The Tanakas (A) - Round 11


Jiro Tanaka, Adult Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers

Linda Tanaka, Adult Pleasure Sim, 2nd LTW Become Professional Party Guest

Homer Tanaka, Teen Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens


Last time at the Tanaka house, Belle and Sebastian both aged from puppies into adult dogs and quickly made with the mating. Sadly, there were no puppies made on that attempt. The whole family took an interest in the pets, taking care of them and teaching them tricks. Jiro reached the top of the sports career and retired, while Linda mostly spent her time sewing. When Homer wasn't tending to the dogs, he was hanging out with other teens in the neighborhood. Let's see how they fare this time.

Homer took his promise to take care of his dogs very seriously. While Linda or Jiro would take them for a walk once in a while or throw some food in the dog bowls, it was Homer who bathed them, disciplined them, and trained them. He knew he couldn't have pets in college, so he couldn't wait to get back to Rosebud and start breeding even more puppies.

And if Homer was going to get to college and get through it smoothly and painlessly, he knew he had to study hard. Of course, more times than not, he was interrupted by the apparently grouchy ghost of his great grandmother Yuuna, who constantly roamed the house and made trouble.

Linda suspected that Yuuna was feeling neglected, and she had to admit that she hadn't mourned her old friend in a long time. She spent some time at Yuuna's grave in the hopes that her friend would understand that she was still loved and missed.

Life was pretty sedate for the former party animals Linda and Jiro. Jiro had his new secondary aspiration of Knowledge and spent a lot of time studying varying subjects. Linda was enjoying training the dogs to not chew on her sewing projects or jump up on the furniture.

The dogs really seemed to take to her commands, and they were fast learners.

Even Jiro got into the swing of things. He had to admit the little dogs were cute and bright, and it was fun to watch them learn. Retirement was turning out to be all right.

They had other hobbies, of course. Linda turned the tables on all the peeping toms in the neighborhood and started some spying on her own.

Jiro threatened to turn into a genuine boring old fogie, doing the daily crossword puzzle religiously...even if he needed Linda's help with a lot of the words.

And they always made time for one another. They might have been older, but they weren't dessicated, they reasoned.

Unfortunately, the hauntings by Yuuna continued, but Linda wouldn't let them move the grave away. She promised she would give it one more chance before they said goodbye to Yuuna once and for all.

Homer didn't much care either way. After all, he was old enough and finally prepared enough to go to college. He racked up quite a list of scholarships to help pay, even though his parents had plenty of money to send him.

Homer headed off to sim state later that week, happy to be free of the house, even though he would miss his family and his dogs.

Linda was left not only to continue her study of the domestic arts, but to work on figuring out how to make an angry ghost a little less angry.

[[Author's Notes: Not much to say for these guys. I was disappointed that there were no puppies because I wanted Homer to get a head start on his LTW, but oh well. Yuuna is becoming a real pain in my behind, but I'm really curious if mourning the grave more actually does decrease the number of hauntings in the house. We'll see. A few bloopers for you.

I swear, this is the best dog ever. She always goes way out back to the pine trees to pee. // Hahaha, Jiro, you look so incredibly silly. // Finally, some action around this place! An out of control cleanbot! I must have been bored. ]]


It's nice with a calm house once in a while! :)

Definitely. And even with two elders in the house, I don't think I'll be bored with them. They're both trying to max their skills and have fun training the dogs and have a maxed out hobby, so there's stuff for them to get into. :)

holy crap, that's a lot of freakin scholarships! That sucks that you're having ghost issues, I guess it's good that she didn't kill anyone though. I love the little rip about Jiro not being able to figure out the crossword puzzle, his secondary knowledge still is confusing to me, lol.

Wait until you read the Beaumont B entry, if you're impressed with those scholarships, lol.

Hahahaha, I know!!! He is SO THE OPPOSITE OF A SCHOLAR. He's like the dumb guy who doesn't realize he's dumb.

That Yuuna is trouble!

She totally is, but so far my experiment seems to be working! Many fewer hauntings after the sobfest at her graveside.

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