The Tanakas (C) - Round 4


Kimi Tanaka, Adult Romance Sim, LTW Become Rock God


Last round, Kimi worked hard and partied harder, vascillating between working on her career and having dates nearly every night. Will she manage to achieve her Lifetime Goal of Becoming a Rock God? We'll see.

Kimi, unlike her brother Jiro, had nothing against repeats. If she liked someone well enough, and if they got along well, every once in a while she'd get a craving to see them. Such was the case when she invited Vinnie Villalobos over. They caught up over dinner and, of course, had wild woohoo afterward, and Kimi felt in good spirits by the time he left. She studied into the night, refreshed by his company.

The evening's pleasantness didn't even end when Vinnie left. He left her a beautiful gift on her doorstep that made her smile as she went off to work that day.

That day, she came home with another big promotion at work. Being a symphony conductor was decent work, but it wasn't where she wanted to be. She wanted to be shredding on a guitar in front of an arena of people.

Hoping to hone her skills, she headed out to visit My Muse - a local music and dance studio in town. There, she met a pretty cute guy who, despite his amazing dance skills, was helpless when it came to music. But even if he couldn't help her become a rock god, he was good for other things.

That night, she brought him home with her, and they shared a lovely evening soaking in the hot tub. He was a bit more...or perhaps less...well, he wasn't very modest, but she didn't mind. It bode well for the rest of the evening.

Indeed, she managed to lure her dancing friend back into the bedroom, and like many great men before him, he fell underneath her spell.

It was another great night for Kimi. After he left, she felt so bright that she managed to study just a bit more. She thought now she would finally be ready for that promotion she'd wanted.

The next morning when she left for work, she found another lavish and lovely present on her doorstep, and she practically bounded off to the concert hall.

Sure enough, the next evening, she came home with the promotion she so desperately wanted. She was officially a Rock Goddess. Life was good.

She couldn't think of a more perfect person to celebrate with than Donte Wren. This best friend with benefits was Kimi's favorite friend.

Donte was especially impressed when he got to see Kimi's new work "uniform." "You look hot, Kim," he complimented, kissing her goodbye before she headed out to work. "Yeah, don't forget to make the hottie's bed before you go," she teased, kissing him back and hopping into the limo sent for her.

That night she got home and decided to work on a song she'd been fiddling with. If she could just figure out the bridge, she'd really have something spectacular, she knew. But she tired quickly and headed to bed for a quick nap.

Later that evening, when she went out to get the mail, she noticed one of her neighbors, who she assumed must be a mime or something similar due to his work outfit. They chatted, and it turned out Neil had connections in high places. Kimi went back inside feeling quite satisfied with herself and stayed that way until she heard her doorbell ringing.

It was Mariko, come by to say hello. "Mari!" Kimi exclaimed, hugging her sister tightly. "I'm so glad to see you. Will you make us some dinner?" Mariko laughed. "Glad to know you've missed my cooking." Kimi laughed softly. "No, I've missed you, but I'm so tired today. I had a nap, but I guess the new job is just taking it out of me."

Nevertheless, for all her exhaustion, after she had one of Mariko's hot meals in her belly, Kimi decided to call up a guy she'd met at My Muse for a quick date at home. It went well, and he left her the best present she'd received yet - a piano. Sometimes she wondered how the heck these guys carried these things up the flight of stairs to her apartment. She drifted off that night watching tv, feeling much improved.

However, the next morning, she was feeling terrible again. Worse now, actually, and she had to rush to the bathroom to throw up. "Ugh, I must have caught something," she muttered as she rinsed out her mouth.

However, it soon became apparent that her sickness was NOT the result of the flu or some other bug going around. Her eyes widened as she looked down at her rounded belly. "It couldn't be!" she exclaimed to herself. "I...I take the pill..." she murmured, mystified. It was then that she remembered: she'd forgotten to refill her prescription for a few days in the excitement of preparing for her final promotion. "Oh god..." she said, eyes even wider. "Donte."

