The Vincis (A) - Round 14


Gretchen Chin, Elder Knowledge Sim, 4th LTW Own 5 Top Level Businesses

Craig Chin, Elder Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Max Out 7 Skills

Bitsy Ray, Knowledge Servo, 4th LTW Become Space Pirate

Cole Chin, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer


Last round at the Vinci house wasn't terribly entertaining. Mostly, Craig, Gretchen, and Bitsy worked on their careers and earning new badges. Bitsy earned a gold sewing badge, a gold pottery badge, and a gold toymaking badge. Gretchen and Craig each earned a gold sewing badge. Let's see if they manage to be interesting in round 14. (SPOILER: They don't.)

Craig and Gretchen had to admit: having Cole home was definitely an adjustment. It surprised them how interested he was in making new friends, especially since he had always been so painfully shy. They suspected his new clothing choices were chosen with the intent to override that innate shyness and attract attention. It didn't seem to suit him, but Craig and Gretchen were mature enough at this point to know that Cole was an adult capable of making his own decisions and developing his own personality.

Craig, having finally reached his lifetime want of becoming a criminal mastermind and his second lifetime want of maxing out all seven skills, decided that his last goal on earth would be to eat as many grilled cheese sandwiches as was humanly possible.

Bitsy, in honor of her creator, chose the same secondary aspiration. As she watched Craig get older, she was filled with dread for the day when he would no longer be around. This was a way to honor him while he was still here.

The household tradition of earning as many badges as possible was also still going strong. Bitsy tackled gardening next, and Craig tackled pottery. Both felt convinced that between the four residents of the house, every talent badge possible could be earned, and they worked hard at this pastime goal.

Cole, knowing he needed to contribute to the household income somehow but unable to find a job in his chosen field, decided to start writing novels. After all, he was an alien...there was a huge market out there for sci fi fans who wanted to read about the life of someone who was spawned in outer space.

Fortunately, after a brief while, a new opportunity opened up in the athletic field, and Cole snapped it up. With all of his skills and his seemingly unearthly ability to learn new things and make friends despite his shyness, he was sure he would be a Hall of Famer in no time.

Bitsy, too, continued to reliably climb the job food chain. Even though she really wanted to be working in the Adventurer career track, that didn't mean she couldn't be good at what she did.

Luckily for her, too, a job suddenly came up in her path of choice, and she quickly snapped it up. She would be a space pirate no matter what it took!

As for Cole, it only took him a few weeks on the job to make it all the way to the top. He had to admit it was thrilling to achieve such a lofty goal, but on the high of his success, he decided he needed something else equally challenging to tackle. From now on, he would put everything he had toward becoming a celebrity chef.

The success of his achievement allowed him to change his world view a bit as well. Sure, it was awesome to have lots of counteracted the loneliness he felt as an essentially shy person. But now that he was an adult and watching his parents in their golden years, he knew he wanted something more. Commitment? Lasting relationships? Perhaps not. But a good woohoo now and then would be nice!

Sadly for Cole, the luck that day would go to his parents, not to himself. A genial gypsy left them a magic lamp that would allow up to three wishes to be granted. Craig and Gretchen, as the senior members of the house, got first dibs.

Predictably, Craig wished for the power to cheat death, and Gretchen wished for a longer life. They weren't quite ready to shuffle off this mortal coil quite yet. The genie granted each wish happily.

Bitsy was a bit oblivious to the new, magical influence in the house. With no finite lifespan and never knowing someone who died, she wasn't as concerned with the end of life as her human counterparts were. She just kept plugging along at her job.

This boost of confidence that a servo could never, in fact, actually die only gave her more motivation to do well... perhaps to support the family, and perhaps to encourage her maker and his mate in their golden years.

Bitsy became almost obsessed with proving to Gretchen and Craig that she could and would take care of things around the house as the couple passed into their golden years. Though a servo wasn't familiar with the concept of grief, she knew the couple well enough to understand that they wouldn't be along forever, and that that knowledge worried them.

Happily, Cole managed to find a job in his next chosen career field: the culinary field. Bitsy could see that it did all three of her human friends' good to see these successes.

...which was exactly why she hid the fact that she forgot to pay the electric bill and had to sacrifice an expensive bed to the repo man. She replaced it with her own funds. After all, she had a family that consisted of two elderly sims longing to feel they made a difference in the world and a brand new adult who was still just feeling out his way. Bitsy felt both stressed and grateful to know that she could be the one consistent driving force in the Vinci house that could keep it going for generations.

[[Author's Notes: Gosh, these guys are boring. Even Cole is boring, though I suspect he'll be booty-calling Willow Vinci on a regular basis in the next round. I'm going to shoot for earning ALL of the talent badges on this lot, which should be easy since Bitsy will live forever, but I have no clue where I stand and what still needs to be earned. I'll possibly post about that next round to give everyone a status update. No bloopers for you; this house was definitely a quick, simple play!]]


Wow, Cole looks really special - like a member of the Village People

I'm really surprised you let Craig and Gretchen wish for Longer lives... I was kicking myself in the butt after having Jill Hoppes wish for the power to cheat death, lol. Did you install Alien Eye defaults? I don't remember the Maxis ones having defined irises like Cole's seem to have :)

j68 - My least favorite aspect of the game default PT is those big geometric eyes...I wish his were a little smaller, but I tried to give him a hairstyle and some facial hair that would at least make him unique instead of just "weirdo with big ugly alien eyes."

Liz - I honestly don't know why I did that unless I was having an attack of squishies towards them that day. They're my only townie couple, and I really didn't want them to ever be playables, but they were ready to keel over in this round, and I wanted them to last just a touch longer.

I do have default replacement eyes. They are the "...and I'm running away" set by Jesstheex, which can be found here: :) LOVE her eyes.

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