The Clearys (A) - Round 11


Colm Cleary, Elder Popularity Sim, LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends

Neal Cleary, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Chief of Staff

Michelle Cleary, Elder Fortune Sim, LTW Become Business Tycoon

Tessa Ramirez, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Pretidigitator

Tallulah Cleary, Toddler Knowledge Sim, LTW Grow-Up Well


Last round at the Cleary house, Neal and Tessa rejoined Neal's parents and their infant daughter Tallulah in the family home. The house got a remodel, Neal and Tessa tied the knot in a very beautiful ceremony, and Tallulah aged well into a toddler. Aisling made herself a pest and got moved to the Rosebud Cemetery, while Michelle and Neal had unusual experiences of their own: being abducted by aliens. Colm continued to make loads of friends and take the most tender care of his new granddaughter. Let's see how they do this round.

On the heels of his promotion to Media Magnate, Neal was feeling on top of the world. So on top that he managed to take up a new favorite interest. It might not have seemed like a reasonable "hobby" to most people, but Neal stood by his intense love of grilled cheese.

His mood was so good, in fact, that he continued to make great decisions at work. It was amazing what progress and achievement could do for a sim's sense of self. He felt confident and on top of the world, especially now that his latest bonus was enough to practically pay for Tallulah's entire college tuition.

Tessa was working hard too, when at home and at work. She hadn't been quite as studious as Neal had in college, and she was paying for it now that she was back home. Her skill set wasn't as strong as it needed to be, but she made up for her slacking off in college by working hard whenever she wasn't tending Tallulah to build up her knowledge base.

As for Tallulah, she was the happiest little girl around. With a set of parents and a set of grandparents who all adored her, she never lacked for attention and love. Colm was particularly doting on his little granddaughter, spending a great amount of time teaching her things, playing with her, and even doing basic caretaking tasks like bathing and feeding her. Having that beautiful little girl around was Colm's greatest joy these days.

Neal, perhaps because of all the excitement he'd been having at work lately, was feeling a bit under the weather. But he chalked it up to bad sushi from the business lunch he'd had earlier that day and went on with his business. After all, there was something very important he had to do.

It was his little girl's birthday! Tallulah was finally ready to become a bit more independent as a child, leaving those toddling days behind.

She grew up into a very perky young lady who seemed to delight in the changes to her body. And what little girl wouldn't be happy with the changes? After all, now she could reach the snack drawer.

Tallulah got a little makeover, and she was a wonderful combination of her parents' traits. They could never deny her, that was for sure. With Tessa's eyes and nose and Neal's cheeks and mouth, she was one darn pretty combination of features.

Tessa was in awe at the beautiful little thing she and Neal had created, and Neal dreaded the day she became a teenager. He figured he'd better buy a gun and start learning to polish it immediately.

It turned out that Neal had more pressing matters to worry about, though. Apparently, the aliens didn't just do some minor experiments on him...they impregnated him with their spawn! He couldn't believe it! He loved children and families, but this was a bit too much. Not only that, his desire to get started in his new chosen career path -- medicine -- would have to be put on hold. He spend an uneasy few weeks with the creature growing inside him.

With her husband home on -- she could hardly believe it -- maternity leave, Tessa became the primary provider in the house after the still-working Michelle. She fulfilled the role with flying colors, finally achieving the promotion she'd always wanted to Prestidigitator. She'd finally made it, and she was famous.

However, now that she'd achieved that lifetime goal, she felt that her youthful desire for fame and fortune was wearing thin and she began to think differently about the world. Her next job would have to be something involving helping people. That was what was really important after all. Maybe a job that could help entire nations.

Colm continued to focus on smaller goals closer to home. Things like having good friends and growing good, healthy food for his family were enough to keep him happy as a clam in his retired years. Well, that and getting some snuggles from Tallulah once in a while.

