The Villaloboses (B) - Round 6

The Villalobos family was ecstatic. Diego and Amber had graduated college, and Marquez was happily in good standing at his school. They'd moved into a new house with the money left over from their scholarships, and life was good.

Amber even got a job right away in her chosen career path: music. She wanted to be a Rock God and knew she could do it...even if the car pool did arrive at an ungodly morning.

They sat down for their first meal in the new house with some of the residents of Rosebud that came to welcome them - Stella Terrano being one.

It was nice to know they had such friendly (and familiar neighbors), but Amber was glad when they left. She enjoyed simply being in the first house she'd ever owned, and she definitely enjoyed trolling around their new property for lightning bugs.

The first thing they decided to do was invite over the headmaster of Rosebud Academy to see about getting Marquez into the school.

Amber greeted him, and then Diego swept him off on a tour of the house while Amber made dinner.

By the time they all sat down, the headmaster seemed impressed with their home and with everything they said about their son.

That night, Marquez became the next Rosebud child to join the Academy, and the next morning, he headed off to school in his new uniform.

Marquez found that the assignments were tougher, and he needed a bit more help from Diego than usual, but he didn't mind so much. It was also more interesting at Rosebud Academy, and a lot of his friends were already there.

He excelled at his new school; even if he struggled a bit with the book learning, he made friends quickly, and his good sense impressed his teachers and the parents of his peers.

His first afternoon, he brought home a new friend: Cosmo Terrano, who lived with his two mommies a little ways across town. He sure looked strange, but then, his one mom did too - she had come to welcome them when they first got to the neighborhood.

Amber too did well in her new job, ever the pleasant and good-natured person.

Sure enough, she soon happily came home with a promotion to Studio Musician.

But there was something even more important and exciting than Amber's promotion that night: Marquez's birthday!

He blew out the candles on his cake and must have wished for a growth spurt as he shot up in height.

His clothes certainly left something to be desired (his pants in particular), but he was a supremely handsome teen.

He even had a few new muscles to brag of!

Marquez decided that he found knowledge the most interesting and worthwhile pursuit. After all, if you knew everything, then there wasn't much you couldn't do, he figured. He also wanted to find a mate someday who was equally as buff, logical, and free of chemical scent.

As for a career, he thought he might want to write for a living...maybe report news or sports or something. The life of a journalist seemed both exciting and intelligent, and he thought he could do it well.

Apparently, others noticed his body as well.

And not just his teachers. That afternoon, Marquez brought home Imelda Vinci from school. She was by far the most beautiful and most popular girl at the Academy, and though Marquez was a little nervous, she seemed nice enough. And she also seemed eager to spend time with him, though he couldn't figure out why...

And he had to admit, she was a GORGEOUS girl. She was all the things he could want: beautiful, interested in knowledge too, logical, fit, and didn't reek of any of that perfumy crap that gave him a headache. He thought he might be in love, though it was just the puppy variety.

He couldn't explain why he did it...perhaps it was those big green eyes or the long hair or the way she walked or the way she talked...

...or most likely it was his newly discovered teenage hormones, but that day he had his first kiss with Imelda and instantly asked her if she would go steady with him.

She agreed, and a teenage love affair was born.

Unaware of the new romance in her son's life, Amber left that night for her job, leaving Diego behind to continue hunting for one of his own.

Luck favored him, and he spotted an opening at the local dance studio for a Flamenco Master. He snapped up the job and eagerly awaited his first day. This was a huge step on the way to his lifelong goal of becoming a World Class Ballet Dancer.

Amber came home that night with another great promotion and another huge bonus. They needed the money a lot since they had blown all their savings on this huge house.

Sadly, the next day, she wasn't so lucky. Due to a nefarious and dastardly act by her rival, Amber was canned - and she was trying to be the big person about it! She could not believe she'd gotten so far only to be fired completely.

She came home completely and utterly inconsolable.

It was Diego's first night of his new job, though, and he promised her his wages would keep them afloat until she could get back into the music business. His support warmed her heart, and succeeded with a great amount of effort to straighten her shoulders about the whole matter. Plus, who could be that sad when they had such a handsome husband with such a sexy work outfit?

That very night, as Amber sat down at the computer, dreading going through the job search yet again, she could hardly believe her eyes when she saw her position advertised yet again. She quickly snapped it up and thanked the universe or whatever decided to throw her a bone after she'd had such a bad patch of luck.

World's worst headmaster score that actually gets a kid in. // Imelda, tip: don't talk about another boy to your boyfriend.


OMFG Marquez is such a cutie! He and Imelda are going to make such cute babies :) Amber and Diego had quite the rough luck with jobs this round, hopefully things go better next round.

I hope they end up together. They would have the loveliest offspring. I'm not cemented on the idea yet, though...we'll see if anything happens at uni.

If you are able to age Marquez about 20 years and make him into a real person, could you then send him my way? Thanks.

(And yeah, I'm up way too late.)

I know, right!? He's totally the cutest sim I've ever bred thus far. :)

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