The Beaumonts (D) - Round 13


Aurélie Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Marry Off 6 Children

Guillermo Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Marry Off 6 Children

Aline Beaumont, Toddler Fortune Sim, LTW Grow Up Well

Caroline Beaumont, Toddler Popularity Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Sophie Beaumont, Infant Knowledge Sim, LTW Grow Up Well
Susannah Beaumont, Infant Popularity Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round, Aurélie and Guillermo enjoyed their newfound wolfiness. Aurélie popped out two sets of cheesecake twins, all four of whom were messy assholes thanks to their parents now-non-existent neat and nice points. Fun! Guillermo also got beat up by an old man and cried like a baby. Let's see how this rapidly growing family does this round!

A growing family needs a growing home, and even though Aurélie and Guillermo didn't have much space, they added on where and how they could. Having added on a third-floor nursery and a second-floor bedroom, it was now time for the third and hopefully final addition: a bottom floor nursery.

With these new rooms, the Beaumonts now had an infant nursery, a toddler playroom and bedroom, and a bedroom for when the oldest set of twins got out of their diapers. It worked out well, despite their lack of space.

The oldest set of twins happily entertained themselves in their toddler area, which was large enough for all the toys they could want, their cribs, and happily barricaded off from the rest of the house by the staircase.

There was always enough to entertain them or frustrate them, depending on the toy they chose.

They weren't slated for toddlerhood long, though. Early on that fall, it was time for the girls' birthday party.



They grew up into lovely young girls whose parents embarrassingly decided to dress them alike, for which they would certainly get crap as long as they were in public schools.

Aline had to make a quick exit from the birthday festivities, however, because she was feeling a little nauseous. Mhm. That's right. You wanted this, Aurélie! You're the one who wants to marry off six children, so don't look at me!

Aurélie thus started baking up the last batch of babies while the first and second batches happily cooed or played away.

The girls got moved to the second floor, vacating the upstairs toddler area in preparation for when their current infant sisters, Sophie and Susannah, grew up, which would be happening with shocking rapidity.

They still played with the toys upstairs, though; especially the play table. Plus, the windows were so high up that they had a great view of Rosebud's tiny "downtown" area. It was fun to spy on the neighbors, they soon discovered.

Despite their wolfy tendencies, Aurélie and Guillermo still managed to be great parents. A little bit of a meat craving didn't prevent them from making sure their girls got their homework done! Aline and Caroline didn't mind too much... if they kept up their grades, they could go where most of the other kids in Rosebud went: to the private school. Yeah, they'd have to wear matching uniforms, but at least everyone else would match too there.

Besides, their mom and dad always tried to take the sting of boredom off the homework process by playing a few good games of red hands afterward, the most fun game that ever existed in the Sim Universe besides possibly Swing Me Around, but that made you puke.

The Beaumonts were an amazingly happy and well-adjusted family given how mean and messy they all were.

And two more mean, messy children were about to grow up and start wreaking havoc in the world! It was time for Sophie and Susannah's birthdays.

Sophie, who has her mommy's and maternal grandparents' blue eyes, and her paternal grandparents' black hair.

Susannah, who has her paternal grandmom Nerissa's eyes and her daddy's hair. I think she gets the scowl from Guillermo.

Mercifully, this birthday meant that the infant nursery was now empty, which was a good thing since...

Third and final cheesecake twins Etienne (FINALLY A BOY!) and Elodie joined the Beaumont clan.

The babies were happily nestled in their nursery, and the oldest girls came home with happy news for their parents: their studying had paid off and they were both now on the honor roll with straight A's.

Aurélie found that life was rather grand when she wasn't waddling around with a big pregnant belly or throwing up all the time. While the oldest girls were at school, the middle girls were playing, and the youngest twins were sleeping, she found she enjoyed revisiting some of her hobbies again.

Her time would only get better as the children grew up. Sure, it was hard to see her babies getting bigger, but the independence that came with birthdays sure was a big help.

Elodie, who has her daddy's brown hair and her paternal grandmom Nerissa's green eyes.

Etienne, who has daddy's brown hair and brown eyes (brown eyes also stemming from grandmommy Catalina).

Aurélie and Guillermo finally felt like their family was complete. With their six children, their home was full to bursting, and frankly, Aurélie was tired of being barefoot and pregnant all the time. Now it was time to raise their messy little brats as best they knew how...which surprisingly, was pretty well.

[[Author's Notes: I so love this family. I find them to be an endless source of mirth for me. Guillermo looks all weird, and now their kids look all weird, and they're all big sloppy jerks because Aurélie and Guillermo have NO nice or clean points thanks to the lycanthropy. Over all, I love this weird little family that should be dysfunctional but actually functions quite well. I'm anxious to see if some of the kids turn out as bizarre-looking as teens and adults as they are as children. :) A few bloopers for you...

Jumping on the bed is an adventure when you have the bottom bunk. // Really, Caroline, you're going to wake your sister up. // Q: What's worse than a crabby, hormone-ridden, pregnant wife? A: A crabby, hormone-ridden, pregnant WEREWOLF wife. :) ]]


oh man... ugly (although I think there is hope for Caroline and Elodie maybe?), messy, mean kids... and 6 of them at that! This house just cracks me up because Aurelie and Guillermo are such trailer trash... I want to put them in my hood in a trailer park with a redneck hottub and watch the fun unravel. Good luck with all the kids -- at least warewolves get a nice little mood boost when they change, so that should make child rearing a little easier.

Haha, I know. This house is totally amusing. I never actually anticipated letting Guillermo breed his funky genetics into the Rosebud gene pool, but worst case, there's always plastic surgery if any of the kids are hideously unredeemable!

Surprisingly, Aurélie and Guillermo are great parents. Thank goodness, since the house is so busy. :p

I would kill to see them living it up, My Name Is Earl Style. :D

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