom for Neal in all blues and greens instead of the pinks and purples the girls had wanted.

He plunked away happily on it at all hours of the day, and it was clear he had an amazing ear by how quickly he could pick out tunes on the ivories.

Stay tuned to check up on Roisin and Santiago's married life, as well as Vinnie's return to the Villalobos household!



Platinum grave: +1

Net worth to be added to neighborhood total: $TBA

[[Author's Notes: Aisling!!!!!! :'( She's my first CAS sim to die, and even though she was an elder, it was tough. I even gave she and all the other elders two sips each from the elixir because their lives seemed so short. I have a hard time letting sims die. It was her time though, and thanks to a bunch of dream dates, she was in the platinum when she went. Boo, first death, yay, first platinum grave. I haven't sold her bed or changed her stove, and so far, she hasn't haunted them, but we'll see how that goes.

Tara and Aki, I really want to match up, but the problem is that Tara is a romance sim, so blah. Probably won't work. That's the only thing I don't like about romance sims, is how they're never happy unless they're screwing a bunch of people. I have so many of them in the 'hood too, that it makes it hard for me to think about heirs and such. Guess I'll have to figure out a Shang/Katarina sort of solution. :p

About Neal: HOLY CRAP. His personality is almost EXACTLY the personality of his real-life namesake. I so love this little simmy boy. :')

I think I'm going to stop counting neighborhood net worth and just do it all at the end if I'm still keeping score then. I never remember to write down my household totals. I leave you with songs and bloopers!

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Tara got so fit, she put her elbow through the wall. // As useful as our weathermen here. // I'd yell if scary Linda Mazza yelled at me too, Colm, there there. // Triple deception: Tara sneaks out, nearly caught by Aisling having a date in the back yard, nearly caught by her previous night's date leaving a pressie.]]


Tara is quite a handful although she doesn't really strike me as the romance type. I'm glad for Colm and Michelle, especially since Colm was able to find happiness. RIP Aisling... it's hard to lose the first one of the challenge but at least she went in platinum. Are there any more kiddies in the future for the Cleary's? Neil is a cutie :)

I know, I have a hard time remembering she's romance. I wish she were something else so she could have babies with Aki. Not that she can't have babies with him, I just...meh. Kind of a drag.

And isn't Neal dear!? I love that little kid already. Not sure if I'm ready to have more kids in this house...there are already four Cleary children, so I'm not sure I want them overrunning the place.

Tara will have a chance to change her aspiration in college, or if you have Freetime, to add another one

I might let Tara reroll. She seems to have a personality that suits ANYTHING better than Romance. She might be one I'd take the chance with. Even pleasure would allow her a relationship, and besides, I'm up to my eyeballs in romance sims already!!

I agree with what's been said...I cannot see Tara as romance. Also, it's so sad that Aisling had to go!

Well, there's good news! She rerolled in college and got knowledge, which is actually perfect for her. I see her as a knowledge/pleasure sim; that's the way she behaves anyway. I don't remember what her designated second aspiration is; I'll have to check that when I get home. The good news is that she's already darn close to the Max All Skills impossible want. :)

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