The Vincis (A) - Round 11


Gretchen Chin, Adult Knowledge Sim, 3rd LTW Max Out All 7 Skills

Craig Chin, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Criminal Mastermind

Sadie Chin, Teen Fortune Sim, LTW Become Space Pirate

Cole Chin, Teen Popularity Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer

Bitsy Chin, Knowledge Servo, 3rd LTW Become Hand of Poseidon


Last round at the Vinci-Chin house, Bitsy achieved her 2nd LTW of Becoming a Media Magnate. Gretchen achieved her 2nd LTW of Becoming a Game Designer. Craig continued slowly making progress toward his first LTW, still. Sadie and Cole each took teen jobs and worked on skills that would earn them scholarships, like physical fitness and dancing. This round, the teens will be leaving for university. Let's see how the house handles it.

Cole immediately got a promotion at his new job. It wasn't very hard since he'd studied so hard as a young person. He already had all the skills he needed to be more than just a teen employee. However, without a degree, he was trapped at this lower level in the sports career path. It was okay for him, though. His paycheck was a nice bonus for buying food, clothes, and the occasional electronic equipment.

Sadie actually began to apply for scholarships, and she was delighted when they started rolling in with Yes answers stamped all over them. She was going to have more than plenty of money to handle her semesters at university. Not only would she have enough for books, tuition and food, she could probably buy herself a cool laptop or some other stuff with the leftovers.

After all that hard academic work, she decided that she deserved a break from cracking the books. She spent a lot of time in the family greenhouse, learning about plants and really taking an interest in how they grew and flourished. She was rewarded with a bronze gardening talent badge.

The kids weren't the only ones with interesting things happening, though. Craig was finally ready to join his beloved bride in elderhood. Gretchen teased her younger hubby that his cake looked like it might set off the smoke detectors, and Craig only stuck his tongue out at her before blowing out the candles.

Seemingly before everyone's eyes, he shrunk a bit and his black hair turned silver. Craig was officially an old man, now.

Gretchen was an old woman, and she was glad to see her husband join her in the golden years. But her age didn't slow her down a bit. By indulging in a lot of relaxing and stress-reducing yoga, she managed to achieve her third LTW of maxing out all seven skills. It was a good day to be Gretchen Chin.

With her newly-developed interest in finance, she thought that her next goal might be to own a chain of very successful businesses, but in reality, she knew this would probably never happen. It was okay, though, she'd had a long and very fruitful life.

Sadie, too, got a teen job, in the same field her father had struggled in for years. When she quickly brought home a promotion that set them equal to one another in career stature, she could see the hurt in her father's old eyes. She decided he didn't need that competition and that, moreover, she had something important to do.

A few days later, she packed up her things and all the scholarship paperwork and headed off to Sim State.

Not wanting to be left behind, Cole quickly tallied his own scholarship awards, and before the family could say "see you at thanksgiving," he was heading off to Sim State with his sister.

It wasn't that he was anxious to leave home, he just really didn't want to do that college thing without Sadie around.

With the house quieter than the three adults could remember in ages, the promotions began rolling in again. Bitsy was slowly making her way forward in her new oceanography career (despite the obvious challenge of exposure to rust and damaging salt water). Craig continued to try to achieve the position of criminal mastermind.

Life became very quiet in the house. Gretchen kept Craig company while he pursued his interest in working on his knowledge, and Bitsy quietly kept the house clean and her "family" fed.

Bitsy, who had been working in the Adventurer career track while she waited for a job in the Oceanography field, decided that it was finally time for her to start putting her heart and soul into looking for a position in her chosen field.

After hours of searching, she finally found a low position in the Oceanography field, and though it was below her skills, she took it, knowing that she could work her way up.

Her determination paid off, and she was promoted almost instantly. Bitsy was on her way to the top of her career track yet again.

[[Author's Notes: This house was kind of boring after the kids left, in case you couldn't tell. I guess someone will move back into this house, though I'm not sure who, when they graduate from college. I love that Bitsy is constantly around to keep the house neat and cook and add funds to the household worth. My first servo is definitely my favorite. Nothing else really important to report for this house. I leave you with a few bloopers.

Who peed in your cornflakes, Aurélie? Oh that's right, no one, you're just mean. // I got bored and wondered what would happen if I ordered Bitsy to take a bath. Ultimately, it just drained her battery. Boring. ]]


Haha, bathing robots out of boredom, that was hilarious :D

I was so bored this round, lol. And yay for Rachel! I haven't decided yet, but I might take a tiny break to play a short challenge with my buddy Liz, so if I decide to do that, that'll be short and easy to read in one sitting. :)

lulz, poor Bitsy and her omnipotent sim master making her bathe! It would be funnier if they exploded and Grim came to claim them IMO. For townies, Craig and Gretchen are quite endearing, it's nice to see them settled down in their elder years. Nice job on the scholarships, Those kids really inherited their parents' knowledge instincts. I can't wait to see Sadie and Cole at uni, but I hope Sadie doesn't disappoint me and fall victim to the ACR whoring around :p

Haha, well, I remember you talking about Roberto shorting out and going all crazy, and I wanted to see it! Bitsy has never been anything but perfectly well behaved! And still she was well-behaved. Sigh.

I don't think Sadie will disappoint. She and Cosmo Tanaka really hit it off at uni. :) They are SUCH an adorable couple. <3

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