The Beaumonts (C) - Round 6

The first thing that happened when Meadow and Alain graduated college was to buy a house. The second? Finally, finally get married. Alain had loved Meadow since the first time he saw her as a teenager, and now they could finally get married.

The engagement was practically just a formality and lasted less than a week.

On the little farmette they'd purchased, Alain donned his tux, and Meadow donned an utterly inappropriate dress and they tied the knot in front of Alain's brother, mother, and father. It all went perfectly:

The vows...

...the vows...

...the kiss...

...and the cake, neatly placed in one another's mouths - no cake smashing occurred.

Alain and Arnaud sat down for a piece of cake in the house, and Arnaud had to admit, he was impressed with all his little brother had accomplished in such a short time. Arnaud was just now getting married and having a baby, and here Alain was on the fast track.

A great time was had by all, and the happy newlyweds started enjoying their new house.

They didn't have a ton of money after having bought the new house, but Meadow didn't mind much. As long as she could be outside, she was happy. She even managed to maximize her nature interest.

With a bit of the money they had left, Alain and Meadow decided to adopt two puppies, in order that Meadow could start working on her LTW to raise 20 puppies or kittens. Part of the reason they'd bought the house they did was so they could have a separate area just for the puppies.

The two got along great, both being very social puppies, and they loved their "dog house," which was actually a room built away from the house and connected to it with a walkway over the pond.

It wasn't long before the tiny puppies became full-sized adults. First one...

...then the other. But both were male dogs, and Meadow eventually hoped to breed her pups.

So she adopted Cleo, a shy, smart, adult female who she hoped would fancy one of the boys enough to make some puppies.

Cleo seemed to like the boys alright, but more often than not, she slept outside under the stars and played by herself.

Though Meadow and Alain kept the house doors locked, occasionally a pup would sneak through and make its way to the master bedroom, hopping up on the bed and napping with its master or mistress before being caught. There were no puppies yet, but their lives were still young... and so were Alain and Meadow's.


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OMG so Blogger ate my comment again...

These two are precious (like most of your other couples!). Although I hope they have real babies and not just fuzzy ones!

They have to! They're too pretty not to. :)

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