The Tanakas (A) - Round 14


Jiro Tanaka, Adult Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers

Linda Tanaka, Adult Pleasure Sim, 2nd LTW Become Professional Party Guest

Homer Tanaka, Adult Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens


Last round at the Tanaka house, Linda and Jiro were by themselves while Homer finished out his college term. They studied, skilled, engaged in hobbies like orchid growing and tinkering, and trained Belle and Sebastian how to do lots of tricks. Linda, bored in her retirement, got a job in the slacker career only to discover that no one wanted a professional elderly party guest. This round, Homer rejoins them in the house, hopefully perking up the place a bit.

The first thing Homer did upon his rearrival into Rosebud was to call up his college sweetie, Zadie Villalobos. It seemed awfully quick to Linda and Jiro, but the two immediately wanted to tie the knot. After all, they'd been together for two years in university, at least. Neither wanted to wait any longer.

Their engagement was quick, and their wedding even quicker.

They didn't even wait for all their university friends to get settled in so they could attend...they had a very simple, lovely ceremony in the backyard with only Homer and Zadie's parents in attendance.

What they truly wanted was to begin their lives together as husband and wife, and as they feasted on one of Linda's meals later that week, it finally sank in with a sense of great satisfaction that they were finally married and ready to start a family.

They got started on that baby-making part right away; two family sims together made for eager and frequent attempts at starting the next generation of children!

Zadie's love for fishing in college inspired Homer to have a small pond put in at the back of their lot, and Zadie spent hours outdoors, thriving while indulging her love for nature.

Of course, it wasn't long before nature took its course with Zadie as well. A few short weeks later she was on the phone to her parents letting them know that a new addition to the family would be forthcoming!

Jiro and Linda were happy to have new life back in the house again. Too much time with just each other and the dogs was starting to make them feel stir crazy. Jiro in particular escaped to his telescope...perhaps one time too often...

Don't knock over the trees!!!

Bye Jiro! Enjoy your trip!

A few hours later, the aliens returned their human guinea pig more or less unharmed. Jiro was fascinated and horrified, but at least he was too old for the aliens to impregnate.

After all, one preggers person in the house was enough, despite the fact that Zadie seemed like the happiest pregnant lady that ever lived. She was the type that glowed with health and the new babies inside her.

Not long after, good luck struck both of the newlyweds. Zadie found a job in her chosen career path, and Homer found a well-paying job in the business field that would help support his new family. Zadie, of course, couldn't start until after her children were born, but at least she'd secured the position.

In preparation for the new family, Zadie and Homer spent some of their own money to improve the kitchen of the home and make some other small decorating changes to upgrade old appliances. After all, if this was to be their house someday, they wanted it to constantly be improved.

Sonny and Cher, the two puppies of Belle and Sebastian, grew up into adult dogs, raising Homer's goal total to four.

It also meant it was time to say goodbye to the little pups, and Homer gave them up for adoption...just in time it seemed.

After all, the house was about to get much more busy.

Oh, you just look sooooo pleased with yourself, don't you, Zadie?

Zadie, was, indeed, happy with herself...happier than she'd ever been. That night, the Tanaka family welcomed two new members into their home: a boy named Kenji and a girl named Kata.

The one bit of misfortune that the births of Linda and Jiro's grandchildren brought was that it seemed to anger Yuuna, who up until now had been resting peacefully in the back yard. She began haunting them with a renewed vengeance.

Fortunately, she seemed to avoid the nursery, and everyone loved to be in that baby-powder scented room, cuddling the new additions.

Ultimately, after a particularly terror-filled night for all the adults in the household, it was decided that long-lost Yuuna was to spend her eternity with the other elder generations of Rosebud, in the Wildflower Cemetery. Bye, Yuuna. :'( It's time for a newer generation to take over, and don't worry...I'm sure Linda and Jiro will keep up the haunting once it's their time to go.

[[Author's Notes: I never anticipated pairing Homer and Zadie, but the way they glued themselves to one another in college made the decision for me. I'm hoping that their features will mix well, though I have NO clue if they will or not. I haven't mastered the art of predicting genetics in this game yet. The twins were a surprise, though a pleasant one. Both Homer and Zadie are family sims, so they're falling all over themselves with happiness at having not one but TWO babies to take care of. On a side note, I felt like I got some really neat shots this round, though it had nothing to do with me. While editing these pics, I was particularly impressed with the angles of the alien abduction shots, which seemed different to me than most of the pictures from abductions prior. Also, I don't know how I got it, but I LOVE that shot of Zadie holding Kenji after he was first born. I don't remember ever seeing that expression during the birth cinematic before. Regardless, I was pleased with how the shots turned out this round. Handful of bloopers for you!

You know, Linda, somehow I don't think your hobby advice is sinking in at present. // Nice, Jiro. Real nice. // Yup, this is pretty much how I imagine most thoughts in Jiro's head. ]]

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