The Clearys (A) - Round 14


Colm Cleary, Elder Popularity Sim, 2nd LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends

Tessa Cleary, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Education Minister

Neal Cleary, Adult Knowledge Sim, 3rd LTW Become Space Pirate

Tallulah Cleary, Teen Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Chief of Staff

Phoenix Cleary, Teen Romance Sim, LTW ?

Declan Cleary, Toddler Knowledge Sim, LTW Grow Up Well

Damien Cleary, Toddler Fortune Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Cleary house, Colm ate lots of grilled cheese and had to say goodbye to his beloved second wife, Michelle. The whole house was devastated by her death, and Tallulah acted out on her sadness by sneaking out of the house and getting brought home by the police. The house got an expansion in preparation for the birth of the Cleary twins Damien and Declan, and both Tessa and Neal reached TOC. At the very end of the round, Phoenix aged well into a teenager. Let's see how this family does in round 14.

The season started with Neal getting a supernatural visit from his mother, which actually pleased him, knowledge sim that he was. It definitely set the stage for the events that were about to follow...

Sadly, Death came for Colm one night...but he had a surprise up his sleeve! He had wished for the power to cheat death from the genie, and he was about to see if his wish was granted.

Death wants to play a game; at least it isn't chess.

Neal can't bear to look as his father embarks upon the game.

It wasn't exactly scientific, but "eenie-meenie-miney-mo" seemed like a good option in a game of chance.

And success! The genie had come through with his promise, and Death left very disappointed that day, going home empty-handed.

Guys? Hey, um... guys? You can stop crying now....

What was the first thing Colm did to celebrate his new lease on life? Well, a booty call to Christa Hu, duh.

He deserved a little celebration. After all, he'd just beat death!

Death was a persistent entity, however, and the next day while indulging in his favorite activity, gardening, Colm encountered his mortality again.

Again, he begged...and again Death granted him the opportunity to luck his way out of shuffling off the mortal coil.

This time, sadly, Colm wasn't as lucky. He chose the wrong hand, and his family had good reason to cry.

At least Colm got a lovely sendoff, though, complete with a cocktail and hula zombies dancing him into the afterworld.

Even the huge promotion Tessa brought home that night wasn't enough to alleviate the grief of the family. Colm had seemed larger than life in his time and nearly immortal. It was a sad reminder to everyone in the family that nothing lasts forever.

Colm's characteristic generosity and wide circle of friends was reflected in his enormous will, which left money in the hands of a whopping 22 residents of Rosebud.

The family laid him to rest next to his darling wife, Michelle, where the two of them could spend their afterlife together.

Unfortunately, the twins would forever remember their birthday as the day their grandpa dropped dead. Birthdays were supposed to be filled with happiness, balloons, and cake, not sobbing siblings.

Even through her grief, Tessa had one ray of hope: she and Neal were pregnant again. Even though her initial pregnancy had been an accident, Tessa was learning from Neal's large Irish family that there was little more important than the bonds of blood...something her parents never taught her in word or deed.

In an ironic mix-up of their names, it was Declan who grew up poorly, not Damien. He had some rage issues... "I HATE THIS MAKEOVER, AND I HATE YOU! THIS IS STUPID! I WANT MY GRANDPA!"

He and Damien had a decent relationship, and Damien tried to calm his twin by remembering to engage him in peaceful activities. The blowups were not attractive.

Neal took over his father's garden and felt closer to him by digging in the same dirt Colm had cared for so tenderly.

Meanwhile, Tessa grew larger and larger...

Tallulah and Phoenix knew what was coming as they watched their mother grow rounder through the passing days. They loved their family, but they definitely didn't want to be around for another cycle of toilet-splashing poop machines. It was time to take matters into their own hands, apply for private school, and then get the heck out of dodge to Sim State.

With almost no help from their parents, the two enterprising teens impressed the headmaster enough to gain entrance into Rosebud Academy for the final semester of senior year. It wasn't the experience they cared about so much as the bullet point on their college applications, and now they had it.

Unfortunately for the teens, Tessa's time for birth came before their time for college.

A baby girl was born, Norah, on a snowy winter night.

But that wasn't the only addition. Shortly thereafter, the Cleary family welcomed another little girl: Claire.

And then Charlie....

...and Rachael!! It was quadruplets for the Cleary family, and Tallulah and Phoenix nearly killed one another rushing to the computer to apply for scholarships.

They kissed their parents and siblings goodbye and hot-footed it out of the house to Sim State. Helping out with Damien and Declan had been enough!

Neal honed his gardening craft in a state of shock. If they were going to have four brand new toddlers in the house and two young children, they would be needing a LOT of food.

[[Author's Notes: Wow. Okay. So let me just start this commentary by saying that at the point in my game when I played this household, I had neither the More Than 8 Sims Per Lot hack NOR the trips and quads hack installed. I have since installed More Than 8 Sims Per Lot, but at the time this happened, I was staring in shock at my computer screen. I know it was a glitch, and I feared imminent destruction of my 'hood, but so far, nothing else seems to be glitchy. Tessa kept having "first" pregnancies. In other words, the full cinematic, no "second twin gets magicked onto the screen without all the hoopla" stuff. Each birth happened about a sim hour apart, and by the time she had her fourth child, I decided to end her pregnancy manually using InTeen. Otherwise, I think she would have just kept going! I quickly had to send the teens off to Uni because I couldn't handle a house with that many sims, especially when four of them are about to become toddlers, two of them arean't old enough to help out around the house yet, and both my grandparents are dead. I decided to keep the four that were born, and I don't *think* they're clones because of their skintones, but if their personalities turn out to be identical, I may have to rethink that. I've never killed off a sim toddler before, though, so probably they'll just stick around. I was totally depressed to lose Colm, but I have to admit, it was overshadowed by the weird BabyFest 2011. We'll see how things go next round. O.o If I don't lose my mind, it'll be a miracle!

He's probably a little young for the GC talk, Neal. Give him a few years. // LOLZ, VERY INSIGHTFUL OF YOU, DECLAN. // Awwww, even his carpool driver is sad to see Colm go. :'( ]]


OMG! Quadruplets without a hack, never saw that before! I'm absolutely sure the babies are not clones, since the random roller goes in after every birth. It's reset every time you start over the game and will start on square 1, which is called the "first-born syndrom". If you just started the game for the house each time they're having a baby they will be clones (with the same parents of course!)

Oh that's a relief to know! So far, I haven't had any other glitches in this house, even the annoying "adult diapers the infant forever on the changing table" glitch. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it was just a weird freak thing that doesn't mean anything! Looking forward to seeing lots of ways that Neal and Tessa's genes can mix though...I can imagine lots of great and not-so-great combinations, and when the four infants aged up to toddlers as I was playing yesterday, the diversity definitely looks good. Yay!

RIP Colm... at least you were able to keep him alive for one extra day with the genie lamp wish. Tessa makes such pretty babies... I'm sure the "quads" will grow up to be cuties! This household makes me want to go back and play some of my neglected Silvervale, although it'll be a long long time til I get back to Brad and Tessa.

I was so unreasonably sad to see Colm go! I wanted him to be around forever, and he was such a fun elder with all his hobbies and friends, and he loved the grandkinds, and, and and... *sniff*

It's funny, I'm noticing with the genetics in this family that the kids either resemble Neal OR Tessa, but there's not a TON of blending. Kind of interesting to see which kids favor who. :)

I'm definitely feeling like I'm going to be relieved when this prosperity is over... I think I'll do a lot of little challenges first, then maybe start an ISBI legacy.

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