The Villaloboses (B) - Round 9


Stella Terrano, Elder Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Mad Scientist

Mariko Tanaka, Elder Popularity Sim, 2nd LTW Become The Law

Cosmo Terrano, Teen Popularity Sim, LTW Become The Mayor


Last round at the Tanaka house, Mariko and Stella aged well into elders while Cosmo aged well into a teen. Stella was cured of being a witch at Mari's request, and Mari reached TOC in the law field, then was promptly fired. She did manage to get another job in the show business career track, which payed better than being a lawyer anyway. Let's see how they do this round.

Cosmo, living up to his popularity aspiration, made friends very quickly at his new school, Rosebud Academy, and he was particularly excited to see another alien child there: Cole Chin. Cole definitely had more of the traditional alien features than Cosmo did, but Cosmo supposed that was because he was second generation alien, while Cole was first generation. Nevertheless, their differences pulled them together quickly in friendship.

Mariko managed to reach the top of the show business career and decided that after her third career change, it was time for a final decision.

That evening, she retired from her job and settled in, prepared for a hefty pension from her new job.

And since they were freshly rolling in the dough from Mari's promotion and subsequent retirement and from Stella's business-related profits, the family packed their bags and decided to head out for a much-deserved vacation to Takemizu Village.

One afternoon, after some vacation exploring, the Tanaka family came home and Mariko went outside to watch the clouds. Inside the house, all the napping Stella and Cosmo heard was a whistling and a loud crash. Stella went running outside to see what had happened.

To Stella's horror, she saw that a freak satellite accident had caused Mariko to be directly in the path of a crashing satellite, killing her instantly. Death was obviously on the way when she reached the scorched site.

Stella couldn't believe that after all these years, she was going to lose her mate to an incident so completely random. She threw herself on her knees in front of death and pleaded with him for Mariko's life.

Death offered her one chance to resurrect her dead lover. She had to pick a hand, and if she picked the right one, Mari would live. If she picked the wrong one....well, Stella didn't even want to think about it.

After some hard deliberation, Stella picked a hand with her heart in her throat. To her shock and amazement, it was the right hand! Stella had defeated death and won back her life-long lover. Death seemed non-plussed.

Behind Stella, Mariko slowly began to rise from her crushed position under the satellite. Death faded out of Stella's sight, and she turned to see her revived lover.

"You saved me!!!" Mariko cried, her voice hoarse as she held Stella in a crushing embrace. "I can't believe it!"

They decided right then and there to get married. Too long, they had simply chosen the easy path of living with one another monogamously. Stella couldn't contain herself at the return of her lover, and they promised themselves to one another right there in the garden. The rest of their vacation zipped by.

When they got back home, Cosmo immediately picked up his socializing habits. The first person he hung out with after his trip was his good friend Cole's big sister, Sadie. Cosmo couldn't deny the fact that she was beautiful, and she didn't mind the color of his skin at all, since her baby brother looked much the same.

Sadie didn't mind the looks of Cosmo either. Sadie thought that her brother was very handsome, but Cosmo was downright hot. Cosmo wondered if there might be romance in their future.

Stella got back to work as usual, leaving Mariko to hang out at home and work on her paintings in her retirement. Unfortunately, Stella's brain seemed to stay on vacation a bit longer than her body did, and after a poor choice, she was demoted.

Before too long, she was able to make up for her mistakes, however, and get back on top of her game, with a hefty bonus.

And of course, there was more business to attend to. Stella had closed the shop down during their sojourn to Takemizu Village, but now that she was back in Rosebud, she opened the doors again. Almost immediately, the store raised in level to Rank 9.

Brandon, one of Stella's employees, had worked so hard for her that his skills in running the register had maxed out. He was the fastest sales clerk Stella had ever seen!

Stella practically had to throw things on the shelves to keep them stocked, but the result was that she earned her silver stocking talent badge, and along with that came...

...a level ten business ranking. Stella felt like she was finally a truly successful entrepreneur. She didn't know what the future of the show was, but getting it this far brought her pride, and she would pass the place on to Cosmo if he wanted it after college. The fall was a brilliant season for the Tanakas, truly.

[[Author's Notes: Another vacation! I don't have much to say about these guys other than they're still fun to play, even as elders. I'm so proud that Stella's business reached level ten! I don't know if Cosmo will have a desire to take over it when he gets older, so I'm going to play that by ear. Same with the Cosmo/Sadie romance. They'd make cute kids, that's for sure. Only time will tell what happens with this family. On to the bloopers!

Ahhh, tours are so fun. // Man, that George kid works everywhere! // Cosmo: omgomgomgomg, hot girl, omgomgomg. // Still my favorite game glitch ever. ]]


The vacation albums don't show up :(
Woo! Resurrection!

Oh noooooo! I will have to check them when I get home. Thanks for letting me know!

nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Mari! I'm so glad that Stella was able to win her back, Satellite deaths are so rare I'm surprised it even happened. Bummer that the slideshows aren't working but I went in and looked through the album and got the gist. Cosmo definitely is a hottie, I hope things between him and Sadie work out. Congrats on level 10, can Stella promote Brandon to manager?

I fixed the slideshows, so yay! I have no idea what happened there. Re: Mari - Dude, I so freaked out!!! I was like... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! and sat there agape while I watched it. Thank god no one was in the tub or asleep and not able to get there in time.

I was thinking about promoting someone to manager...I've never done that before, but I might try it in this case.

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