It wasn't that Kimi wasn't excited to have a baby - she was. She'd always thought she'd be a good mom. She even took the opportunity to move out of her old, small apartment and move upstairs to one of the deluxe two-floor apartments in the same complex. It was only a day's move, and all her things were settled into the new pad, along with a lot of new things. She even built a nursery for the baby, settling into the idea of being domestic quite happily.

The new place had room for all those gifts she'd been collecting, and she loved the openness and the classiness of the place. She spent a lot of time on the couch in the living room, eating pickles and watching the food channel, which only made her random food cravings more terrible.

Donte called one night to ask her out on a date, and she politely declined, saying she had an early morning and couldn't come out. She felt guilty for lying to him, but what was she going to tell him?

Time went by, and Kimi got bigger. The more she thought about it, the more not telling Donte the truth was weighing on her mind. She finally decided to tell him. She didn't need his help, she didn't want to marry him, and he didn't have to have any more responsibility than he wanted. But he was her best friend and now the father of her child; he had to know.

She called him and invited him over for dinner, telling him that she had something to tell him. When he got there, he gaped at her big belly. "Kimi!" he exclaimed, eyes wide. "You're doing the mommy thing now?" he asked, unsure what else to say. She gulped and didn't put it off any longer. "It's yours, Donte."

To her shock and pleasure, Donte was delighted. "I love kids!" he said simply with a shrug. She could hardly believe it. "You don't have to...I've got plenty of money and I don't expect you to drag me down the aisle." He laughed. "You act like we just met." She twisted her lips up wryly in response. "Come lay down with me, Funny Guy, my back is killing me."

Eventually, Donte had to go work, and Kimi fell into a doze in bed. She was woken by sharp, rolling pains in her abdomen. She knew immediately what was happening. "The baby!" she exclaimed to no one.

A few hours later, she was holding baby boy Takeru. He was darker than Kimi but lighter than Donte - he must have had Kimi's father's complexion. He had Kimi's brown eyes and both of his parents' black hair. She immediately loved the little guy more than anything in the world.

He was a precious and well-behaved baby, and every hour he was awake, she was holding him and talking to him.

Sure, she had some things to learn about parenthood, and she would have some troubles along the way, but Takeru was the greatest gift.

Stay tuned to check in with Arnaud Beaumont in his new bachelor pad.



New sim (Takeru): +1

TOC (Kimi): +1

[[Author's Notes: YAY. I so wanted Kimi and Donte to have a baby. He's a precious little baby too. The name Takeru comes from (prepare to point and make fun of me for being a geek) the name of a character from a role playing game where I used to write. Takeru was the dark, long-haired boyfriend of one of the characters I wrote, and I've always had a soft spot for the name, so here it is. I'm only disappointed that Takeru doesn't have the darker skin tone. Someone in my neighborhood needs to marry a dark-skinned townie so I can remedy the lack of that darkest color! FYI I deliberately took Kimi off her birth control on that date with Donte, so I'm pretty certain it's his. Oh crap. Maybe it's not!!! Well, now I've got to check his family tree. BRB...ok, whew. Check. Donte is the daddy. So that's good, but damn, Takeru didn't inherit his skin tone. Oh well.

Kimi's new apartment is awesome - I love this prefab complex from Maxis. Her next LTW is to become a Celebrity Chef, but I really don't think I want to do that, as I think her personality better fits a rock god. Maybe when she's old and looking for a change and Vinnie and Arnaud have moved on to another LTW. This house was fun to play. :) Anyway, I leave you with a song and bloopers.

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well that was an unexpected twist! I'm glad that Kimi is OK with the mom thing I was just kinda hoping Mari would have a baby first :( Oh well. Good for Kimi and Donte... are you going to move him in? He could really use a wardrobe change IMO :P

I KNOW, RIGHT! I want little alien babies so bad, but oh well. No, I'm going to leave him at townie status. Agreed on his wardrobe, but I don't really want to make him playable. She'll manage as a single mom.

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