The Villaloboses (A) - Round 9


Vincente Villalobos, Adult Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Become Rock God


Last round at Vinnie Villalobos' house, Vinnie worked hard in his second career in the music field only to get fired. Fortunately, there was a long string of women around to help console him in his loss. He had 22 loves at the end of last round...will he make it to thirty this time? We'll see.

The first thing Vinnie did after hunting for days unsuccessfully for a job was to go once more to the genie lamp that had been left at the Villalobos house back when Santiago was still head of it.

As always, he wished for his youth back. The genie granted him a few extra years onto his life, and Vinnie once more felt rejuvenated...just in time for his next date!

Once his date was over, however, Vinnie encountered the same problem that he'd had before: he was simply running out of women to date in Rosebud. He thought a vacation to a hot place with lots of skimpy clothes might be just the ticket, so he headed off to Twikkii Island.

The first thing on his agenda was to lay out on the beach, soak up the rays, work on his tan, and simply unwind. The stress of being fired and unable to find another job in his chosen field had been working on him back at home, and he was able to thoroughly relax with the sound of the waves in the background and the smell of salt in the air.

Unfortunately, his tanning experience didn't go quite as he'd planned. Falling asleep on the beach was a bad idea, and it was seriously putting a cramp in his goal to impress local girls. Mostly they just looked at his lobsterized skin and chuckled.

So it was back to the beach to try again, and this time, he succeeded in evening out his skin tone a bit. Now he was ready to become the don juan of the islands.

But before he got down to business, he wanted to see some of the sights around the island. After all, he wasn't uncultured. Sure, he loved women, but he wanted to experience everything Twikkii Island had to offer. He even came across a local witch doctor, stumbling on his secluded home while lost and wandering one day. Vinnie was more than happy to help him repair some of the broken things in his apartment, and he was rewarded with a gift. What a great vacation.

He eventually made it back to civilization and some more of the sights. One of his favorites was the view from the top of the wrecked pirate ship. From here, it was easy to believe the ocean went on forever.

He even met the ghostly former captain of the ship and learned a sea chantey from him. He had to admit, talking with a ghost was a little bit freaky. He was used to more passive ghosts, and it was strange that this one would actually converse with him. Oh well, at least Captain Dregg didn't jump out and scare him.

Eventually, Vinnie got back to the business at hand, though: romancing the island ladies. But wait...Vinnie, what is that in your hand?? Is that a voodoo doll? What are you doing?

Oh, Vinnie. Vinnie: "What? I got it from the witch doctor, and I wanted to try it out!" Me: *shakes head*

Guess it works, then.

Vinnie: "Like a charm."

His romantic island adventures didn't end there, though. There were a lot of beautiful locals floating around his hotel, and he wanted to get to know them.

Vinnie, again with the voodoo doll!? Vinnie: "Hey, I'm getting older, and I've only got two days left here."

Vinnie really loved the islands.

And the islands really appeared to love Vinnie.

His last night on the island, Vinnie really hated to go back to Rosebud. Life seemed simpler here: eat, drink, swim, woohoo, sleep... the pace was so different than back home. But he missed his puppies, and he had to get back to looking for a job, so he packed up his things with mixed feelings and headed home.

Of course, there was a set of welcoming arms waiting for him when he arrived back on terra firma.

He decided, since he had no luck in the first few days back from vacation, to go back to his old friend the matchmaker, hoping less for a perfect love match and more for a new face to meet and get to know.

Well, to meet, get to know, and woohoo. What could he say? He was on a roll.

The rest of the season, he was very busy catching up with some old friends....

...and making some new ones. He had to admit, though he was worried about not being employed, Vinnie really loved all the free time not having a job allowed him.

For his thirtieth lover, Vinnie decided to go all out. He wanted to find the one true love of his life, the perfect mate for him. He called up the matchmaker and waited anxiously to see who his perfect match was.

Out of the sky fell...Jill Fleig! Wow! Really, wow! Vinnie could have kicked himself. She'd been around the neighborhood for years, and he's never even considered her.

Vinnie had to admit, the matchmaker was right, though. They got along amazingly.

With that, Vinnie achieved a feat no one else in Rosebud ever had: thirty loves at once. He felt like the ultimate incubus.

To celebrate, he bought himself a brand new car and was ready and rejuvenated to finally become that rock god he knew he could be. Well done, Vinnie.

[[Author's Notes: WOW! He finally did it! Your man parts have seen more action than a washing machine agitator. I have NO clue what to do with him have him somewhat settle or just let him continue to date his select few favorites. Guess I'll let him tell me with his wants. Anyway, WOO! This was fun, and now I can stop neurotically managing two dates per day. I have a few bloopers, of course!

Rosebud is an awful long way to come just to leave flowers. Haven't you ever heard of FTD? // Captain Dregg loves a bit of Punch U-Punch Me. // I love the little swagger that certain actions cause. Vinnie's like... ooohhh yeeaaah, here comes the man. ]]


Congrats on 30 loves! This entry reminded me so much of Tia Eich's island vacation with all the wooing of the locals. Anyway, I know the feeling of not knowing what to do with him now, did he get perma-plat from reaching the impossible want?

He was already perma-plat because he achieved his first LTW. But he has maxed out his aspiration rewards panel, which is nice. I actually had a lot of fun doing this! Maybe romance sims aren't so bad after all... :)

O_M_G I'm so impressed! 30 lovers - I've never even been close!

Single Romance male's are really a walk in the park though, just go with the flow with no worries. I have grown to love them - this generation it's Noel Bardh - Sim's gift to women ;D

It took so much effort - he started in college - but it was a blast! Honestly, the best way I found to do it was to schedule one date a day, usually in the morning, then have him do the skilling he needed for promotions in the afternoon. By evening, his social was down again, and I would have him call up his next "victim" and get their relationship score high enough so that the next day, he could ask her out on a date. WHEW! So much planning! It was a blast, though; I really am enjoying my romance sims more than I ever thought I would. Now, it's the pleasure sims that get on my nerves! Always wanting to juggle and such...SIGH.

I'm going back and rereading a lot of your blog because I am desperately far behind! But as soon as I catch up, expect some comments (and please forgive me how lazy I've been). So many blogs, so little time! Darn job; don't they realize I need more sim time!? :)

Yay for 30 loves! Good job!

Haha, thanks! It was more fun (and way less torturous) than I thought it would be!

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