The Tanakas (A) - Round 9


Jiro Tanaka, Adult Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers

Linda Tanaka, Adult Pleasure Sim, 2nd LTW Become Professional Party Guest

Homer Tanaka, Child Family Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Tanaka house, Jiro got fired from his job in the athletic career due to a poor decision on a chance card. Meanwhile, Linda shot to success, achieving her second LTW by becoming a professional party guest. She took up the hobby of sewing, continuing Yuuna's tradition, and Jiro took on a secondary aspiration of, weirdly enough, knowledge. Jiro had to start over in the athletic career, and Homer managed to impress the headmaster enough to get into private school. How will they do this round?

Jiro, fortunately, was making progress working his way back up the athletic food chain. His firing had been so embarrassing and painful that it felt good to be recognized for his skills once more, to be reshaping his reputation.

Homer, as always, remained a fairly studious and problem-free child. He watched a lot of tv while his parents were busy with their escapades, but usually it was at least something educational.

Early in the season, the family realized it was time for a big event: Jiro was finally having a birthday and entering his golden years.

He turned out to be a not-bad looking elder, his face maintaining a lot of his looks even though his hair went shock-white. Linda tried to convince him that his signature Flock-Of-Seagulls haircut was inappropriate for a man his age, but he just laughed it off. The hair was staying.

And despite getting older, he still managed to make advances in his career. He was going to be the world champion of shuffleboard if it killed him.

Linda spent most of her extensive free time making curtains for the house and clothes for its residents. She had no desire to sell her creations...mostly she just enjoyed the convenience of being able to see something in a store and recreate it at home.

Jiro wasn't the only one to have a birthday that fall. Jiro called over Homer's aunt and aunt-in-law to help them celebrate the boy's transition into his teen years.

Amidst the cheering, whooping, and horn blowing of the guests, Homer aged into a pretty cute teenager with a good sense of style.

He also decided that he wanted to focus on family in his life since neither of his parents had seemed too bothered with theirs. Good luck finding a muscular old person with glasses who will bear your children, Homer. And being a family sim and a good boy, I'm sure you'll give me a nice, easy lifetime want.

Or not.

Homer's room got a makeover from the more childish previous decor, and now he had his own desk, stereo, and armoire.

And he wasn't the last one to have a birthday. Fall was the season of birthdays at the Tanaka house. Last but not least, Linda had her birthday, entering her elderhood.

She was a rather attractive elder, despite aging into clothes that were less than her style.

With a little makeover complete, Linda called her job and promptly retired. She had no interest anymore in keeping up with her partying ways. She enjoyed being in the house more and more, and she was loving her sewing hobby.

Homer made friends in his new school easily, in part because his popular cousin, Cosmo, was in the same school. It was nice to have a built-in friend group in a new place.

Homer also decided, with the approval of his parents, that he wanted to get a head start on his lifetime want of raising twenty puppies or kittens. The first pup he adopted was a tiny little white furball that he named Belle.

It was the first pet he'd ever had, and he found that the little pup melted his heart from the moment he saw her.

Immediately, he wanted another puppy, to be a companion for Belle. And so, the next day, little Sebastian joined the family as well.

Sebastian was a bit older than Belle and aged more quickly into an adult dog, but the two still had a great rapport together, playing all the time. Homer couldn't wait to breed them.

The fall ended with Jiro being promoted once more in his career, happy that he was nearing the top once again. With any luck, he could retire at the top of his career in no time.

[[Author's Notes: I'm pleased with how Homer looks as a teen; I'm looking forward to seeing how he grows into his looks at college. I'm majorly DISpleased at his LTW though! Ack! This makes four sims in my 'hood with this LTW. I'm going to have a HUGE doggy pool to adopt from. This house is easy, and I like it for that fact, though I'm not as attached to Jiro as I am some of my other simmies. Nevertheless, they're pretty productive, and I enjoy playing them. Couple of bloopers.

I've decided to weed out some of the familiar faces by aging them up. Travis Inada, I'm sick of you! // This was so cute: the puppy automatically goes all the way to the back of the lot by the trees to pee. So nice not to have puddles on the sidewalk! ]]


Linda tried to convince him that his signature Flock-Of-Seagulls haircut was inappropriate for a man his age...

LOL! No way, man, he can't lose the hair. How will he run so far away without the hair? ;)

OMG, poor you. I am lucky, I have not run into that LTW with BS yet. I think I will throw a fit if I do, it's one of the ones I have never completed!

Haha, I know, that hairstyle is so ridiculous, right? But I couldn't take it away from him. He just wouldn't be Jiro without it.

This LTW is KILLING ME. It's terrible! I'm hoping that with Homer, I can get an early start, but it's like the other sims who have it have done nothing with their lives but fill food bowls and bathe dogs. Gah. Maybe I'll start respinning any more sims who get that LTW in college. It's one of my least favorite aspects of the Pets EP!

Buy cats instead, they are easier.
And your tre peeing puppy made me think - maybe they WILL find a tree if there is one to be found? Have to test it out with one of my families.

Huh, I never thought of that. Come to think of it, maybe there are no trees on any of my other pet lots... hm. It would be cool if someone made a fire hydrant mod so the puppy would go wherever you placed it.

All your CAS simmies are aging in to elders /sad. Homer is a handsome young guy, too bad he had to roll that LTW. I guess it could be worse and he could have rolled up the marry off 6 kids LTW (I have 3 in my hood with that one now!) to make your population explode.

I know, it's kind of depressing, though I'm sure by the time they're near death's door, I'll be ready for them to stop junking up my houses! I'm seriously contemplating rerolling Homer in college. I just love the family aspiration and would be scared to lose it.

I'm actually kinda getting tired of Family sims, maybe because they're too easy to keep happy? Or maybe I just have too many of them, heh. I wonder what the rules say about using the Uni rule to just reroll LTW -- You can use the batbox on MATY to do that.

I don't know if I'm allowed to just reroll aspiration. As for Family sims, I'm not sick of them, really. I only am really rooting for it for Homer because it seems to make sense, in a weird way, given his parents sort of lax family style. I might do a little tweaking and see if I can modify his desires to something better. I dunno, maybe he wouldn't be bad as another aspiration either. I'll have to think it over.

Homer is pretty fun with that hat! But eek for that LTW.

Haha, I agree! He's pretty dapper. I also agree about the LTW! Arrrghh. I really think I will re-roll him in college. I can't stand another 20 puppies and kittens ltw. X_X

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