The Villaloboses (C) - Round 9


Kimi Tanaka, Elder Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Become Celebrity Chef

Takeru Tanaka, Teen Fortune Sim, LTW Become The Law


Last round at the Tanaka house, Takeru stuck near his mother in her older age, having a hard time leaving for college and wanting to supplement the family income as long as he could. He and Kimi spent a lot of time together at family meals, which Kimi always prepared for when Takeru got home from work. School was over, but Takeru still stayed. Will he forgo college this round to stay with his mother? We'll find out.

Takeru, freshly graduated from college, continued in his teenage job, getting regular promotions thanks to his bright intellect and devotion to work.

He and Kimi frequently sat together in the living room, studying various things they each wanted to know about and enjoying the quiet companionship. Takeru was happy there, but he also wondered about his future.

Takeru, despite his worries, continued working hard at his job, enjoying both the promotions and money AND the accolades. He was one of the "oldest" teenagers in the neighborhood, full of adult worries when most people his age were worrying about cars or popularity or sex.

Of course, Take wasn't completely immune to those sorts of thoughts. He had a particular love interest in a girl from town who he thought was beautiful. Their first kiss was pure magic.

Even Take's family seemed to like her. Take wasn't sure she was the one for him, but he loved having some romance in his life, especially with such a pretty young woman.

Kimi, in the meantime, felt a sinking sensation that her time with Take was limited. She was torn: he had been the only man in her life she'd ever really loved, and though she wanted him to excel in the world via university, she also almost couldn't stand to see him go. Despite her concerns, she kept her mouth shut and decided that whatever he decided, she would support him.

Take continued to make progress in his career, building up enough savings almost to already pay for his complete education at college...a constant thought in the back of his head. He was also getting more life experience than any other teen he knew. Diving into the world straight after high school had a way of making a person grow up quickly.

Kimi, meanwhile, distracted herself by playing around at her pottery bench as much as she could. It paid off with a gold talent badge, which was more of a happy side-effect of her new hobby than the goal.

Takeru began researching college scholarships and potential opportunities for himself one night, and he found that with his skills, his scholarships would almost completely cover his college costs. The drive to attend Sim State was becoming overwhelming.

When Take finally informed his mother that he had to go to college for his future, she only smiled. She'd sensed it was coming, and she was proud of him, encouraging him even while her heart broke. The one thing she clung to in her sadness at seeing her son leave was that he would turn out to be a man she could truly be proud of.

[[Author's Notes: I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Kimi the next round now that Take is gone. I'm tossing around the idea of moving in Donte, but, eh, she's been so independent her whole life. I guess I'll find out! No bloopers this round, so stay tuned for Alain, Steffi, and Bastien Beaumont!]]


Congratulations, Kimi--it takes a lot of plates to earn a gold pottery badge!

Haha, Francesca, doesn't it seem like the pottery badge takes FOREVER to achieve!? I swear, it's the slowest hobby badge in the game. Now she gets to make cool ginormous jugs, though. :)

j68 - Wait until you see how he looks as a YA! It's a drastic change!

Awww poor Kimi with her baby off at college. I vote for moving Donte in, if only to get him out of the townie pool... With an aged up townie, I'd say that max amount of you'd get out of him was 2 rounds. The other option would be to indulge Kimi's romance side which seems to have gone into remission. I can't wait to see Take in college!

P.S. Take's love interest is my Jaiden, Allan's girlfriend :-P

Gold pottery badge! Good work!

That badge seems like it takes FOR-EV-ER to achieve. I think the only reason she got it was thanks to the refreshing qualities of the snapdragon bouquets.

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