The Villaloboses (C) - Round 6

Fresh out of college, Nerissa Chan and Catalina Villalobos decided it was time to make it official and purchase a house together. They already had a child together, and they knew they wanted to be together, so it was more a formality than a necessity to throw in their lots together for good.

What wasn't a formality, to them, was the idea of getting joined, in a formal ceremony, where they could once and for all proclaim their love and devotion for one another in front of family, friends, and loved ones.

Catalina made the proposal...

...and of course, Nerissa accepted. The ring was perfect. After so many years together, they knew their tastes like the back of their hands.

They gathered (with some passersby and onlookers), both in white dresses, in their new front yard to finally tie the knot.

They exchanged their vows, personally written...

...and their rings...

...and finally shared the kiss that joined them together officially in the eyes of the law, god, and everyone who knew them.

Of course, knowing Catalina, there could be no kind of cake ceremony without icing ending up all over Nerissa's face. Nerissa expected it, though, and it was one of the personality traits she loved most about Catalina, her playfulness. The wedding went off without a hitch, and they settled in to life together, with their son.

Guillermo was excelling at school, though he was a bit of a bully, Nerissa sensed.

He even brought home his cousin Marquez's girlfriend from school one day. Nerissa knew there was no harm in being friends, but she knew Guillermo could have an occasional mean streak and hoped he wouldn't try anything.

But Guillermo loved his cousin too much to try anything with Imelda, and they simply enjoyed playing lots and lots of soccer.

In light of how well Guillermo was doing in school, Nerissa and Catalina decided it was time to see about getting him entry into the local private school. They invited the headmaster and wowed him with their home.

Catalina's cooking certainly didn't hurt either, and though it was a simple meal of spaghetti, the headmaster thought it was delicious.

Guillermo was happily accepted into Rosebud Academy, where he could join the rest of his friends, who were mostly already there.

He immediately fell in with the sporty crowd, being the sports buff that he was. He played every sport the school offered and was even the quarterback for the football team. The adoration of the cheerleaders and the popularity he gained certainly didn't encourage him to be less of a bully, but Nerissa and Catalina did regularly, hoping the popularity wouldn't go to his head. He was a good boy, he just had a sort of enflamed version of his mother's playful bullying habits. Sometimes he missed the playful part.

Later on that season, Catalina came home to find that someone had left an old lamp on their front porch. She'd heard rumors about this sort of thing before but never had the chance to try it herself.

She gave it a rub, and to her surprise and pleasure, a genie popped out and asked her what she wanted. Fortune-minded sim that she was, she knew the answer was money. Not just because she craved the stuff but because they were pretty poor after having purchased the new house.

Almost instantaneously, a bag of money fell at her feet (almost on her head, to be precise). Ten thousand simoleons would go a long way in her investments and toward Guillermo's college education.

Perhaps having heard of the new-found riches in the Villalobos house, a burglar crept up the sidewalk and broke into the house.

The house had an alarm system, but unfortunately, the burglar managed to steal their tv before the police could get there and apprehend him.

A fight ensued, and sadly, the burglar won. Catalina tried to cheer up the defeated police officer, but she left in a hurry, embarrassed and sad, no doubt.

This is what Catalina does when I'm not watching her.

And then Linda comes and threatens to pummel her. Good job, Catalina.

Guillermo got a bit of an ego check at school, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. He hurt his hamstring, which kept him from playing football for a while, but it was enough to make Guillermo realize perhaps he wasn't as great as he frequently thought himself to be.

To entertain himself and in the hopes of getting a scholarship from it, Guillermo got a job as a security guard, which he loved dearly. He liked the responsibility and did a good job; plus, it gave him some extra spending money he didn't have to ask his moms for.

He still continued to be a good student, despite all the sports activities and work, though. Catalina and Nerissa knew they'd done a good job raising him to be a responsible, hard-working boy, and they hoped that after his hormonal teen years, his personality would even out a bit as well.

After lots of hunting, Nerissa finally found a job in her chosen career path as well. It would be nice to finally work on her lifetime goal of becoming an education minister.

The money from Nerissa's job would also come in handy...especially when the occasional unforseen expenses popped up. Catalina still waited for her ideal job, but slowly and surely, the Villalobos household was getting its act together.

Ten minutes after Cat collected the first bag of cash, a glitch caused another one to appear. No complaints here!


So Guillermo is a meanie eh? Hopefully the ladies can straighten him out a bit! I'm glad that big ole bag of money didn't fall on Catalina's head!

He just looks like a bully to me, and he only has one nice point. Doesn't he look like a bully? So I made him one. But a redeemable one...

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