The Beaumonts (A) - Round 13


Armand Beaumont, Elder Family Sim, 2nd LTW Marry Off 6 Children

Cooper Bigfoot, Adult Bigfoot, 2nd LTW Become Media Magnate

Alexandre Beaumont, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Max Out 7 Skills


Last time at the Beaumont house, Alexandre achieved his first LTW of Becoming a City Planner and promptly got a job in the Natural Science Career. Armand hung on despite all odds, outliving his wife by more than an entire round and change. He also took a great interest in Arts & Crafts and Music & Dance to fill his addition to having a one-night stand with lifelong friend Samantha Ottomas. Cooper and Alexandre pretty much just hovered around him in fear that he would keel over at any minute. Let's see how long Armand can hang on this round.

Armand, at 83 years old, was the oldest sim ever left living in the town of Rosebud. The fact that he was one of the original founders made this only more bittersweet because his loved ones knew that he wasn't long for this world. Cooper and Alex especially dreaded the day he would no longer be around. Cooper credited Armand with saving him from the forest and welcoming him into the Beaumont home, and he tried every day to make sure that he expressed his great appreciation for this fact.

Armand decided that he really wanted to adopt a new puppy after the death of Abbey, and of course, Cooper and Alex indulged his every wish.

Thus, Maxx, renamed "Mojo," came to join the Beaumont house. It had been a long time since Cooper and Alex had seen Armand this happy.

Sadly for his family and especially for himself, Armand would not live to see Mojo grow into an adult dog. His time had finally come to an end, at an astonishing 84 years old.

"Who, me?" Armand seemed to resist the idea of leaving his corporeal existence behind at first, especially because Alex was wailing already just beyond the smoky spectre of death.

But when he saw the Mai Tai in Death's hand and realized this meant he could rejoin his beloved Adelaide, he knew that his time on earth was over, and it was okay if he was meant to go.

As Death kindly ushered Armand from one world into the next, Armand whispered words of encouragement to his bereaved son. "I'll keep an eye on you with your Maman, " he said, sad to leave Alex but knowing that this was the proper course of events.

Alex was completely devastated. No matter how much money his father left behind, it didn't matter. He had always been a bit of a ninny, as the kids had called him, but he loved his parents. Was that so wrong? Nevertheless, he was grateful, at least, to still have Cooper in his childhood home to keep him company. He knew that Cooper, too, was devastated by the loss of Adelaide and Armand.

They decided to place Armand's ashes right next to Adelaide's, in their former bedroom, so they could be together forever now. Goodbye, guys. :'(

To take his mind off the sadness of having lost his last living parent, Alex decided to wander outside and contemplate the universe for a while. Unfortunately, his peaceful contemplation was not to be.

Alex: "...........are you serious?? REALLY???? Can't I get a break?"

Bye, Alexandre. :[

After the traditionally long period of absence, during which no one in the household noticed he was gone, Alex was finally returned and unceremoniously dumped on the front lawn of his house.

Cooper, despite having not noticed Alex's absence, was delighted when he came back. Alex himself wasn't entirely unhappy about the situation, now that he was home safe with his feet on solid Rosebud ground again. Actually, knowing that he had been guaranteed safety, he was kind of excited at the idea that he'd actually met aliens!

He immediately ran to the "study" in order to read up on all legitimate research that had been done on extra-terrestrials. While studying theories on the diet of aliens, he managed to gain the final skill point needed to achieve his second lifetime want.

He thought that next, he might want to join Connor in his career...journalism. After all, he had tons of knowledge and experience; why not write about it?

Unfortunately, Alex's life seemed to be following a very distinct pattern: good news, bad news, good news, bad news. After the good news of achieving another lifetime goal, the bad news he next encountered was a touch of a stomach bug. There was NOTHING pleasant about praying to the porcelain god.

Connor came home with another promotion, as was typical for him, but he brought along a colleague in the field so that Alex could speak with her and learn some of the ins-and-outs of the job. Also, it never hurt to make connections. After all, it was all about who you knew, not what you knew.


Thanks to Alex's job in the natural science career, the Beaumont residence now had a cow plant. I decided we should put this cow plant to good use.

Goodbye, Old Townie. It's nothing personal; we just have too many ancient people running around the 'hood.


