The Tanakas (D) - Round 13


Aki Tanaka, Elder Popularity Sim, 2nd LTW Become Captain Hero

Daisy Tanaka, Adult Family Sim, LTW Have 6 Grandchildren

Yoshi Tanaka, Child Romance Sim, LTW Grow Up Well

Akio Tanaka, Toddler Romance Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Tanaka house, Daisy got knocked up and had a second child, Akio. Yoshi grew up well into a child. Daisy also earned her silver gardening badge and took a brief foray into the world of plantsimism. Aki was mostly an uninteresting old guy. Let's check in on them this round!

We begin this round by checking in on Yoshi. What is he up to? Oh, only being the perfect child.

If I hadn't pre-rolled him, I'd have made Yoshi a fortune sim. He constantly wants to sell lemonade, and he's good at it!

Not only is he entertaining himself, he's also learning about business, earning money, and making friends with people in the neighborhood. I love you, Yoshi.

What else does he do? Well, he works hard at his homework, and when he wants to up his fun level again...

...he simply indulges in a little perfect big brother behavior. I died of cute here, mmkay? This was in his wants panel all the time. :')

Oh yeah, and he's also a totally well-adjusted super genius. I. love. this. kid. Meanwhile, what is Akio doing with his time?

Playing in the toilet.

Also, getting a sex education lesson way too early. This is super parenting form on the part of Aki and Daisy. I imagine their conversation about having sex in front of the baby to mimic that of Peter and Lois' in Family Guy: "Don't worry, honey, he'll just think I'm hurting you." :p


Daisy's super-ovaries and Aki's still apparently very high virility rate mean she's got another bun in the oven, yay! I feel like Aki's making up for lost time with Tara...

Pop #1!

Pop #2, and a happy pop-up! I really like it when the other children are already children and sort of able to care for themselves before new babies are born. It makes life a lot easier. So without further ado, a hasty birthday party commenced!

This room: apparently not designed in a comfortable way for sim logic. Daisy and Yoshi cheered from the other side of the couch.

AHAHAHA, he looks kind of like a nerd. I like it. :') He did grow up well, though, which is amazing given all the toilet water he must have inevitably sucked out of the paws on those pajamas.

No discernible point to this picture other than the adorableness of the sibs. They have a great relationship score already thanks to Yoshi being Super Big Brother, so I think these two will end up having a fun childhood together.

Ohai, Daisy. That face...what? You're going into labor? "Shooflee!!" You know, you picked the perfect spot. Right at the top of the staircase in the middle of a narrow hallway. I totally would have chosen to give birth there too. Stellar job.

Buuuut, I forgive her because BUNDLE OF ADORABLENESS! It's another boy, and they decided to name him Nobu, after the lizard-skinned, one-armed, intractable man in Memoirs of a Geisha. It means "to prolong or stretch." I refrain from making a joke here. I hope that Nobu's namesake doesn't doom him to a life of tragedy.

So far, it looks like he'll be pretty well loved at least. Aww, proud papa. I'm so happy Aki has finally achieved some happiness. :)

[[Author's Notes: For some reason, I had to do this entry in this style. It's fun for me to sometimes do some commentary other than narrating. Plus, I feel kind of sarcastic this morning, and that's just how this entry came out. :p Daisy's LTW is the reason I'm letting her have another kid. Whenever I see that six grandkids want, I always think... ugh, well, guess she'll have three kids because at least then each of them only has to have two kids. I'm not sure this is sound logic, but oh well. It makes sense in my head. Two bloopers for you. :)

AHAHAHAHAHAHA IN THAT TINY HOUSE? Shyeah right! // This is not a blooper, but it is very important. Do you know why? FIRST GOOPY SIGHTING EVER IN MY GAME! :D ]]


Holy freakin cow... the boys are soooooo adorable. I would have never expected Aki to be such a family man a few rounds ago. I'm really glad to see him (and the family) so happy. I agree with your 6 grandkids logic... it's probably quicker to have 6 that way as well.

I don't consider him a family man so much as...old guy desperate to have progeny. Daisy is the family sim, so every time she has a baby, the want to have another one immediately pops into her wants panel. I'm stopping at three unless their constant autonomous woohooing leads to an oops baby. I'm glad he's happy too, though. He really does seem to take enjoyment in his kids. :)

I have problems leaving comments to your blog, but I'm still here...

No worries; I really need to get over to yours and read from the bottom up! You've been going for so long, and we're so busy on the desk now at work that I haven't had a lot of blog-reading time lately. It is a priority of mine, though! I just appreciate that somebody out there is reading. :)

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