Neal continued to grow, much to his consternation and worry, but Michelle and Colm tried to soothe him, saying they'd heard of such cases before and that they were sure he would be just fine. Neal wasn't so sure. As a budding doctor-to-be, this pregnancy thing was like a freak show! At this, Tessa tartly reminded him that she was well aware of the strange changes the body could make, and he quieted down, cowed.

Following this discussion, Tessa wandered off to the office, secretly amused, and managed to find a position in the Intelligence career track that she snapped up, despite the serious cut in pay she would have to take from jumping careers. She had barely sent in her application when she heard yelling.

It was her poor, sweet husband in the throes of his first labor pains. She stayed and tried to coach him on what he should do, but mostly he only yelled.

When the baby was first born, he was loath to even touch it, but when the tiny green tyke gave him a tiny smile, his kind heart melted, and he snuggled the baby close. The little boy was a miracle, and Neal was grateful for him.

They decided to name him Phoenix, after his astral heritage, and the tiny alien babe became a part of the family.

Everyone quickly embraced Phoenix, despite his strangeness. His grandparents especially doted on him, in the way all grandparents do over new babies, and all of Neal's worries were allayed. He'd known some alien people in his lifetime, and they seemed perfectly well-adjusted, so he let go of his worries and concentrated on loving his new son.

Tessa concentrated on her new career, working hard to bring home bonuses and to do her part as a strong citizen. The work was fulfilling, though hard, and her family was a joy to come home to after a long day.

With Neal home on maternity leave, even Michelle and Colm got some time to themselves, which they used to their great benefit. Life was good for these two in their sunset years. They had a beautiful family, a warm home, and lots of good news to celebrate.

Neal finally decided that it was time to get back on the horse, metaphorically speaking. He browsed the web for jobs and found one in his chosen career path: medicine. He was a kindhearted man, and like his wife, he wanted to help people...though admittedly he wanted to help them on a more personal level than his dearly beloved. He took a position as an intern and looked forward to learning as much as he could about the profession.

It turned out that his superiors were impressed with his knowledge and his strong work ethic, and he was quickly promoted. Neal had no complaints. He wanted to be the best doctor he could be.

It soon came time for another celebration in the Cleary household: little Phoenix's first birthday. His parents cheered for him in front of the cake, and suddenly, their little boy wasn't quite so little anymore.

Phoenix grew up into an adorable little boy with a somewhat strangely shaped nose but everything else looking perfectly normal.

And his parents had no doubt he would be a great success in life no matter what he looked like. He was as sweet as his father, neat as a pin, and had plenty of energy. They couldn't have been more proud.

Neal came to understand that this strange alien child he'd been so scared of at first was really a blessing to their family. The first time Phoenix ever said "Dada," Neal knew he'd never have traded his little boy for anyone else.

[[Author's Notes: Ahhhh! I love this family! I absolutely cannot WAIT for Tallulah to age into a teen because I think she is going to be my most stunning sim since Imelda. And Phoenix, though he has the pinchy nose, looks like he's going to be a cutie as well! There may be another child or two in the works for this couple; we'll see. I just love this house and this family so much that I want them to breed as much as possible, haha. Only a few bloopers for you.

What a strange want. Ironic knowing that YOU'LL be the family member. // Hey, Michelle. I know you're getting older, but do you think you could remember to stop watching the Yummy Channel long enough to put Phoenix in his crib? That'd be awesome. ]]


Squeeee... I can't wait to have a Neal sighting in my game!!!! Tallulah is a beauty, I knew she would be. I'm kinda surprised that Colm and Michelle are still around considering you are starting to lose that generation of elders. I can't wait to see Phoenix all growed up, and Tallulah as a teen next round :)

I just plain can't wait to see all my kiddies in your game! It's going to be so fun having little cameos. <3 I imagine it might be kind of fun for people reading us too...if not confusing. :p

Tallulah growed up so pretty. <3 Definitely has her mother's narrow jaw, though. Would you believe Colm and Michelle both make it through round 12?

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