Connor continued to rock out, bringing home more and more promotions and bonuses. The Beaumont house was truly in possession of a mint now.

Connor found that sometimes his bones gave a bit of an ache where previously they never did. So since there was a nice source of some revitalization of the lot, he decided to partake of a nice Old Townie Milkshake.

Later in the season, we saw Armand for the first time. He was happy and innocuous as he floated around the lot, showing the most enthusiasm for the fact that his bed still remained. Go bed!

Alex, craving family time, invited over his sister Aurélie to spend time. Unfortunately, she seemed to have the same stomach bug that was apparently going around the neighborhood. Alex couldn't wait until they were all better and back to the relative normalcy of life without their parents.

[[Author's Notes: So Armand finally kicked it. Rest in peace, old buddy. You were never one of my favorite sims, but your sheer determination to live longer than 100% of the Rosebud population has so far won you a spot in my heart. On another subject, Alex has absolutely zero wants for any kind of romantic relationship, nor does he have even a crush on someone, according to ACR's adjuster. So what do you do when there is a single knowledge sim in a house with a need to procreate? You toss him to the Pollination Technicians, obviously! I can't wait to see how Alex's baby/babies turn out. :) Other than these two things, the round was pretty uneventful. Stick around for elderly Craig and Gretchen next. :)

Poor Alex. He might be excited about missing aliens, but the tricks they played with him only made him crave a hug. // Really? I just... yeah, okay, whatever. // Oopsie. These default replacements have no preggers mesh. He really is pregnant, I swear!! // I think my reaction to seeing my sibling turn into a werewolf would involve more than "being shocked." For example, it might include "Running for my own life." ]]

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University - Round 12 - Part 2: Urele Cham House


Bastian Beaumont, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Game Designer

Zadie Villalobos, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Chief of Staff

Homer Tanaka, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Marc Beaumont, Young Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become The Law

Grace Vinci, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer

Leah Vinci, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister

Giovanni Vinci, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Chief of Staff

Gina Vinci, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Space Pirate


Last time we were at the Urele Cham house, Bastien Beaumont and Gemma Vinci got in a little too much woohoo action, and Gemma gave birth to oops baby Puck Vinci. Zadie gardened and Homer worked out and played darts while the rest of the house entertained themselves with gratuitous amounts of woohoo. Leo, the unappreciated and socially awkward Vinci sibling, paid a cool five grand to the gypsy matchmaker, who paired him up with local shopgirl Michelle Kearney. Leo finally got his first kiss his final semester of college, engaged in some shocking graduation party woohoo with Zadie before graduating. Bastian earned a gold sewing badge and Zadie earned a gold gardening badge, and at the end of the round,Homer and Willow did the naughty at the graduation party, and Leo, Taye, Willow, and Gemma left university forever. This round, juniors Zadie, Homer, and Bastian are joined by incoming freshmen Gina, Gio, Grace, Leah, and Marc. I expect plenty more unadvised woohoo. Let's check in with them, shall we?

It was that time of year again, when the elderly parents of Rosebud had to tearfully say goodbye to their progeny as they strode forth heedlessly into the university world of unprotected woohoo, "special" punch, bubble blowers, streakers, and unlimited amounts of pizza. Since there are so many newcomers, let's introduce our incoming cast of freshmen with their new makeovers...

Marc Beaumont
Son of Alain and Meadow Beaumont
Political Science Major

Giovanni Vinci
Son of Paolo and Caitlin Vinci
Biology Major

Gina Vinci
Daughter of Paolo and Caitlin Vinci
Literature Major

Leah Vinci
Daughter of Fiona and Enzo Vinci
Psychology Major

Grace Vinci
Daughter of Fiona and Enzo Vinci
Drama Major

It would be a Vinci-filled few years at the Urele Cham house.

Taking a cue from the previous round's oops-babymama, all three of the incoming girls went together to health services to make sure there would be no more oopses in the greek house.

And it was a good thing they did, as the Vinci twins immediately jumped into bed with the remaining male upperclassmen in the greek house. Homer and Bastian appreciated the sort of power being juniors in a house full of freshmen girls presented them.

As for Gio, despite being probably the sexiest guy in the house, he preferred to spend his time making sure that his grades would be good enough to let him remain at sim state throughout the duration of his collegiate education.

