The Vincis (B) - Round 6


Enzo Vinci, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Head of SCIA

Fiona Vinci, Adult Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Imelda Vinci, Teen Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Space Pirate


Last round at the Vincis, Enzo continued writing novels and wishing to quit his job. Fiona got into private school, and Fiona continued to spend the majority of her time hoping Cinnamon and Pumpkin would get to like each other well enough to eventually have kittens.

Having no luck with kittens, Fiona decided she might want to have another baby. The fact that Imelda was heading off to college soon didn't help her anticipating empty nest syndrome.

In lieu of either a baby OR a litter of kittens, Fiona decided to just adopt a new kitten. She was getting to be fast friends with the animal control lady.

In keeping with the food-themed names, Fiona decided to name this tiny male kitten Brownie.

Pumpkin took to him immediately, grooming him frequently, much to the happiness of little Brownie.

Imelda, fresh with a crush on recently teenaged Marquez Villalobos, couldn't wait to spend more time with him, even if she had to do it when she wasn't exactly allowed.

And Enzo continued to claw his way up the promotional ladder, though his heart wasn't really in it. He wanted to be home with Fiona, writing novels for a living and not being some corporate stiff. Still, he'd come this far and couldn't stand to give up on his lifetime dream of becoming the head of the SCIA.

Fiona, when she wasn't spending time training the kitties, continued her interest in tinkering by finally finishing her car. She found that having it wasn't nearly as fun as working on it, though, so she sold it for a massive profit and began working on another. It was her little way of contributing to the family funds, she thought.

Even though the cats were a handful, she still had time to continue working on her hobbies, getting fit finally after having Imelda (and after too many fattening meals she'd learned to cook).

She decided that she should start looking for other interests besides family, since having a baby didn't seem to be a good idea or a real possibility at the time, and since the cats weren't getting along as well as she'd hoped. So she decided that, within reason, she'd do what made her happy.

Of course, a lot of that was still playing with the cats.

Even Enzo had to admit that they all had a lot of personality, and it was fun to watch them dart around the house or attack the cat teaser.

And so life went on. Enzo continued to want to quit his job...

...and Fiona continued to entertain herself at home however seemed fit.

Enzo's frustration with work only increased when his book royalties started trumping his paychecks significantly, but he still hung in.

It was good he did because he and Fiona decided it was time for them to move out of the duplex and into a larger house. They knew that Paolo and Caitlin would be moving soon too, and so the two couples bought lots across from one another to remain close. Enzo and Fiona invested in a large, airy house with what seemed like miles of windows.

The thing that Fiona liked best about it was the way the floors seemed switched. The living area and kitchen were upstairs, while the downstairs held only a sitting room, bedroom and the garage.

Of course, Imelda's room was also downstairs, giving her the feeling of having a little basement apartment of her own with the kitties next door, her own bathroom, and a little sitting room of her own.

Just after the move, Brownie grew into a beautiful young cat, and the three kitties seemed to settle well in their new digs, with all the amenities and space they didn't have at the old house.

Fiona continued to train even Pumpkin, the senior-most pet in the house, but she kept wishing for kittens.

So she decided to adopt one more kitty, and if this friendly female didn't get along with either of the males, then perhaps she would give up. Roux was added to the family. Unfortunately, what Fiona didn't know is that Roux came with a good personality but a LOT of bad habits...

Like scratching furniture.

Sleeping on beds.

And jumping up on the furniture. She was completely disruptive to the community of Fiona's already well-behaved adult cats. It took constant following Roux around and reprimanding or praising behaviors to finally get her well-adjusted enough to be a more natural part of the group.

While Fiona worked with Roux, Enzo stayed up late nights studying and hoping to continue getting promoted. His results were pretty successful.

The day finally came that Fiona was dreading, though, and it was time for Imelda to head off to college. The girl had done well, earning well over her tuition in scholarships, but it didn't soothe Fiona and Enzo's hearts much as their little girl was heading off to university.

Nevertheless, it was time, though, and Imelda waved goodbye and headed back to the campus where she'd been born.

[[Author's Notes: I found out too late that pets have to have some sort of pet house in order to 'try for kitten' or 'try for puppy.' D'oh. Well, now I know, and there are two pairs of kitties in this house that can breed, yay! I think Roux and Brownie/Pumpkin and Cinnamon are going to be the combinations. Enzo seems to have a really hard time getting promoted, for some reason. This house isn't a struggle, but Enzo doesn't exactly zoom through the promotions the way a lot of my sims do. Oh well. As soon as he reaches his LTW, so long as his second LTW isn't another job-related one, I'm going to let him quit and write novels for a living. Not much else to report here. On to the mutually forgotten Vinci C's next. :)

She's really dedicated to trying to get high logic skill. // Doesn't this look like Caitlin is creepily stalking Enzo? Ha. There's actually a solid wall there, so she couldn't see him through it. ]]


Pumpkin+Cinnamon=Pumpkin Pie....mmmmm. I can't believe that Imelda is heading back to uni so soon, it's like she hasn't even been away. That sucks about not having a pet house. Unfortunately I think the limit of pets in a house is 6 -- so the max you'll get in a litter is 2 once they do finally have kittens. I wonder if Enzo and Fiona will have another baby, I hope they do!

Haha, I know, that's part of the reason I decided those two should breed. Also, they have a 100-100 relationship, so it should work well. That's craptastic that you can only have six pets in a house!! Oh nooooo, I don't want to get rid of any of them! Sobbles. Maybe when Imelda gets a house of her own, she can take Pumpkin and Cinnamon, since she's closest to those two. Then the next litter could be Roux and Brownie...hmm. We'll see.

Isn't it crazy that Imelda is heading back to college already? I feel like she should just skip she's already been there, haha.

As to Enzo and Fiona: I reveal nothing!!

I have never seen a fortune sim who wanted to quit his job!

That's what everyone says!! But he doesn't get really fast promotions at work, and I guess he realizes that he can make a lot of money through novel writing?? It's so weird. Probably if I ever let him quit, he'll start getting wants to get a job in X career. Silly sim.

It's probablly his success in writing that makes him wanna quit. I've seen it with sims that sell master piece art, too

I'm guessing that's what it is. Because he makes more writing novels than he does on his paychecks. It's the only thing that makes sense.

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