The Villaloboses (A) - Round 11


Vincente Villalobos, Adult Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Become Rock God


Last round in the Villalobos house, Vinnie enjoyed spending time with various ladies, including his on-again-off-again friend with benefits, Jill Fleig. He also got a job in the music career track again with the hopes of finally achieving his 2nd LTW of becoming a rock god. Pequito aged into an elder dog. We'll see how these three do this round!

Vinnie started off in true Vinnie fashion...with a date and a little public woohoo. He and his date certainly caused a stir in the restaurant, but, wait...Vinnie, who is in there with you?

Oh, it's an old college flame, Vicki Das. Uh-oh, though. Who is that I see in the horrible green and blue outfit standing there watching you exit the photo booth?

That's right. It was Conor Vinci, Vicki's former college love. Conor, always a gentleman (except when he was slapping ex girlfriends) was more offended that Vicki could do that with such a womanizer as Vinnie, more than the fact that she was moving on after their college romance.

It's not very nice to do a gay little dance after your most recent conquest got caught by a former lover, Vinnie.

Oh. That's what you were doing. Well, still, it serves you right having a sore back when you were twisting all around like that, old man.

Vinnie, perhaps in an effort to remind himself how virile he had been in his life, or perhaps due to early-onset dementia, decided to have a hen party, inviting eight of his former flames to all come over for a belated birthday party for himself. He was looking forward to seeing all those beautiful women again.

Of course, it didn't go well. Some of his former loves were really still hanging on. He was shocked. It wasn't like he'd ever proposed to any of them. They'd just had a little bit of fun...right?

He discovered that apparently he hadn't been very clear with his intentions over the years, as his eyes filled with the tears of being slapped.

He also found that he apparently wasn't as thoughtful as he tried to be, and that he probably hurt more women's feelings over the years than he ever meant to. He was sad to know it, but he was too old and too tired to worry about it too much. He had other things on his mind.

He worked very hard to redeem himself from the firing he took last time he tried to become a rock god. It seemed to be paying off. He came home that tonight twirling a finger in the air, preparing happily for his new assignment as a symphony conducter.

Unfortunately, sad news came that night. Death came, but not for Vinnie. Poor, loyal Pequito, who had been the adored puppy of the long-gone Santiago, had to go to puppy heaven.

Vinnie and Alegra were both devastated. They'd both lost a companion and a friend, and the house seemed a little quieter without the shaggy old dog around.

They both definitely sensed that Pequito wasn't completely gone though. It was just a feeling around the house sometimes at night, but it was there.

Despite his depression over losing Pequito, Vinnie did manage to finally reach the top of his career, after so many years. It felt like a relief more than anything. He'd finally achieved his goal, and now he could stop worrying and relax into his elderhood.

He had no desire to retire yet, though. After all, after working so long to become a rock god, he was going to enjoy it and all its perks for a while yet.

After all, there were LOTS of perks.

[[Author's Notes: I was so sad to see Pequito go. It was sort of like losing one last bit of Santiago. Vinnie's pretty boring. So boring, in fact, that I decided to throw a party with a ton of exes just to liven things up. With the exception of that single slapfest and the sad denial of a kiss, NOTHING of interest happened. At least no fights. One interesting thing was that women were hitting on Vinnie, and he was constantly turning him down. Maybe he's used up all his sex drive. :p A few bloopers.

Vinnie: How dare you flirt with me!? How inappropriate! Why, I should take you over my knee, young lady! // The only thing that resulted of the party. :( ]]


I could see why you threw that party, it could have been a blast with fighting for the SimGods to laugh at :)

This round, I've kind of gotten a sadistic streak! I long to create drama!

HAHA about the party, you should have taken bets to see who the first ex to go ballistic was going to be. I thought ACR had a mod the lessen jealousy? Well it's good to see Vinnie is still enjoying his old age, and congrats on finally fulfilling the LTW!

It does have the mod to lessen jealousy according to their aspirations, but I must have just invited all the romance, pleasure, and fortune sims he dated over because none of them truly went crazy. There wasn't a single fist fight! >:O

Yeah, Vinnie's not a bad guy, and though I'll miss him when he's gone, I'm glad he didn't procreate and have the chance to pass on that nose. O.o What was I thinking!?

Vinnie turning them down! That's news. And sad about Pequito...this is why I don't have pets*. I couldn't take it when they die.

*Sims Pets that is...not that I'll do well when my real pet dies either.

I hate it too. :( I'm a total softie for my pixellated people and pets. I guess I'd just be totally unhappy if there were no pets at all, though, despite the sad goodbyes.

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