The first semester, despite being filled with lots of activities that didn't necessarily include studying, ended well, the upperclassmen all entering the second semester of their junior year on the Dean's List, and the underclassmen successfully surviving their first semester of college with the same result.

The house began to get closer, and not just with their naughty bits. Friendships started to develop amongst the young adults, who may not have necessarily hung out in high school but who became friends now in their co-ed greek society. (Pictured: Marc Beaumont and Grace Vinci)

And holy crap, look at that, it took Grace the entire semester to paint that portrait, and the second year of this round's university experience commences.

Bastian and Zadie decided to celebrate their new-found senior status by getting it on in the hot tub. Frankly, it seemed like a perfectly predictable method of celebration for the Urele Cham house.

Marc, unimpressed with the buffet at the Urele Cham house, decided to go out into the larger world of a la carte dating on the Sim State campus.

He met with mixed results...there were some cute girls out there, but ultimately, none of them really lit his fire, so to speak, despite the incredibly large selection.

Meanwhile, back at the greek house, Zadie continued the celebration of her seniorhood with her remaining fellow senior, Homer, whom she'd deflowered in round 11. She had to admit, there was something kind of charming about Homer. Maybe she'd look him up after college.

Unbeknownst to anyone in the house, there was a little bit more under the surface of events than simple scratching of an itch. Leah, the sweet but tough little family sim, found that Bastian was a man she felt she could be with for a long time...maybe forever.

These feelings were quickly dispelled when she happened to overhear him flirting with Gina Vinci once night after dinner. Bastian wasn't sure exactly what had happened, though whether it was from typical male obliviousness to the emotions of the females around him or due to the concussion caused by the force of Leah's slap was uncertain.

Despite the whirlwind of hormones that was the Urele Cham house, time plodded on, and the students managed to keep their grades up as the semesters passed, primarily through group cram sessions and the feverish rush to finish term papers that marked each passing semester.

Bastian finally got it through his thick male skull that Leah had been angry because she loved him. He tried desperately to make it up to her.

Leah accepted his apology.

Unexpectedly, that same night, a strange man came in a suit and abducted Marc. No one in the house had witnessed this kind of activity on campus before, so they could only assume that Marc's many trips "to the park to scope the ladies" actually were forays into some sort of illegal behavior that caused him to be arrested.

Fortunately, assumptions of his supposed nefarious deeds were incorrect, however, and Marc was actually just being inducted into the campus secret society. He was thrilled. The girls weren't that pretty, but it was totally easy to dupe those blue bloods out of their money at the poker table.

He felt like a real big man on campus; after all, thanks to his socialization around campus and his fresh induction into the secret society, people everywhere seemed to know a humble junior, this was the best news a popularity sim could get.

That's right: another semester had passed. The underclassmen were now upperclassmen, and the house was about to lose its venerated "elders."

With the achievement of graduating, the now degreed adults were a bit terrified at the prospect of rejoining the adult world, and they began more closely examining their feelings...not as irresponsible college students, but as an adult should think about life...

It quickly became apparent to both Zadie and Homer that Leah wasn't the only one with a little love connection going on. They both cared about one another more than they'd expected...and perhaps this was a hint as to where their futures might be.

Thus, we meet the next generation of Rosebud adults. Bastian Beaumont.

Homer Tanaka.

And Zadie Villalobos. See you back in the 'hood, guys.

[[Author's Notes: I actually had a lot of fun writing this update for a change. The greek house was pretty insane this round with such a full house, and I pretty much gave up on trying to prevent people from having woohoo with individuals I didn't think would make good potential future partners for one another. Zadie and Homer surprised me, so if they have wants for one another when they get back to Rosebud, I might allow them to hook up. Not sure how their genes will work together, but it should be interesting if nothing less. I think that Gio and Gina Vinci were my favorites in terms of looks this year. I was rather shocked at how good they both looked. Guess Paolo's face structure on a girl wasn't as catastrophic as I thought! Not much else to say, but I do have a few bloopers for you.

Meadow, it might be easier to just install hidden video cameras in the house if you want to keep tabs on Marc. // The nerd parade that was the initial arrival of the freshman class at Sim State. Desperately in need of makeovers, y/y? // Literally occurred about five minutes after they started talking. Perhaps this is sim at first sight? ]]

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