The Clearys - Round 9

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Colm Cleary, Elder Popularity Sim, LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends

Michelle Cleary, Elder Fortune Sim, LTW Become Business Tycoon


Last round at the Cleary house, Michelle and Neal both got fit while Colm worked hard in his garden and played hard making as many best friends as he could. Retirement provided a lot more free time for him to really focus on his social life. Michelle was finally promoted to Business Tycoon, achieving her LTW. At the end of the round, Neal moved out to go to college, and the elders enjoyed some time alone.

The round started off with a bang...the sound the trashcan made when Julie Riley kicked over the Cleary trashcan. Who pissed in your cornflakes, Julie? You don't even know anyone in this house!

Colm, still on a mission to make as many friends as possible, managed to make a very good friend who also happened to be very rich. His excursions were turning out to be not only pleasurable but profitable as well!

Colm was happy as a clam, even though he missed his kids. He wiled away his hours talking on the phone, soaking in the hot tub, gardening, and taking on his new favorite hobby: painting his first true love (after his family, of course): grilled cheese.

Michelle's name was getting well-known in Rosebud as one of the most successful residents. It was hard for everyone else NOT to notice the giant helicopter that picked her up and dropped her off every day.

Sadie Vinci made it a point to be taking a walk one day so she could meet Michelle. She was awed at this powerful, rich, professional woman. Being a fortune-minded teen herself, she was anxious to not only meet Michelle but maybe learn from her as well.

Colm entertained himself while Michelle was at work, using the phone so much he nearly wore the handle into the shape of his hand. He liked to get his socializing out of the way while she was gone so they could spend time together when she got home.

They were growing even more in love the older they got, which was a pleasant surprise for both of them. Michelle even warmed up to Colm's grilled cheese obsession. Far from being struck with empty nest syndrome, the two of them enjoyed quiet life together quite well.

Michelle even started exploring new hobbies, taking an interest in science that led her to order a toy she hadn't owned since she was five: an ant farm. She promised herself she would be nicer to them this time and not shake them up...and she mostly kept that promise.

She even managed to maximize her science hobby skill, earning herself a plaque and enabling her to spend all the time in the world at the telescope, forgetting that she had to eat or pee for a while.

Colm dove into his pre-existing hobbies with predictable fervor. It was on a suggestion from Michelle that he decided to request membership into the garden club. Between his beautiful vegetables and his succulent fruit trees, he was a shoe-in, though he didn't like the suggestion they had of adding "lawn junk" to dress up the place. He liked it more plain and simple.

He was getting closer than ever to his goal of having 20 simultaneous best friends as well. Maybe one day he would be as popular as he'd always dreamed of being as a younger man.

He wasn't a snob about his friends either. He was starting to become friends with a lot of the teens in Rosebud, who were, he was pleasantly surprised to find, were pretty astute, driven young people. It made him happy for the future of his family in this valley where only five families had started in a deserted neighborhood.

Always the fitness buff, Colm didn't forget his love for that either, and though it was probably wrong to think so, he thought he might try going on some more outings with his friends if this was the sort of gifts he got!

[[Author's Notes: Haha, these two are adorable. I love them madly. It's fun having an elder who hasn't reached his LTW yet because being retired and having plenty of money makes achieving this particular one a breeze. Michelle continues to work because she makes such good money, so I figured she can get a nice little nest egg for when Neal takes over the house. Looking forward to playing these kids again!

The GC Gallery. // Aisling posthumously cheers for her cooking hobby plaque. ]]


Good work with Colm's LTW, soon you'll be there!
haha, fun with Aislings cheering!

I'm hoping he'll make it before he keels over! Almost there!

Wow, nice job on Colm's LTW! sooo close... you can do it! That's awesome that you set Michelle up to be Sadie's mentor I can totally see them hitting it off. I can't wait until Neal and Tessa come back and spawn endlessly!

HAHAHA, spawn endlessly. :') I have to admit, there aren't very many Clearys in the 'hood, so he does have some catching up to do! I guess Tara could become a single mom and pop out a few kids... Regardless, you're right. Tessa and Neal should probably get it on a lot. :)

Posthumous plaque cheering! I've yet to have that.

Aisling is pretty funny as a ghost, but I have to admit, I'm getting kind of tired of having her around. I notice that she doesn't float up stairs, though, so usually if I just pack everyone into the second floor for the evening, I can avoid scares.

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