The Vincis (A) - Round 9


Gretchen Chin, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Game Designer

Craig Chin, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Criminal Mastermind

Sadie Chin, Child Fortune Sim, LTW Grow Up Well

Cole Chin, Child Popularity Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last time at the Chin household, Gretchen reached her LTW of becoming a mad scientist, then decided to turn her attentions to game design. Craig made a lot of unlucky choices in his career and continued to struggle to achieve his LTW of becoming a criminal mastermind. Bitsy had the best luck of all, receiving promotion after promotion in her goal to become a Media Magnate. Both Sadie and Cole grew up well from toddler to child, stuck together nearly at the hip they were so attached to one another. Thanks to work on their part and their parents' parts, they got into private school as well. How will this happy family do this round?

His personality having manifested itself as he grew into a child, Cole turned out to be a creature of extremes. He was the nicest, most playful, most active child you would ever want to meet...but if you asked him to meet someone new or clean up a dirty dish, he practically shook with dread. Gretchen and Craig had no idea where this extreme personality came from, but they loved him just the same, and Sadie was so well-rounded that she helped smooth his way in school with the other kids.

Bitsy, as always, continued raking in the promotions and bonuses while still managing to help care for the children and keep the house running in ship-shape.

Craig, once jealous of his own servo's skill, finally started feeling a bit less overshadowed by Bitsy's success thanks to some success on his own. This career path was proving challenging to him, but he was slowly and surely pulling his way to the top.

Not to be outdone, Gretchen joined in the promotion fun, reaching the level of Platform Jumper. The money wasn't as good as when she was a mad scientist, but it sure was fun.

And just because she had a birthday coming up didn't mean that she still couldn't punch buttons and write fun video games just like the rest of those young whipper snappers she worked with.

After all, there was something to be said for age and experience, and she had it in spades. Her birthday was a celebration, for her family and for her. She didn't mind getting older. Age was all in your head.

Plus, she still had a lot of her looks about her. She definitely had an age to her face that wasn't there before, but she was still fit as a fiddle and full of energy.

With a little makeover, her long hair now pulled back into a bun, she was ready to tackle life as a newly aged elder.

She still spent plenty of time with the kids, which she also thought helped keep you young. She definitely didn't feel old enough to have two small children.

Unfortunately, a bit of bad luck struck Bitsy, though it wasn't as bad as it could have been. She found she still struggled with social custom sometimes, not being a "natural" human as the case may have been.

Her slip of tongue, considered rude by her boss, cost her a demotion, and she came home dejected at thinking that stupid human custom had messed her up so badly. She would just have to do better.

Meanwhile, Cole, despite his intense shyness, managed to bring home a new friend from school: Zadie Villalobos. She didn't have ANY problems in the social department, or with anything resembling shyness. Zadie: "So, like, if you're from outer space, how did you get here? In a space ship or something?" Cole: "Well, it's a little bit more complicated than that..."

Gretchen, true to her lifelong hard work, managed another promotion before the week was out. The money was improving, and the work was getting more interesting. It was win-win.

Sadly for Bitsy, the week wasn't improving much. What's that over your head, Bitsy?


Yet what did she do the moment she was returned home? Some people might say you were asking for it, Bitsy.

Cole's shyness seemed to work for him like a chick magnet. Yet again he brought home another female friend from school, this one a pretty ginger named Brittany Parker (I think). He was unknowingly learning a skill that would serve him well with the ladies in his teen years.

The promotions still came rolling in that fall, and the family was in a more stable financial place than they'd ever been before. Craig hoped he could finally reach his goal of becoming a criminal mastermind, though it seemed his lifetime desire was taking a lifetime to complete!

He was thankful for the distraction and happy atmosphere of his family, in which he took comfort. One member of that family was about to become a young lady instead of a little girl.

Sadie grew into a very pretty teen with a very interesting outfit. We'll work on that, Sadie.

I think Sadie will have good luck finding a rich man with any hair color but black who is logical and also wears glasses. Pretty reasonable.

Especially in the adventurer career where you want to spend your working life. Should be plenty of non-black-haired logical rich hotties with glasses a la Indiana Jones.

Sadie gets a much needed makeover. That's much better, darling, you're such a beautiful girl.

With her new hormones and new body, Sadie also got a room makeover, which Gretchen and Craig were happy to do for her. They promised Cole he could get the same when he became a event that wasn't so far off.

Finally, Bitsy's luck began to turn around. She may not have understood social graces in all their minute technicalities, but she sure as heck understood that a reporter needed guts, and that's what got her promoted. (Figurative guts, anyway.)

It was triumph like this that made Bitsy wish she had facial expressions with which to illustrate her glee.

Gretchen, too, racked up another promotion, continuing to keep the pedal to the metal in her career. She'd be a game designer before she was dead, darnit!

As for Craig, he finally began to understand how to think like a criminal, which wouldn't be considered a positive trait for most people but was an extreme asset for actual criminals!

He came home with another promotion, some extra cash that fell off the back of a truck, and a sense of finally making progress.

There was one last thing the Chin family had to do before winter started blowing outside their doors: celebrate little Cole's birthday.

What is it with you kids? I think you just gave your poor old mother a heart attack.

Cole, taking a hint from his success with female friends in his childhood, decided to make an unusual choice for such a shy sim: he wanted to make it a goal in life to push himself to make friends. Once they weren't strangers anymore, it wasn't scary at all, and he quite liked the security of feeling close to others.

With a quick makeover and some freshly grown chin stubble, Cole looked like any average green-blooded teen. He hoped his teen life would treat him as well as life had so far.

[[Author's Notes: I love this family, but I struggled getting this entry out, for some reason, so I apologize for the switches in style and point of view. I tried to do it the normal way, and it just wouldn't come, so I told myself to just start typing whatever came into my head. Sadie is absolutely GORGEOUS, and I'm so excited to see her grow up. I know teen to YA transition can alter the way their faces look (moreso than the YA to Adult transition), so I'm hoping she retains that prettiness when she ages. Bitsy got abducted AGAIN, which if you're counting makes two abductions for her and three in this house total! I swear, they don't look at the telescope any more than any of my other sims, so the aliens must just have this place tagged or something. It's like the Chin Curse, which sounds like something Jay Leno has, but...yes. The adults in this house are pretty boringly straightforward, but the kids make me smile. No bloopers this time, for some reason, so wait for the Clearys up next!]]


Congratulations on all the promotions!

Haha, thank you! Those and birthdays were pretty much all that was going on in this house this round.

Poor Gretchen, she looks so tired as an elder. The kids grew up stunning, especially Sadie. I'm sure she'll have no problem hooking a rich hottie! That's a strange roll of the dice for Cole, Popularity doesn't really suit him, but oh well, such is a prosperity challenge I suppose. Hopefully Sadie can do some of the "meeting people" leg work for him!

She didn't age as well as I might have hoped, but she always had sort of a mannish face. She doesn't act old...she just looks old, lol.

I am sooooo pleased about Sadie. I love her face. As for Cole...I thought the same thing, but you know, it's turning out okay. I never really notice him being shy. He always brings home friends from school, and she doesn't. Even when he was a child. So maybe in a weird way, it fits him.

Gretchen looks pretty as an elder, I think! This really is a nice family. I like the shy Cole keeps bringing home the girls.

I think that, in a weird way, the popularity aspiration fits Cole perfectly. I imagine him to be like the "safe guy" that all the girls love to be around. It's strangely perfect for him.

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