The Vincis (G) - Round 13


Gemma Vinci, Adult Romance Sim, LTW Become Professional Party Guest

Willow Vinci, Adult Romance Sim, LTW Become Rock God

Puck Vinci, Teen Popularity Sim, LTW Become an Icon


Last round, Willow, Gemma, and Puck purchased a house in "downtown" Rosebud and had very little money to decorate due to the price of the land and building. The sisters both quickly got jobs, Willow in the paranormal career track and Gemma in her chosen field of slackerdom. Puck aged well from a cute little boy into a badass teenager, and the house gradually filled up and got decorated as money started trickling into the family bank accounts. Let's see how these three do this round.

If Puck had learned anything from living with two romance-driven people like his mom and his aunt, he had learned that there were two things you needed to be super popular. The first was charisma, that natural charm.

The second was a hot bod. Yoga may not have been the manliest activity in the world, but it sure built up his muscles. Puck would have preferred to do something like run a treadmill or lift weights, but he knew they couldn't afford this expensive equipment, and Rosebud hadn't gotten its own gym yet. So yoga it was, and he delighted to see his muscles begin to define themselves.

All his hard work quickly paid off. He was soon getting off the bus with the beautiful Tabitha Devivio, a Silvervale transplant.

Their casual conversation quickly turned to flirting, and soon Puck could see that she was starting to crush on him a bit. The feeling was mutual; Tabitha was gorgeous, and she still had that "new girl" appeal.

That day, Puck managed to get his first kiss from the brunette beauty, and he felt himself beginning a rocket ride to popularity.

Willow wasn't having quite as much fun, to her chagrin. Sure, she was making good money and getting promoted regularly at work, but all work and no play made Willow a dull, and grouchy, girl.

Gemma, too, found herself spending so much time in the house that she was almost turning into a dorky knowledge sim. Not that there wasn't value in learning, but what about fun?

Fortunately, she at least satisfied some of her more romantic needs at work. Being a professional party guest had its perks, and now that she'd become the queen of the scene, she could relax and start picking off some of the men she'd met at work for more private parties.

The three members of the household got along great. Sure, they were an unusual family, but they all understood each other, and they frequently had breakfast in the wee hours of the morning, when all three were getting home from their social pursuits.

Gemma, inspired by the delicious food she ate at all of her soirees, started contemplating a career shift into something that was...well, a bit more lucrative.

As she started researching all the things she would need to do to make her dream come true, it occurred to her that she was sort of turning into a dorky knowledge sim against her will. She simply sighed and accepted it...though she did make a promise to herself to go on no fewer than three dates a week.

After all, if hardworking Willow could manage to still booty call her old flames and date new people, so could Gemma.

If Gemma had to listen to one more night of Willow having fun with one of her suitors, she'd scream anyway. Best to find her own and try to drown her sister out.

Puck's popularity began to really take hold in his school, and he brought home yet another Silvervale transfer, this time the ginger-headed Lindsay Wade. As pretty as Tabitha was, there was something fiery and appealing about Lindsay that Puck found entrancing.

In fact, he found that he couldn't stop thinking about her, even when working on homework for his favorite subjects.

He finally gave up trying to concentrate and called her. Tabitha would probably be jealous, but they weren't going steady, and how could he resist this new pretty girl in his arms? If this was what popularity brought him, he was okay with having to deal with the tough choices it brought.

[[Author's Notes: I am SO glad that Puck brought home some of the Silvervale kids. I really think he hit it off with Lindsay, so she may be joining him when he goes to college. I guess it depends on if he can keep his lips off any OTHER females he might bring home on the school bus, lol. Poor Willow and Gemma are dying from not getting any romance action, so I'm going to have to try harder next round to allow them to play at least as hard as they work. I got a little caught up in trying to get money into the household.

Not a blooper, but their kiss was so picture perfect and adorable! // Lol, Willow, you just can't let go of the past, can you? ]]


Wow, you really nailed the "Puck" persona... lol. I love that he's totally diggin on two of my girls, although I also think Lindsay would be a better match for him personality wise -- she is Pleasure afterall. Tabitha is more reserved and family oriented to date such a party boy :p I kinda feel bad for Willow and Gemma because they're not getting too much action... it's funny though that Gemma is turning into a closet knowledge sim :p

Hahahaha, I love his personality. Did you see the episode where they all wore the shirts with their flaws on it? And he was wearing one with an arrow pointing downward saying "I'm With Stupid"? So awesome. He liked Lindsay better than Tabitha almost immediately, and they went on a few more dates together in the upcoming round. She might be the one who ends up nabbing him, though he hasn't really made any decisions yet in his wants box. He did spend a lot of time with Aline Beaumont in round 14, too, so I have no idea what'll happen. I can't send Aline to college with him, so I might just choose for him and send Tabitha. I dunno. He pretty much loves all girls, lol. The funniest thing about Gemma is that I forgot she was secondary knowledge, but she apparently "knew" and got a start on it early, before she even got enough AP to choose a secondary. :)

The only one being romantic being the non-romance sim, huh? :)

Exactly! Maybe Willow and Gemma got all their crazywoohoo out of the way in college and are now looking to settle down to a more sedate life of occasional woohoo?

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