The Clearys (B) - Round 13


Tara Cleary, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Chief of Staff

Melody Cleary, Child Family Sim, LTW Grow-Up Well


Last time at the Cleary house, Tara was getting used to having a brand new baby! She was also getting used to a taste of what it was like to be a single mom. Sometimes, she wasn't so hot at it. But for the most part, she was an attentive new mom, and Melody was a happy little toddler who aged into an equally happy little girl. Let's see how they get on this round.

Now that Melody was a child, Tara had some time alone in the house during the days. She missed her little girl for sure, but she also enjoyed the freedom to do things SHE wanted to do again, after years of being the sole caretaker for her daughter. Tara found that all she wanted to do was spend time outside, whether it be in the garden or at the little fishpond she had installed.

She was still ready to give Melody a great big cheer for an A+ report card, though. Melody came first and would probably resent all the attention she got from her mother once she was a teenager.

Already, Tara's little girl was getting older and more independent. When Melody suggested that she might like to go to the same private school Tara had attended as a child, Tara set up a meeting with the headmaster, and Melody greeted him and enthusiastically gave him a tour of their home.

Between Melody's charming and outgoing personality, her bright mind, and Tara's amazing cooking (and perhaps her amazing midriff for a middle-aged woman), Melody was accepted with flying colors.

Tara continued her new-found love of fishing, sometimes combining it with mother-daughter time as Melody played in the grass, jump roping or catching bugs.

Apparently, there were payoffs to becoming a master angler that Tara never knew about. One day, she caught a strange golden fish, and when she took it to the pet store, they informed her that it was a rare golden trout. It was worth a lot of money as a delicacy if she sold it, but Tara decided to have her prize mounted. Maybe she would catch another someday, but if she didn't, she had that trophy to be proud of.

Tara's middle-aged midriff was about to become an old midriff, so it was a good thing she got use of that formal wear while she could. Later that season, she stood in front of her birthday cake, which was lit up like a bonfire.

Though Tara didn't like the idea of getting older while her daughter was still so young, she knew she couldn't help it, so she might as well embrace it.

And she had to admit...she thought she made a pretty darn adorable gray-haired old lady. :)

[[Author's Notes: Soooo, Tara. Cutest elder ever, mmkay? Also, that golden fish? I'd never seen it before, and you can sell it for way more than normal fish. After two years, I'm still discovering little nuances of this game that I was never aware existed. So fun. :) Next round, Melody ages into a teen, and I can't wait to see how she turns out, squee! But for now, on to Sal, Inari, and River!]]


oh man Tara is such a cute elder. I can hardly believe she's transitioning already though! I hope everything works out with Melody as a teen... They seem so happy the way things are now, I would hate to see Melody go all crazy when she ages up!

I knowwwwww, she was a toddler when I started the game, and now she's got gray hair. Though she should be even older...there was a span of a few weeks where she was dead! I have no idea how Melody is going to be as a teen...I'm going to just feel her out, let her wants tell me what type of personality she will have. So far she seems pretty well-adjusted, and she's a family sim, so the worst I expect is a desire to get knocked up right away. :p

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