The Beaumonts (B) - Round 9


Arnaud Beaumont, Adult Romance Sim, LTW Become Celebrity Chef

Steffi Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Reach Golden Anniversary

Bastien Beaumont, Child Knowledge Sim, LTW Grow Up Well

Bijou Beaumont, Infant Knowledge Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Beaumont home, Arnaud finally, FINALLY reached his LTW of Becoming a Celebrity Chef, and continued writing novels and restaurant guides to great success. Steffi worked hard on her garden and earned a silver gardening talent badge, also managing to get knocked up and have a baby girl named Bijou by the end of the round. Bastien was mostly adorable and social all round. Let's see how the family adapts to having a new baby in an already cramped house!

Arnaud, despite the house being extremely cramped (after all, his office was in the hall because the real office had to be turned into a bedroom for Bastien) managed to continue keeping his focus and writing wonderfully-selling novels and restaurant, really padding the family funds and allowing Steffi to be a stay-at-home mom.

Bastien didn't seem to be bothered by the noise much either. He already had six skill points in every area before he even aged into a teen. He was either extremely bright or able to ignore everything around him.

He couldn't stay a child prodigy for long, though. It was soon his birthday, and he couldn't wait to have all the privileges associated with having a -teen suffix to his age.

He decided that he would like to continue on his path of knowledge, and he hoped someday to find a charismatic Rosie-the-Riveter type who was NOT a mime.

After a brief makeover, Bastien looked every bit the handsome teen his parents believed he would grow up to be.

The whole family seemed to be adjusting quite well to having a new little one in the house. Arnaud, despite his former romancing ways, still loved family values and spent as much time as possible with his little angel.

Even Bastien, now that he was old enough, was glad to help out. The tiny girl was so sweet and innocent and cooed so pleasantly at her family members that everyone was charmed.

Being charmed apparently didn't preclude letting her have some floor time when it was time for Arnaud's birthday, but the little girl didn't suffer any ill-effects thanks to the cold tile.

Arnaud could hardly believe that he was an old man. Where had time gone. Sometimes he felt like he was a hundred years old, and sometimes he felt like he'd just graduated college yesterday. It was strange how time worked.

He still retained a lot of his handsome looks, and the silver-gray hair made him look like a distinguished surfer boy.

Last but not least on the birthday merry-go-round was the little bundle of joy.

Bijou grew up fulfilling the Beaumont family tradition of blonde hair and almost startlingly blue eyes. She was truly a jewel, as her name implied.

Her personality couldn't have been better, either. She'd inherited her father's neatnik habits instead of her mother's intense sloppiness (much to everyone in the house's relief), and she was as sweet and outgoing as could be imagined. Steffi and Arnaud were especially glad they'd decided to go ahead and have this second, later-in-life child.

Arnaud continued to spend time with his pretty little girl, teaching her to do all the things necessary to grow up well. It was strange how he felt differently about a daughter than a son. He loved them both equally, but he felt particularly driven to make sure she was protected and taken care of. She was definitely daddy's little girl.

Steffi, in between helping teach Bijou her skills and helping Bastien with his homework, continued her work in the garden and finally managed to snag a gold gardening badge. Now the house always had fresh produce for Armand to whip into some delicious meal. Steffi thought that next, she would definitely try her hand at raising a fruit tree or two.

One day, after receiving a fat royalty check and facing the decision whether to call off of work to continue the spark of inspiration on his next novel, Arnaud came to a conclusion: His novels were well enough known and well-circulated enough that he could make just as much money doing that as doing his job. Plus, he could stay home with the family all the time and continue to cook at home, enjoying his hobby.

The decision practically made itself. He had struggled to become a celebrity chef, but now that he'd done it, he could finally relax and truly enjoy his life with his family.

As if on cue to reinforce his decision, he got a call from his publisher about another great royalty check for one of his restaurant guides. He was very pleased with his decision.

Life continued. Steffi and Arnaud both spent loads of time with Bijou, who constantly followed both of her parents around the house. The tiny bedroom they'd constructed for her at the back of the house held what toys they could squeeze in, but mostly, she just wanted to interact with her family. They happily obliged her.

Arnaud particularly enjoyed reading to her, and Bijou loved every second of it. He didn't know if she would inherit his love of books and all things literature and stories but he secretly hoped she would.

She seemed to be growing like a weed, and before the family could believe it, she was already having another birthday. She wouldn't be quite so little a little bundle anymore!

She maintained her sweet blue eyes and blonde hair, but he mother felt the little girl needed a change to match her personality.

Thus, Bijou got a new pretty outfit and a new pretty hairstyle, and she was ready to charm people and break hearts all around Rosebud.

[[Author's Notes: Yaaaay, more pretty blonde-haired, blue-eyed babies! I'm so scared that the blonde will eventually be overwhelmed in the neighborhood because it's a recessive trait. I'm trying desperately to make sure the Beaumonts remain blonde. I think Bastien is in a slightly awkward teenage phase right now but will end up being super-handsome as a YA and Adult. Bijou is such an adorable little thing. I'm SO happy I let these two breed again. And maybe now the Vinci boys might have a girl to potentially mate. :p Yay for girls! Anyway, this is a sweet house, and I'm looking forward to Steffi aging into an elder (maybe next round? not sure) so that she can fulfill her lifetime want. I've never had an anniversary party before, so it should be fun. Anyway, I leave you with a few bloopers!

Wow, Bastien, you are an amazingly bad dancer. // Steffi: Ooh, look, a kitty! // Bad kitty! Bad kitty!! // Weeding familiar faces: gtfo y'all. You can't live forever. ]]


Am I the first to comment here? Interesting! As for aging the townies to careful not to end up with a whole neighborhood of elders. You can't age them up any further! Bijou is very cute. I'm sorta sad Arnaud is an elder...feels like he just graduated uni to me too.

You're finally totally caught up! You're even ahead of Liz this time! I think eventually, one of my sims is going to end up having to acquire a cow plant so I can get rid of some of these oldies. For now, I'm just grateful not to have the same townies in university EVERY round.

I really hope Bijou turns out as pretty as she seems she will. Arnaud and Steffi sure seem to make pretty babies. I'm just curious whether Alain and Meadow will make prettier ones!

CAS sims aging to elders. :'( I'm surprised how hard it is to let go of pixellated people!

Just wait until your CAS toddlers are staring to die on you!
Anyway, it has to be endured. The Beaumonts are so cute!

Groan! Oh, I dread it! Alain Beaumont and Inari and Aki Tanaka were my CAS toddlers, and they're still in adulthood. I feel like I'm zooming through this challenge as I've already had my first gen 3 birth! Maybe I'm just really susceptible to moar babies, lol.

I'm so surprised at the high functionality of this family. I was really dreading a Patrick/Viola (a la Boreal Springs) situation would happen with a romance/family pairing, but it's really working out OK. Bastien is going to be a looker, as I'm sure Bijou will be too. Wow Arnaud is an elder already. I think I fed my CAS a little too much elixir because we're on the same round and most of my CAS kids/toddlers are still adults (next round they'll be elders though).

Honestly, it's weird. Arnaud has NO wants for anyone other than Steffi and his family. Most of his wants are for writing novels or other hobby-related things, so it's perfect. I've always perceived him as a romance sim who wishes he were a family sim. I'm glad they work so well. :)

Bastien is such a cutie, isn't he!? I hope Bijou is a fox too! I <3 Sim Genetics!

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