The Tanakas (B) - Round 11


Stella Terrano, Elder Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Mad Scientist

Mariko Tanaka, Elder Popularity Sim, 2nd LTW Become The Law


Last round at the Tanaka house, Cosmo headed off to college and the two elder ladies enjoyed some peace and quiet in the house. Stella worked on her business as usual, and life progressed without a hitch. How will they do this round, with their continuing time without Cosmo?

Since Mariko had retired, she had all the time in the world to make friends and be a truly outgoing popularity sim. Frequently, if Stella couldn't find her, Mariko would be outside on the sidewalk, having encountered someone walking by and struck up a conversation with them. Frequently, these visits turned into imprompu house parties, though much more reserved ones than the house parties Cosmo was attending at university.

Mariko, having worked her whole life, was unsatisfied with retirement, though. She longes to get back out there and do some actual work. She didn't want to work forty to sixty hours a week again, but a few hours a week, she thought she really might enjoy.

Stella had the perfect solution. She and her two employees were having a hard time keeping up with business at the store, and another set of hands would greatly improve their ability to manage the crowds. Mariko could even help with the back end of business: crafting the merchandise. After all, they didn't just need all servos and munchiebots. Some of the most popular sellers were the little toy robots that Mariko could make almost right off the bat.

As bright and as quick a learner as she was, Mariko managed to earn her gold robotics badge within a week of helping Stella craft items to populate the store's shelves. Since making the goods was the most tiring part, Stella knew that she could now count on Mari to spell LaShawn when LaShawn tired out.

Once at the store, the new "employee" worked out brilliantly. Stella and Mari managed to tuck away another good review for their business, and to send away much happier customers.

Stella found that Mariko was especially helpful in doing the little things that she herself didn't always have time for while on the sales floor. Mari took care of things like restocking the shelves and keeping the bathrooms clean and making sure that people were directed towards the things they needed if they were confused by the layout of the store.

Even LaShawn was making progress. With Mariko able to give her breaks, LaShawn was able to stay at work longer and earn her gold robotics badge, making her an even more valuable employee. Stella quickly gave her a raise to reflect her improving skills.

Stella even began giving LaShawn some additional responsibilities, to make her a more well-rounded employee. With three employees holding a gold robotics badge, it wasn't quite so imperative that LaShawn be locked up in the back working on constructing merchandise anymore.

Even Stella gained skill in her register skills, finally mastering the art of running that tricky cash register. The business was on top, level ten, with many loyal customers.

The only thing Stella wished for was the opportunity to really shoot her business to the very tippy top. She simply had to come up with some new strategies. So far, all her decisions seemed to be spot on...especially since her latest meant she got to spend all her time at work with her lovely wife.

[[Author's Notes: Thank god for the business in this household because these two, for as much as I love them, are SO boring in elderhood. This is apparently my boring round because all my CAS babies are turning into elders with not much to do in their retirement. The only thing I find really fun as a hobby for elders is gardening because I really love the nature hobby stuff. Anyway. If anyone has any tips for getting those remaining Business Perks, I'd love to hear it. They seem to be stuck in a rut when it comes to perks, and they're already at level ten, so I'm not sure what else I can do. I might read up on it, but any advice is helpful too. This store is my first real foray into OfB. Only one blooper, but it's a cute one...

I wonder if Bitsy's lonely and looking for a companion? ]]


Nice job with the store and all the badges flying around this round! You have to open multiple businesses to get the perks filled up though. Since LaShawn has a bunch of badges you should be able to promote her to manager then just have Stella call once a day to check in, that way the store will keep it's stars and you don't have to bother playing it that much anymore ;)

Aha! So that's the trick. You're my hero, and how the heck do you know all this stuff? You crazy genius woman. ;)

I totally took your suggestion, so now Stella and Mari can enjoy their retirement and old age instead of slaving away all the time. Maybe I won't sell the business now, and Cosmo can start another business. Or maybe I'll leave it at level five and pretty much ignore it, and if I ever have a sim in the hood with the LTW of owning five top-level businesses, Cosmo can sell it to them. :p

Why is the witch digging through the trash?

I had never seen this in my game until Steffi Beaumont did it! The little command pop up over her head when she did was "Salvage." I guess the witch apparently wants to go green. HA! Get it? Go green...? Okay, I'm a nerd.

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