University - Round 12 - Part 1: Chin Siblings


Cole Chin, Young Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer

Sadie Chin, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Space Pirate

Cosmo Tanaka, Young Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Mayor


Last time we saw the Chin siblings, they were making their start as underclassmen at Sim State, moving into the tiny house that was recently vacated by previous sib roommates, Conor and Liam Vinci. Sadie revived her teenage crush with Cosmo Tanaka and then only took a few visits for them to be wildly in love. Sadie proposed on the spur of the moment, and Cosmo said yes. In light of this, Cosmo decided to stay back and finish his final two years with Sadie instead of graduating and leaving her behind. Cole spent most of his time working on old cars (one of which got stolen...though how the thief fit it in that tiny bag, I'll never know) and booty calling Willow Vinci. There was a lot of woohoo going on in this campus housing. Let's see how it goes this round.

It seemed like their tiny house always had visitors. Part of the reason was that Cosmo was well known around campus, especially having been there for six years. But sometimes even the Greek House members would come over to visit and just to get away from the craziness that was greek life. Everyone got used to studying or writing papers with excess background noise.

The boys especially came to be very close with one another. After all, they had a lot in common: they both loved Sadie (though in different ways), they were both alien-born, and they both had a shockingly similar taste in clothes. (Whoops! :X)

Cole took up writing novels in the cooler weather, since it was too cold to work on his cars, and it helped bump up the income of the house a bit...enough to keep them in more than pizza and beer, anyway.

House grades continued to remain high, no doubt from the iron will they'd developed studying in a noisy house with millions of distractions.

The next semester flew by in a whirlwind of studying and...well, the other primary extracurricular activity the household mutually adored.

Before they knew it, they were seniors and looking forward to being on top of the world, or at least the campus, their final year.

The boys continued to bond, for which Sadie was grateful. It would have been a hell of a few years if her fiancé and her baby brother fought like cats and dogs.

Of course, Cosmo and she made sure to get plenty of alone time when it was tactful to do so. Cole wasn't generally picky about their private time, and they made sure not to constantly be knocking boots and leaving him out in the living room by himself to hear the noises through the walls.

With a whirlwind of term papers and woohoo, the senior year was over. It was time for this group of kids to move back to Rosebud and start anew. See you in the hood, guys. :)

[[Author's Notes: Wow, okay, so they must have been really boring, as I only took about ten pictures the entire two-semester round. Basically, I was amused by Cosmo and Cole bonding as well as they did. They had similar schedules, so it was like the C&C show, while Sadie did her own thing most of the time...and occasionally Cosmo. :p I don't know what Cole's fascination is with Willow Vinci, other than the fact that she's a hot romance sim and non-discriminate about her romantic choices. If he hopes to have a future with any girl at all, he'll have to find himself another hot mama when he gets back to Rosebud. :p Anyway, some bloopers for you!

You're going to get frostbite in places you wish you didn't have it. // Hahahaha, Cole, I know heatstroke is srs bznss, but you look really funny with that red face. // Cosmo suffers from short-term memory loss. It's like Memento. // I love seeing the penguin off season! Maybe he took a wrong turn on the way to the South Pole... ]]


I look forward to seeing these guys back in the hood!

Me too! Cole will be moving back in with his parents, and Sadie and Cosmo will be moving into the house with Mariko and Stella, to inherit when those two go. I hope they make pretty babies! Sadie's face got quite severe in the transition between teen and young adult...she definitely takes after her mother.

Too funny about Cosmo and Cole having the same style clothes and both hats... I bet it was difficult for you to keep them straight. I wonder what Cole will do with himself once he's out of the booty-calling college lifestyle... I hope he finds a nice girl to possibly settle down with!

Haha, apparently, I think aliens look good in berets, shorts, and sandals? I have no clue what to do with Cole, honestly. He was kind of an oops baby, and now I'm clueless as to what kind of trouble he might get up to back in the 'hood.

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