University - Round 13 - Part 2: Urele Cham House


Marc Beaumont, Young Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become The Law

Gina Vinci, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Space Pirate

Giovanni Vinci, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Chief of Staff

Grace Vinci, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer

Leah Vinci, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister


Last round at the Urele Cham house, the Vincis took over the greek house... not only that, Leah and Grace took over the beds of the non-Vinci men in the house: Bastian Beaumont and his cousin Marc, and Homer Tanaka. Even Zadie got a little carried away with all the woohoo and had a little hot tub party with Bastian...and then in bed with Homer a little later. It was woohoolapalooza! Leah started to really fall for Bastian and he got a hardy slap to the face when she caught him flirting with Gina Vinci. Soon, they both realized that what they had was more than a college fling, and Homer and Zadie began to realize the same thing. Homer, Bastian, and Zadie all graduated summa cum laude and left the remaining five underclassmen to survive their final two years. Let's see how they do.

The first thing Marc Beaumont did as a new upperclassman was... TO BECOME A VAMPIRE?!?! No, he was just too dumb to come in out of the cold while stargazing at the telescope on the roof in his bathing suit.

Of course, the other members of the house weren't exactly making their brain cells happy either... life was pretty sweet in the greek house, and they had all the distractions they could crave.

Fortunately, it didn't seem to affect their studies too much. With the system they'd worked out (involving group paper-writing sessions in which they could trade ideas easily), they all managed to coast fairly painlessly through their courses.

Grace was just happy that ONE Beaumont boy remained at the Urele Cham house. Her sister was mooning over the recently-graduated Bastian, but as far as Grace was concerned, Marc wasn't half-bad himself.

Life was getting more exciting at Sim State, especially since a new "annex" had been built to their greek house. Urele Cham had gotten so popular with Rosebud teens that it required a second off-site housing unit just for additional members. They could have HELLA toga parties now, with another five members residing in the lot just behind the main house.

The kids continued to eat way too much pizza, despite the fact that they could catch and/or grow perfectly good food of their own. But what fun is blackened catfish when you can have greasy mozzarella cheese and spicy pepperoni on a thin crispy crust!?

When there were no parties or woohoo sessions impending, the siblings in the house tended to stick to one another, which left Marc a little bit the odd man out.

Of course, in the case of the twins, he could always count on tomboyish Leah to end up making her sister angry, which was good for him. Why?

Well, because he was great at comforting Grace after a spat with her sister.

Gina and Gio became even more close as their final two years at university came to a close. Neither of them really had any interest in romance (and neither had any good prospects, for that matter), so they usually ended up either studying or playing games together. Gio was good-natured enough that he didn't mind his sister's rabid love of anything involving gaming.

Though, if you'd asked him? He would admit that it did give him a private little giggle whenever he beat her at one of her precious video games.

They didn't always indulge in good, clean fun. When Gio set the kitchen stove on fire trying to flambé some bananas foster, Gina never let him hear the end of her teasing. "The best cook I know, and you poured flaming rum all over the stove! That was the smartest thing you've EVER done!" But they loved one another, and this much was obvious. It was their way of expressing it.

Leah found herself somewhat lost without Bastian there anymore. He had promised her he'd wait for her until she graduated, but the house seemed a little less fun without him around. She threw herself into other tasks, mastering her creativity and puttering around in the greenhouse out back. She wasn't MEANING to be productive, but somehow her distracting hobbies ended up making her quite a skilled young lady.

The time finally came when all five of the Urele Cham "elders" became seniors. This was truly their year. How did they spend it?

With hot tub woohoo...

...a shopping spree to purchase every single video game available for the greek house console...

...and, of course, a massive bubble-blowing session. It would be a good year.

With all that fun, the first semester passed in a whirlwind. Only one semester now separated the Rosebud teens from the rest of their lives.

Leah kept working in the garden, but now she felt less sad and more excited. Only a few more months until she could join Bastian in the "real world!"

Gio spent his time maxing the rest of his skills so he was prepared to earn beaucoup bucks the second he got a job back home.

Gina spent so many overnighters playing the new video games that the spindle spun out of control and shattered the video game console, forcing her to buy a replacement.

And because of (despite?) all this, the five Rosebud teens finally managed to graduate Sim State with full honors.






See you guys back in Rosebud!

[[Author's Notes: This house was pretty entertaining this round, though I'm running out of things for the different generations to contribute to the greek house! I finally realized that the perfect gift from Gina to this gen would be every single video game it is possible to purchase for the sim gaming unit, but I've got no idea what it will be next round. Yet again, at the UC house, couples have managed to assert themselves, though sadly, Gina and Gio NEVER found anyone they were interested in at Sim State. Guess they're just late bloomers...or maybe they won't bloom at all. We'll find out when they get back to the main 'hood, I suppose. Two bloopers for you for these kidlets!

Leah, you are TOTALLY ripping off your sister's love letter from Bastian. Don't think I don't see you. // Um, Marc...well, considering you don't own a toy dog, I'd have to say NO to that one! ]]


Whatever is a toy dog? (from bloopers)
It will be interesting to have a couple of sims that will not immediately marry and pop out babies - Gina and Gio. And whatever happened to the videogame console?

Even though the game doesn't call them this anywhere but in the product name of "toy dog pen," I think it's just any of the small-breed dogs that are adoptable.

As for the video game console: I have NO IDEA. It's like they just used it until it broke...into a thousand pieces. I once had that happen with a piano, too; I sent someone to tune it with barely any mechanical points, and the whole piano just collapsed into a pile of trash. Whoops!

Wow, I never knew you could break a video game console... This group looked like fun to play, Leah and Grace have always been two of my favorites. I'm surprised that Gina and Gio weren't able to find any prospects, they're both adorable. And YAY for downtime at NPT today so I might actually be able to get caught up.

This gen of kids seriously played the video game console EVERY SINGLE DAY for hours at a time. Since I added so many gaming things into the greek house, all my sims end up being gaming addicts by the time they graduate. :p

There is hope for Gina and Gio yet... :)

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