University - Round 13 - Part 1: Urele Cham Annex


Nala Villalobos, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Media Magnate

Doyle Vinci, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Graduate 3 Children From University

River Vinci-Chin, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Criminal Mastermind

Bijou Beaumont, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Media Magnate

Adam Depiesse, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become World Class Ballet Dancer


This household full of YAs is brand new to the university scene, and since there were so many upper-classmen already inhabiting the primary Greek House, I decided that this round I needed to build a Urele Cham annex. It's right next door to the original Urele Cham house, and I downloaded it from TSR. (I don't remember from whom, but if anyone is interested, I can look it up. Many thanks to the hardworking people who do this kind of thing and offer up their work for lazy schlubs like me to use in game!) Four of the five freshman university students are Rosebud playables, and the special addition to this round is River's chosen man: Adam Depiesse, of the lovely turquoise-colored eyes. Let's see how these n00bs do their freshman year, shall we?

It was that time of year again: the time when parents sadly watched their young ones leave the nest and fly into a college life that would most certainly corrupt them, the same way it did their parents. The tearful hugs goodbye filled the street as the Rosebud teens got their first look at their new home on campus.

Frankly, all of them were awed at the sight of the newest building on campus, built specifically for the Rosebud-centric greek fraternity, Urele Cham. All of the newest freshmen's parents had been members, but it still seemed amazing that they could be allowed such luxury being grandfathered in for a generation or two.

The four teens from four of the most prominent Rosebud families were confronted with a newcomer, but he seemed like he would fit right in. Adam Depiesse was accompanying his girlfriend River Vinci-Chin to Sim State for his four-year period of matriculation.

There was nothing offensive about his personality, and he was certainly cute and loved River a lot, so no one minded that he was tagging along for the four-year ride.

The first thing everyone agreed upon was the pooling of their money to hire a butler. Sure, they could all cook and clean well enough, but who wanted to constantly be scrubbing toilets in between writing term papers? Dorms had cooks, so what was so wrong with having a cook/maid/repairman?

River immediately was drawn to the music-related objects in the house. Her mother had been a rock goddess in her younger days, and River had always had a love for music. She wasn't the only one appreciating the amenities.

With personal computers already outfitted in the rooms, it was no problem to get some quiet space to study in a house full of people. Adam definitely had a bit of self-conscious work ethic, feeling like the one person in the house who had to prove his mettle to be accepted by the grandfathered Rosebud teens in the Urele Cham fraternity.

The other four settled in comfortably. Bijou took to reading the paper every day, thinking that the combination of social and intellectual news was important for her to follow. Her two loves (lots of friends and lots of brains) were still going strong.

After the first few weeks, the newest Sim State attendees began to settle into comfortable habits. Their butler always had exceptional variations of traditional "college food" on hand. Sure, burgers were classic dorm food, but not all of them had slices of blackened portobello mushrooms and fresh pesto on them.

Adam definitely felt like he was riding on the laurels of his Rosebud friends' parents hard work, and he was, but he didn't mind as long as he could be riding on River too. River had no complaints; she was just happy she could drag her childhood friend and great love along with her through the university years.

Somehow, the first semester passed amidst a blur of term papers and gourmet meals. All the kids in the Annex got A+ grades.

River truly came out of her shell in university. Having spent so much time alone with her hippy parents made her go a bit crazy when she had some freedom in university. At least she made friends easily, though.

She was definitely one of the more... "unique" members of the greek house. The butler may not have appreciated her creating extra work for him by demolishing his neat piles of autumn leaves, but the neighborhood boys certainly didn't mind.

River truly felt fulfilled at Sim State. She loved her parents and the upbringing she'd had, but it was nice to have more modern conveniences like a treadmill and an indoor heated pool instead of constantly growing your own vegetables, catching your own fish, and sleeping in freezing cold tents for "fun."

Adam definitely seemed to appreciate the svelt body that all the treadmill and pool time gave his girlfriend.

Woohoo was certainly on the minds of more Rosebud YAs than just River and Adam. Bijou had a tiny crush on Doyle Vinci, who was just so adorable with his seemingly clueless hippy-dippy nature.

Yeeeeek. Doyle wasn't too interested back, though. Wonder why...

As the Rosebud YAs began to adjust to college life, they also began to party a little heartier. They all became especially fond of the "fruit punch" that ran freely from the tap in the pool area.

Adam really ramped up the greek house factor finishing his punch benders by crushing the cup against his forehead.

Nala was the quintessential "cool chick" of the house, honing her trick shots at pool and always able to make it to class on time no matter how much fruit punch she'd had to drink the night before.

The whole house went a bit crazy the week before freshman finals. Llama: This is so not going to end well.

Caught off-guard despite their knowledge of the semester schedule, the YAs of the annex had some major cram sessions right before taking their final exams.

Mercifully, they all passed their courses with flying colors, which was a miracle given the hangovers they were nursing as they suffered through the exam season.

The exhaustion they were met with following their "party first, study later" mentality freshman year caused them to be a bit more dilligent as they began their lives as sophomores at Sim State.

They learned the fine art of balance fairly quickly. Hard core study sessions were followed by mini-parties to celebrate a week of hard work, another round of study sessions beginning on the following Monday.

They started trying to make skilling fun, too, which helped them gain necessary knowledge while still not weighing down their spirits with *too* much seriousness. [Pictured front to back: Doyle, River, Nala, Bijou]

With all the hot young bodies and young adult hormones taking over the annex, it was frankly amazing that any of them managed to get ANYTHING academic done, but somehow they managed.

And though the primary house would have been embarrassed to admit so, the young'uns were putting their upperclassman elders to shame!

Author's Notes: This round, I decided that I had SO many Rosebud teens going to college that I needed a secondary Greek House. Thus, the Annex came to be. I have to admit that playing college students in a new house made me enjoy playing university a lot more, I guess just because of the change of scenery. Adam won the right to go to uni with River because ACR told me that she liked him better than her other high school romance, pink-eyed Matt Layhew. The kids really seemed to enjoy life in this new house, so from now on, there will be two "greek houses" on you have to be a member to move into and one that is like training wheels for true Urele Cham members. The young-uns will move up into the primary house when they become upper-classmen so the new dorm will remain open for new arrivals. I some bloopers for you, so let's get on to them! Official Urele Cham greek house update is next!

At one of the dorms (maybe the Landgrabb one), I discovered that my game had gone a little glitchy and made the hot tub invisible. River and Adam apparently couldn't wait to woohoo in the privacy of their own annex bedroom, so the following highly amusing "Invisible Hot Tub WooHoo" series of photos is brought to you by my game's bugginess:

Frankly, most of that just looks painful, so better you than me, guys.

If that's one of your primary wants, Doyle, I don't think ur doin it right. ]]


What a fun round, this group is really funny. The house is really awesome too -- even though TSR is the devil. I'm really glad that you went with Adam as River's college boyfriend because he's super handsome. Any chance of Doyle and Bijou getting together? Also, Nala looks awesome with the dreads! P.S. I kinda like the in-post bloopers because I'm too lazy to click on links :p

LOL, my capcha for that last comment was "cowbelli"


I actually had a ton of fun playing this household. I think the change of scenery in the Greek House really perked up my enthusiasm for uni.

I haven't checked the chemistry with Bijou and Doyle...I'd have to look. For some reason, I thought that they didn't have many, if any, bolts, though Bijou definitely heart-farts all over him a lot.

I have a fever...

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