The Vincis (E) - Round 13


Beth Vinci, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer

Silvio Vinci, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Prestidigitator

Ruby Vinci, Child Popularity Sim, LTW Grow Up Well

Pearl Vinci, Infant Family Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last time at the Vinci house, Silvio and Beth got busy with the baby-makin'! Beth managed to get in peak physical condition to aid in her LTW despite popping out a second baby and spending most of her free time at home potty training Ruby. Silvio helped too...though more with the baby-makin' part than the potty training part. Let's see how this new little family is doing this round, shall we?

The fall season started off well for the adults in the household. Both of them were making slow but steady progress in their chosen career fields. Silvio was promoted to International Sim of Mystery (a job in which his neurotic dedication to order and cleanliness surely helped him), and Beth was promoted to Assistant Coach (a job in which her new-found mother's ability to manage people who act like children certainly did the same).

Beth was even trying to make some new friends with co-workers she'd just met.

Somewhat surprisingly, given her rather brusque personality and somewhat cruel sense of humor, she seemed to be succeeding!

Of course, there was always some tending to Ruby to do. Ruby had been sort of an oops-baby, but that didn't mean they couldn't do a good job raising her. She was a lot nicer to be around now that the possibility of a poopy diaper was no longer in the cards.

More promotions quickly followed. Beth learned an important lesson that day: shocking your co-workers with a joy buzzer is clearly a good way to endear yourself in the workplace and cement potential promotions.

Silvio learned that when you aren't busy being barefoot and pregnant all the time, it's a lot easier to achieve your lifetime goals. He came home that fall with his dream job: head of the SCIA.

Of course, as soon as he had the job, he realized it wasn't what he really wanted to do with his life. What he really wanted to do was... be on STAGE. Yes. The entertainment business was the life for him and his measly one nice point.

Ruby observed her parents and learned important life lessons: like that throwing a water balloon at someone was a great way to make friends. Fortunately, her victim this time was the nice-challenged Caroline Beaumont, so it all worked out.

Soon it was time for the youngest bundle of joy to grow up into a pooping, screaming, toilet-playing machine.

She grew up into a lovely young lady who was a good mix of her parents, and she was shockingly nice coming from a father with only one nice point.

Perhaps she was to be the odd one in the family who didn't think pranking was a nice way to make friends. She was almost better suited to be a popularity sim than her older sister, but her friendly, outgoing nature certainly wouldn't hurt her in her eventual hunt for a mate.

Skill training began in earnest once more in the Vinci household. Pearl was bright and learned quickly, though perhaps it also helped that her parents were a bit more experienced this time around.

Silvio had some tough decisions to make at work, but he seemed to be making the right choices. In a fit of jealousy, he attacked another gang of pirates and secured for himself and his family a hefty $32,000 bonus. It really helped build up their depleted finances. After building and furnishing their large house, they were running on fumes.

The influx of money gave Silvio enough aspiration points to choose a secondary aspiration. Romance seemed like a good one. Now that the girls were a little older, maybe he and Beth could revisit some of their romantic bedroom activities.

Fully trained with all the necessary toddler skills, Pearl was ready to have her next birthday.

Silvio quickly realized when he looked at his second daughter that he would need a very large stick to keep the boys away once she turned into a teenager.

[[Author's Notes: This house is pretty fun to play. I think the girls turned out pretty cute despite having two parents with kind of weird features. I think Pearl is going to turn out gorgeous, though as you'll see from one of my bloopers, she looked downright SCARY when she first transitioned to toddlerhood. I don't know if any other kids are in the works for these two. I might just let them woohoo autonomously, and if risky woohoo decides they need another child, so be it. A few bloopers for you...

The horror of Pearl's infant-to-toddler transition. AHHH! // Prettiest nanny evar. <3 I kind of want to extract her from game and reinsert her as an adult townie. // So...what is it you want again? ]]


How on earth does Pearl have 10 nice points after seeing her mom shock a co-worker into submission and her sister pelt neighborhood kids with water balloons? I guess she must have inherited it from her daddy... She'll definitely be a heartbreaker too. Cute update, I'm kinda glad these two got "oopsed" with two beautiful girls.

I have no clue, and it couldn't have come from Silvio because he only has ONE nice point. She must have nice genes that skipped a generation or something because nobody else in this house is nice at all.

She was so scary looking when she first transitioned that I was terrified, but actually, with that hair that I got from you looks great on her. I'm happy for these oops babies too. I decided I'm not going to click "try for baby" any more for them, but if they get caught by risky woohoo, so be it.

I continue to try to comment without any results. I'm still here!

And when I say nothing, the comment comes through :)
It's a nice family you have here!

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